This “Mr. Garbage Wheel” is using his “good appetite” to save our environment

Recently, a gentleman from Baltimore became popular. Millions of fans can't wait to take selfies with it.

You must not have imagined that this gentleman is actually just an ordinary "cleaner". For the coastal city of Baltimore, this "cleaner" is its pride.

In fact, the "Mr Trash Wheel" (Mr Trash Wheel) is a large garbage interceptor that works non-stop every day to clean up the garbage in the Jones Falls stream in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It has a lovely big mouth and intercepts trash before it drains into the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, maintaining the precious waters of Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland.

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In fact, "Mr. Garbage Wheel" is not a product of the local government, but from a local logistics company-Clearwater Mills. The founder of this company, John Kellet, is the creator of "Mr. Garbage Wheel."

After a heavy rain, he discovered that a lot of rubbish flows into the sea with the rain.

There should be a way to stop him before the rubbish spreads.

He decided to start doing something.

After realizing that the estuary is the most reasonable place to catch trash, Kelette drew his wonderful idea on a napkin and made a small prototype. Since then, "Mr. Garbage Wheel" has officially started to operate.

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"Mr. Garbage Wheel" uses a very simple technology: a large water mill is driven by flowing river water to provide power for a pulley system, and the system drives a large conveyor belt and a series of rakes, when the garbage flows downstream. When descending, the rake helps to scoop the floating objects onto the conveyor belt.

So how does this rubbish come from? Very simply, "Mr. Garbage Wheel" can catch the garbage floating on the water through a long buoy and transport it to its mouth. After that, the trash will be taken on the conveyor belt and finally dumped into a large trash can.

Since its installation, "Mr. Garbage Wheel" has intercepted more than 3 million pounds of garbage, which not only protects the environment of the port, but also provides a better home for local wildlife and coastal residents.

▲Picture from: CNET

Kelette's idea of ​​"Mr. Garbage Wheel" originated from a hay bucket. He grew up on a farm, and his original vision was to have some type of machine that could pick up trash from the water and dispose of it. In the end, he identified an old industrial tool that has been used for hundreds of years in coastal cities such as Baltimore—water wheels.

After perfecting his concept, Kelette contacted the local government, and the city government was open to this new idea. He eventually partnered with a non-profit organization called the Abell Foundation, which provided funds to develop and improve the concept of garbage wheels. After a lot of trials and months of testing and production, "Mr. Garbage Wheel" was installed in the Port of Baltimore.

Now there are four different garbage wheels located in the Baltimore River. They are "Mr. Garbage Wheel", "Trash Wheel Professor", "Garbage Wheel Captain", and "The Good Wheel from the West" Gwenda. You You can even check their preferences online.

What happened in Baltimore was a little bit beyond my previous expectations, and not only in Baltimore, people around the world are paying attention to it.

Said Mr. Caylette.

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