This new IKEA store is a “dream to renovate your home”

Although IKEA is good, it takes courage to visit it.

First, I commute to the outskirts of the city, and then walk into the huge blue box to start the "indoor hiking" mode.

Yesterday, the "IKEA Design Ordering Center" officially opened in Shenzhen completely escaped these two impressions.

This IKEA "first store in the country" is located in the Wanxiang Food Restaurant in Luohu, Shenzhen. It covers an area of ​​only 300 square meters, and a large part of it is a "Swedish-style food area" (yes, you can buy hot dogs, ice cream and other Classic snacks from IKEA.

In this very mini store, IKEA has arranged a design of "two exhibition rooms, six life segments", which are specially selected to meet the needs of the local community in Shenzhen.

When we visited the store in advance, IKEA staff told us that although this relatively elegant bedroom does not look so "IKEA-style", it is a style that is more popular among consumers because its colors are more relaxing.

Another bedroom showroom shows that Chinese parents and young children share a room, but each can enjoy an independent design. At the same time, the wardrobe combination in the room also echoes the solution that many Shenzhen families use to "inclose" the balcony into the bedroom.

In addition, the store also has a "study/work + storage" space combination mainly for recent graduates. The furniture for the entire space is less than 1,999 yuan. There are also TV cabinet combinations and wardrobe combinations that are very popular in the local market.

In addition to viewing the showroom, another important function of this store is to contact consumers who need one-to-one home design services.

IKEA stated that it chose Luohu, Shenzhen as the first store of the "IKEA Design Ordering Center" because this area developed relatively early and there is a large demand for renovation and partial upgrading of old houses.

At the same time, Sungang is also the birthplace of Shenzhen’s home furnishing industry, allowing IKEA to reach out more and provide more value to consumers with real needs.

On the day we visited the store, we also chatted with IKEA designers and felt that "one-on-one service" was a bit like a lifestyle version of "dream home renovation."

For users who have one-on-one renovation needs, IKEA can provide on-site measurement, design, furniture procurement (of course, from IKEA) and on-site installation, which can take as little as 7 days.

Compared with DIY, the designer told us that the most important thing about one-to-one service is "finding a home for you" because not everyone knows exactly what they want:

People may have many fantasies about their homes, and may see a space they like on social media and another style they like, but in the end there is no way to form a clear answer.

Our design services can help you find and realize a home that belongs to you through program communication and exploration.

Although IKEA’s one-to-one service can usually be found in traditional IKEA stores, the “IKEA Design Ordering Center” allows more people to understand and access this service due to its convenient location.

▲ On the opening day of the store

In recent years, IKEA has been actively exploring the urban "small store" model.

As early as 2020, IKEA began to open a "city store" in Jing'an, Shanghai. The area is about 1/10 of a standard IKEA store, and only about 1/5 of the products are displayed. This store has officially closed in December 2023.

It was said at the time: "As an experimental store in the Shanghai market, it has basically completed its current tasks. After a comprehensive evaluation of IKEA's overall layout in the Shanghai market and the long-term feasibility of the Jing'an City Store, it was decided to end the IKEA Jing'an City Store. Pilot."

This was interpreted as the end of the IKEA store experiment.

This year, Tolga Enku, global retail president of Ingka Group, a subsidiary of IKEA, said in an interview that IKEA will continue to explore the small store model:

At present, IKEA's standard stores are large shopping malls, which are difficult to reach the city centers of large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, IKEA hopes to develop new and smaller offline touch points to reach the life, work, and social life of urban people. Scenes.

This time the "IKEA Design Ordering Center" is the beginning of a new attempt.

According to Liu Rui, Vice President of IKEA China, these “small stores” will bring IKEA deeper into the lives of cities and communities in the future:

Through more flexible positioning, the IKEA design ordering center will also be equipped with a variety of functions and elements according to consumers' preferences in the future to further enhance the consumer experience, meet consumers' higher demands for social and emotional functions, and continue to provide them with more Much value.

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