This new feature of iOS 14 wants to solve your “worries” about upgrading the system

iOS 14 may be the system that has changed the most in recent years.

After the Apple conference last year, I sighed to my friends that the major updates of functions and appearance made it a hot topic on the Internet, but I did not expect that the influence of iOS 14 can continue to this day.

In my previous article, I mentioned the upcoming privacy policy (App Tracking Transparency) on iOS 14, which aims to further protect user privacy and reduce the capture of personal data by Internet advertisements.

But this is not over yet. Recently, someone discovered a new feature in the iOS 14.5 beta code. Apple seems to want to separate the system security updates, which means that people can always get system security updates without updating the iOS version. system.

Why is Apple pushing an independent security update feature at this time? I am afraid to ask a small number of users who are unwilling to upgrade the system.

"It's not that it can't be used, why upgrade?"

Every year after the launch of the new iOS system, Apple will release relevant data. The updated data of iOS 14 performed well. Three months after the release of the new system, the share of the new system reached 72%. In the iPhone released in the past four years, the share of iOS 14 was even higher. It is 81%.

So why didn't the remaining small group of people update? I have talked with some users who are unwilling to update before, such as my parents' generation.

Smartphones are a new thing for them. Although it does not prevent them from using WeChat, Douyin and other services, it seems to them that updating the system is very troublesome. In the words of their parents:

A mobile phone is a tool, and it's good to keep it as it is, and it won't cause problems.

Parents say so for no reason. For many young people, smartphones are an important channel for ingesting information and maintaining social connections, but not for older generations. After getting used to the social connections formed by natural society, smart phones Mobile phones are just auxiliary tools.

My parents care more about the connection brought about by the natural society. For example, one of my elders once told me that if I had time to toss on my mobile phone, I might as well play a few rounds of mahjong, and it was not unavailable.

They are not completely uninterested in the new features brought by the system update. I have also updated the science popularization system to the elders, which often comes with security updates. This is very important for mobile phone security. This is also to protect personal privacy and property security.

However, under the influence of past experience, the elders still have worries, even some young people of my age. This is obviously because the mobile phone manufacturers did not do very well in system updates in the past few years, such as the iOS 11 period. The "frequency reduction gate" that appears.

Apple claimed that in order to ensure battery life, the performance of the phone was reduced through software regulation, which caused the phone to freeze. Many iPhone users around me, including me, changed the battery.

Besides, there were a lot of bugs in iOS 11, including iPhone 6 cycle black screen restart, Touch ID failure, etc. It is not once or twice that users complain about it.

It just so happens that iPhone 6 is the highest-selling generation of iPhone before. Many people have formed the cognition of "the more the mobile phone is upgraded, the more card it is" and the "best match between the mobile phone hardware and the factory system". Even with the performance improvement of the A-series chips, the hardware The limitations of system upgrades have been greatly eased, and the cognition from experience is still difficult to change.

This has caused a small number of people to be unwilling to update the system, but the system security risks are solid.

In mid-May 2020, Apple blocked a system vulnerability caused by the AirDrop function. Hackers can silently invade the iPhone through the Bluetooth function when AirDrop is turned on. The whole process only takes about 2 minutes, and the user cannot perceive it. , Which is equivalent to personal privacy and financial wallet data are displayed in front of hackers.

▲IanBeer, a security researcher at Google's ProjectZero, demonstrates how to control the iPhone from the air

Providing system security updates in an independent manner can solve people's worries. If no new features are added, only security updates are provided, and there will be no "deceleration door" situation, and it can always protect the phone. Security.

It is not only beneficial to maintain the trust of Apple products in the hearts of users, but also improves the product life cycle.

Independent update, can also make the phone use longer

With the continuous improvement of the performance of mobile phone chips, the performance limits on the life cycle of mobile phones are getting smaller and smaller, and the importance of software and systems to the elimination of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. When the hardware of the mobile phone is not damaged, it is blocked by the latest system. Outside, it's not what people want to meet.

The life cycle of mobile phones has also increased with the development of smart phones. Most people still use mobile phones as tools. Of course, they hope to improve their life cycle, save money and effort. Independent system security updates also help to increase the life cycle.

▲ Picture from: Apple Explained

Take the iPhone as an example. The last generation of mobile phones that can be upgraded with the iOS 14 system this year is the iPhone 6S series released in 2015, but this does not mean that iPhones released earlier than iPhone 6S will no longer be usable.

Open the App Store and you can find that the iOS system version supported by apps like "Light Face Camera" only requires iOS 10 or higher, and more popular games like "Yuan Shen" only have iOS 9.0 or higher. The latest version of WeChat Requires iOS 11.0 and above.

The iPhone 5S released in 2013 still supports the iOS 11 system, and the independent system security update also allows people to have no worries. People can use it until the phone is eliminated by the software. This time span can be very long.

In addition, in recent years, as the performance of A-series chips has increased, the number of systems supported by each generation of iPhone has also increased, and it will only get longer and longer.

From a personal point of view, this is conducive to improving the life cycle of electronic products such as mobile phones and saving money, and from a macro point of view, it is conducive to reducing e-waste. After all, the ever-increasing amount of e-waste has caused great harm to the environment.

Globally, the review of electronic products is becoming more and more stringent. The European Union’s recent emphasis on the repairability of electronic products is also a manifestation of the review rules. France has also introduced laws requiring electronic product manufacturers such as Apple to add a repairable point next to the product. Labels allow users to force manufacturers to make changes by purchasing products with high repairable scores, making the products easier to repair.

The law introduced by the European Union even requires the maintenance period of refrigerators, washing machines, hair dryers and other appliances to reach 10 years.

Among them, more attention is paid to electronic hardware. Even the maintenance period of the product is required to be valid for 10 years. As for the software, the update cycle set by the current-end mobile phone manufacturers is not fixed, and there is no unified standard. The iOS 14 system has been supported for less than 6 years, and the Android next door has been upgraded to 4 years of system and security update support through the cooperation of Google and Qualcomm.

▲We have counted the updated iOS systems supported by iPhones of the past generations

Detachable hardware is an important criterion for the French repairability assessment. Can the software be updated as an independent security update, and the new functions brought about by the system upgrade can also be updated separately?

Will independent updates be the future?

In fact, Apple’s independent update on the iOS system has a foreshadowing. Mac has already supported independent security updates for a long time. Users can choose to update the security patch instead of updating the major version of the system.

▲ Picture from: 9To5Mac

In addition to security updates, Safari can also be updated as the built-in software of the system, and new software services can be tasted without upgrading the system.

Even Microsoft, which has made countless Windows users love and hate, is also testing the corresponding "Windows Feature Experience Pack" function, passing some new features to users in the form of independent updates, allowing users to try new features without updating the system .

It sounds like a very beautiful thing. People can upgrade their software and systems in a more flexible way, but there are corresponding resistance behind them. Mobile phone manufacturers do not only rely on hardware to make profits, especially domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Software services are one of the important ways for them to obtain benefits.

Most of the smart phones purchased through normal channels in China will have a few to a dozen pre-installed software. The mobile phone manufacturers profit from this, and there will often be advertisements in the pre-installed applications of the system such as browsers, or It is to plug in an information flow service to attract people to constantly refresh and click, so as to obtain benefits.

▲ Browsers have joined the information flow

Although some manufacturers provide a way to turn off the advertisement, the setting entry is really deep, and the general user may ignore it. Most of them follow the default settings.

Some time ago, Meizu announced on the Flyme 9 system to remove all advertisements, which improved the product's power, but actually reduced some of its revenue.

Apple started early in this regard. On the iOS 10 system, users have been allowed to remove pre-installed applications such as Apple Music. Support for independent updates is also an early start for Apple, but this does not mean that Apple has no commercial resistance in this regard. .

After all, software services nowadays have gained a significant share of Apple’s profits, and many software services are also pre-installed on every iPhone user’s mobile phone through system upgrades, such as the iOS 14.3 system released by Apple some time ago.

U.S., U.K. and other cities and regions are the first to go online. After iPhone users upgrade the new system, Fitness+ software will be automatically loaded on their phones.

Based on the demands of business interests, it is understandable for companies to obtain benefits through hardware or software. When the benefits are large enough, they will definitely be resistant to changing the status quo. Perhaps they will pass legislation like the EU so that consumers can make better use of consumption. Vote, let the really good products get attention, and flexible update will gradually come true.

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