This new light energy wireless hair dryer should appear in Cyberpunk 2077

If there is anything that makes me feel like I live in the 20th century, there must be a hair dryer in it.

It's not an exaggeration, after all, the hair dryer hasn't changed much in 100 years.

When everything is going wireless, the hair dryer is still in the wired era of "where to plug it in"; when you just take a shower and blow your hair in the bathroom, the heat in the house makes you sweat again; when the whole body is hot and sweaty, your hair But it gets drier and messy as it blows; after it finally blows, the long lines are messy and messed up…

Until recently, Zuvi Yuanli optical wireless hair dryer was released-they wanted to make the above problems no longer a problem.

We also got this hair dryer for the first time and started the "top" experience.

How does the first optical wireless hair dryer blow?

Light energy is the biggest innovation of this hair dryer.

Simply put, this hair dryer no longer uses resistance wires to heat the air to blow out hot air, but uses the energy and wind of the light to dry the hair naturally.

It can be said that it brought the first "light" in the hair dryer industry.

When the dazzling light from the air outlet of the hair dryer flashed, it seemed that the colleague was no longer holding a hair dryer, but the Thor's Hammer in Norse mythology that can guide lightning to penetrate all things.

Back to reality, it is precisely because of "light energy" that it can solve multiple problems such as wired hair dryers, overheating, and hair damage.

So when it blows its hair, what is the experience?

Wireless, very free

From the moment I took out the product out of the box, I already felt the joy of wireless.

When the long power cord of the tail disappears, at this moment, it is a product, not a product.

In addition to the main body of the hair dryer, there are also a charging stand and a power cord in the package. The overall look is very simple. The hair dryer is mainly white, supplemented by metal gray. The handle is made of leather, and the texture looks much more advanced.

The body of the hair dryer is 265×98×84mm, and the weight of the main body is only tens of grams heavier than Dyson, which is 630g, which is not much different from the traditional hair dryer.

After the long power cord disappears, hold it in your hand and don't worry about the cord entanglement; put it back into the charging dock, and you don't need to store a bunch of cords anymore.

Of course, the biggest change is that I have realized the freedom of blowing and blowing where I go.

For example, blowing hair while chatting;

For example, blowing hair while chasing drama;

For example, blowing hair while tidying things…

And almost all wireless products have one characteristic: once used, they can’t be returned.

When I picked up my own wired hair dryer again, I already clearly felt the excess of that thread, and it began to hide in the wardrobe from this moment.

When looking at the hair dryer, there is no resistance wire in its tuyere, nor is it completely hollow like Dyson, but a special mirror.

This mirror reflected a dazzling scene, charming light, noble temperament-yes, it reflected myself.

Dry hair, very refreshing

This mirror and behind it is actually the core technology of its "light energy dry hair."

There are two buttons on the top of the hair dryer handle, one on button and one mode button, corresponding to the three modes of quick-drying, soft and pure wind.

Quick drying is the most used mode, and the feeling of first experience is very magical——

First of all, when the switch is pressed, the mirror surface immediately becomes bright and bright. The front view is aurora green, and the side view becomes red, orange and yellow. The first impression at this moment is: it should not appear here, it should appear in the game. Bopunk 2077.

Physically speaking, the wind blows on the face, just like going out at 8 o’clock in the morning. The warm but not hot sunlight shines on the top of the head. Oncoming bunches of breeze rushing past, you can feel warm when you place your hands near the wind vent. It's hot, but amazingly, the air around the hands is cool.

Because the air doesn't get hot, it won't be like in the past, blowing the hair once and the entire bathroom becomes a steamer.

In terms of blowing efficiency, although the wind is soft, the air volume is large, the wind field is uniform, and the moisture evaporates quickly. There is not much difference in the blowing speed of the hottest gear of the hair dryer at ordinary times, and it can be completely dried in about 8 minutes.

According to the official Harari, the technology behind this is called "patented wide-spectrum spatial modulation technology."

Because water molecules absorb light in a specific wavelength band more efficiently, they customized the healthy wavelength light, which allows the light to focus only on the external moisture of the hair, without heating the hair, scalp, and the surrounding air.

This not only prevents the high temperature from damaging the hair, but also the moisture evaporates quickly, which gives the feeling of "not blowing hot but drying quickly".

The built-in high-speed motor and unique air duct design of the original hair dryer make the wind comfortable and the temperature closer to nature.

However, many people may guess: If you are exposed to light every day, you will not be tanned, right?

In fact, the mirror at the tuyere is actually a "partition", with more than 120 layers of nano-level optical coatings, which can filter harmful ultraviolet rays and most visible light.

Hair care without drying

Compared with the direct blowing of hot air, this "light energy heat transfer technology" is also healthier for the hair.

In order to test the actual effect, we washed the hair twice, and compared the dry hair with the existing ordinary hair dryer and the original hair dryer.

The comparative feeling is that ordinary hair dryers are dry and dry as they used to be. The process of drying hair with the original hair dryer is more natural and comfortable. When you think it is difficult to dry your hair, there are no water droplets on the touch. It feels like when I was a child when I was drying my hair in the sun, and playing with my hair.

The appearance comparison can be seen more clearly: the ordinary hair dryer on the left is a bit fluffy after blowing, and you will find a little frizz after you look closely; the original hair dryer does look a little softer after blowing.

It is more intuitive to comb it down with a comb. The left side is a little bit stuck and knotted at the end of the hair, and the right side feels more smooth and snug.

The reason behind it is not difficult to understand: because light energy can only evaporate the external moisture of the hair, the moisture inside the hair can be locked, and when the moisture content of the hair is healthy, it is not easy to generate static electricity, and there is no need for the market. Many hair dryers promote "negative ions" and "water ion addition".

In the dry winter, the hair is easy to blow and float uncontrollably. It is also because the water content of the hair is very easy to generate static electricity, and the water content of each hair is about the same, and when they have the same electric charge, they repel each other. When you reject it, your hair will explode.

From this point of view, the original hair dryer has solved the problem of hair care and nourishment.

In addition, where it is impossible to test within a short period of time, Harari’s hair laboratory has conducted a large number of repeatable scientific tests. Their data shows that compared to traditional hair dryers, the smoothness of the hair is improved by 17% after using the Harari hair dryer; because of the hair The moisture content is more natural, the ultimate stretch length is also increased by 9%, and it is less likely to be torn off; also because light drying hair does not damage the hair, it is more conducive to color protection after dyeing.

Nowadays, young people have a lot of problems with hair loss, hair loss, and hairline shifting. In addition, hair dyeing can also cause great damage to the hair. It is a new idea to strengthen the protection of the hair from all directions on the hair dryer.

Energy saving and environmental protection

When it comes to "heat transfer by light", power consumption is also a curious thing.

Hara said that their "light energy heat transfer" has reduced the power of traditional hair dryers by five times. Many hair dryers on the market are basically 1600W-2200W, and they have achieved 290W.

The benefits of low power are energy-saving and power-saving for consumers.

We tested the battery life of the three modes of the original hair dryer.

From 100% to 0, the battery was blown for 12 minutes in quick-drying mode, 16 minutes in soft mode, and 27 minutes in pure wind mode, which is not the same as the official 13 minutes, 15 minutes, and 27 minutes. Big.

In the quick-drying mode, the first time I used it, I blow dried a long hair in about 8 minutes. Boys with short hair should be faster. That is to say, girls with the commonly used quick-drying mode can blow their hair 1-2 times. , Boys can blow their hair 3-4 times.

In order to make the charging faster, Yuanli also implemented a fast charging design on the charging stand. The official said that it can charge 90% in 19 minutes, because the specific charging number is not displayed on the hair dryer. After charging for 19 minutes, we took it out and showed four grids. , Turn off the light after half an hour, which means it is fully charged.

The charging speed is still acceptable. If there are many people using it, you can continue to blow after a shower.

Some of the more user-friendly details are that its soft mode is designed for sensitive scalp/fragile hair, especially for children, so even if they hold the blower themselves, parents don’t have to worry about harm.

In addition, on the lower end of the hair dryer handle, there are smart safety designs such as a child lock and a capacitor switch key, which can prevent children from accidentally touching it; there are different types of sensors on the body that can sense the environment to adjust the ratio of the scenery and detect the blockage of the air duct. , Standstill and automatically shut down, etc.

When I put the hair dryer on the table when I blow my hair, it will automatically stop blowing after three to five seconds, and pick up the hair dryer within one minute, and it will automatically start again.

The convenience of this smart technology is that if you want to quickly reply to a message or deal with things temporarily, the hair dryer can also be put on and off without any safety concerns.

Speaking of electricity consumption, if you zoom in, there is another advantage of low power, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

According to Yuanli’s calculations, if this blowing technology is popularized on a large scale, it can reduce carbon emissions by more than 10-20 million tons per year, which is equivalent to saving the total power generation of a medium-sized nuclear power plant.

In terms of price, the original hair dryer has been pre-sold, priced at 2,999 yuan, and will be shipped globally in early September.

In general, the experience brought to me by the original hair dryer is fresh and special that I haven't had in a long time.

More importantly, compared to other high-end hair dryers, it also brings a more convenient, natural and healthy life experience.

In the future, we hope that its subsequent iterative products will become lighter, faster to charge, and last longer, but from the perspective of the first generation of breakthroughs, this is already a significant innovation.

The fourth innovation of "Blowing Road"?

Peter Thiel, the godfather of Silicon Valley venture capital and founder of PayPal, once said:

Innovation is not from 1 to N, but from 0 to 1.

Hara is actually doing the same thing.

They are a Chinese technology company founded in 2019. Behind it is a team of scientists and engineering R&D teams from top universities such as Oxford and Berkeley. It can be said that the company has its own "research gene" at the beginning.

Therefore, the concept of their brand has always adhered to the "first principle"-thinking about the essence of the problem and the principle of innovating products .

The first optical wireless hair dryer in Yuanli is to return to the original dry hair problem, and then study new dry hair technology, and then solve the "heat" problem, solve the "electricity" problem, and solve the "line" problem. One link, interlocking, and finally landing.

Therefore, to talk about the change of the "Blowing Path", we must first go back to the beginning and take a look.

In history, we have made three major innovations on how to dry hair.

Once in 1890, the French barber Alexander invented the world's first hair dryer . People no longer rely on nature and fan to dry their hair, and finally they can use their own tools to dry their hair.

But then people had to sit on their seats and put on a big chimney-like hat to cover their hair. The hot air was blowing from the pipe into the hat, and the hair was dried.

It wasn't until 1920 that the motor and heating wire technology developed before Hammeritor launched the world's first hand-held hair dryer .

With electricity, you only need to let the electric current heat the resistance wire in the hair dryer, and then agitate the air through the motor and fan blades, and blow the hot air through the heating resistance wire to dry the hair.

This hot-air baking method has been blowing for 100 years. During this period, products of various brands have emerged one after another, with complex functions and daily updates, but to this day, we still use this working principle to dry hair.

During this period, the "high-speed motor" introduced by Dyson a few years ago can be said to have brought the third innovation to the hair dryer .

The fan is the heart of the hair dryer. With a faster motor, the greater the wind pressure and speed, and the faster the hair will dry. Now, many domestic manufacturers have kept up with the technological trend of high-speed motors, making high-speed hair dryers gradually popular in people's lives.

The hair dryer launched by Harara this time, the most intuitive change on the basis of the previous three innovations, is to make the hair dryer wireless.

The fourth innovation of the hair dryer began .

You may also be curious, why haven't the hair dryer wires disappeared for a hundred years?

In fact, because the hair dryer requires a lot of power for heating, plugging in the power cord can continue to supply power. If you add a battery to the hair dryer for wireless, then this battery will make the hair dryer big and heavy, not to mention the power will not last long.

Therefore, to solve the line problem, it is necessary to reduce the power.

So the original principle is back to the underlying principle of hair blowing -people dry hair to evaporate water. The core of evaporating water is to transfer heat. There are three basic modes of heat transfer. One is the "heat conduction" of material heat transfer, which is not good for dry hair. Applicable; one is the "thermal convection" used in traditional hair dryers; the other is the "thermal radiation" used in the original, which uses electromagnetic waves (light) to transfer heat.

The advantage of the third method is that it can efficiently transfer heat point-to-point (quickly dry the moisture outside the hair), without any medium, and the heat will not be absorbed by the air (the hair will not heat the air).

Hara’s scientific research team has explored more than 100 patented innovations, researching what waveband to choose, what light intensity, how to improve blowing efficiency, how to ensure health and harm… Its core "wide-spectrum spatial modulation patent technology" , Allows the hair dryer to simulate natural light energy and filter harmful light through the mirror. At the same time, the high-speed motor and unique air duct design are used to improve the wind, and finally the whole hair blowing process achieves a cool, efficient hair blowing and natural hair care.

At the same time, light energy heat transfer has revolutionized the power of the hair dryer by 5 times , because of the 1600-2200W power of the traditional hair dryer, more than 90% are used in the heating resistor wire.

The power is reduced, and a portable lithium battery can be placed in the hair dryer, and wireless has finally become a new possibility .

The process of the hair dryer from light energy to wireless is bold and difficult.

When the wireless trend begins to spread in the hair dryer market, our lives are becoming more and more "wireless". Behind this trend is the rapid change in the consumption outlook of the new generation.

Compared with "high cost performance", they pursue quality and innovation, value appearance and design, and focus on health and self-pleasure.

Following this, the hair dryer market has been growing year by year. According to market data, the retail sales of hair dryers in my country reached 13.81 million in the first half of 2021, an increase of 40.9% over the same period last year. High-quality and innovative products.

What's exciting is that the Harari Hair Dryer has brought a disruptive new start.

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