This may be the most creative finals of 2020

In 2 months, 10 cities, 63 universities, 1,133 college students participated, and 500,000 people watched.

At the end of 2020, what kind of activity can span so many cities and colleges and arouse the fanatical pursuit of a large number of young people?

It is the 2020 GAC Trumpchi National College Student Advertising Creative Challenge -an innovative event jointly organized by GAC Trumpchi and Ai Faner again, a trendy event that is enough to make young people's brains open, inspiration bursts, and passionate. .

Just last Saturday, this game ushered in its final night. The finals also gave birth to the 9 "most creative" young people in the country.

The initial journey of creative trends, the final battle of the talent fair

Before showing off the final winning works, if you don’t know about this event, we will take you briefly to review it.

On October 10th, this 60-day competition opened in Guangzhou's Internet celebrity landmark Future Club. It searched for the most creative young people across the country and set off a creative trend in various cities.

For example, the competition has entered universities in 10 cities including Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, and invited top creative celebrities in the industry to carry out a nationwide "unopened class" campus lecture event , bringing masters exclusive creative dry goods and creative secrets.

▲ Cao Xue, chairman of the competition jury, head of the mascot design team for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and dean of the School of Visual Art and Design of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, shared creative secrets in the “private class''

At the scene of "unopened class", the instructors frequently made golden sentences:

Thinking that creativity is inseparable from inspiration in life, we must observe and record the "three emotions": emotions, emotions, and situations at any time, so that creativity can be "broad and sky" when needed. ——Cao Xue, Dean of the School of Visual Art and Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

The "daily nutrition" required for a good copywriting is to experience the tastes of life. Because the moving thing is already there, we just need to find it. ——Hong Yang, judge of the Black and Blue Novel Award & Beijing News columnist

Every creative person must remain childlike, curious, and think like a child. ——Deng Huatao, Creative Director of the First Business Group of Guangdong Provincial Group

For example, the competition also carried out "Giant Creative Blind Box" pop-up activities in the bustling areas of major cities, creating a number of avant-garde and dazzling large blind box spaces.

Each large blind box is not only a game area where you can go through levels and adventures, but also contains 3000 mysterious surprises. Whenever it appears in a city, it becomes a cutting-edge check-in point in the center of the city.

Now that the competition is in the finals, the natural aura is stronger and the ideas are more innovative and bold.

As a result, the original and traditional finals were turned into a "large market carnival" by us .

This final, called the "Talent Fair", broke the boring proceduralization of the previous finals, and directly allowed the finalists to use booths to showcase their talents and "sell" creativity on the spot . In other words, the top 30 players across the country will form 30 creative booths to stage the final PK in this self-motivating "challenge".

At the same time, spectators no longer just sit in the audience and play with their mobile phones and then withdraw after watching the results of the game, but can participate in the entire final immersively.

All spectators have key voting rights. They can enjoy the work of each contestant while visiting the market, and then cast their votes on their favorite contestant booth.

At the same time, every time they vote for a booth, the audience will get a "seal of inspiration." Collect all the "Inspiration Stamps" and you can summon the gods… No, you can participate in the "You will never guess what wonderful surprises you will get" lucky draw.

The fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to the booths, all kinds of creative games also run through the audience: there are "sketched portraits" for you to quickly design styling, and "EMPOW55 Accelerate Time Challenge" for car lovers to have fun. "GS3 POWER Power Challenge", "Car Model Sprint Challenge", as well as the "Childhood Leapfrog Challenge" and "Childhood Loop Challenge" that bring people back to childhood…

Coupled with uninterrupted band performances, restless hip-hop rap and street dance, as well as all kinds of trendy creative installations suitable for taking pictures and clocking on the spot… Aifaner and GAC Trumpchi have turned the creative competition into a visual, design, and trendy event. A feast of play.

The various launching ceremonies of the competition, offline trendy installations during the competition schedule, and small programs that carry works throughout the competition all delivered unique visual creativity and interactive experience.

Here, trendy, cool and rusty are no longer just superficial conceptual labels, but real and sincere dialogues and exchanges with the new generation of young people.

When the whole event is over, I believe the audience will not think that they came here for the first time to participate in a finals.

It is worth mentioning that Cao Xue, the head of the mascot design team for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the dean of the School of Visual Art and Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, also attended as the chairman of the selection committee of this competition. It has gathered big figures in the industry, including Wang Shuliang, director of the Advertising Department of the School of Journalism of Renmin University of China, and well-known director Shen Bo'er who won the IAI International Advertising Gold Award.

After the finalists competed on-site, the audience freely visited the exhibition and voted, and the professional judges judged and scored, the national top 9 was finally born.

The first batch of "creative partners" are here, and a new round of creative war begins

First, put the work.

The first prize in the graphic category, from the work "You Are My COOL Pair" by Wang Xinrui, Hunan University of Technology:

The second prize in the plane category, from the work "National Tide" by Yan Shiyu, Hunan University of Technology:

The third prize of the graphic category, from Guangzhou University Li Kexin's work "Trend":

The first prize in the copywriting category comes from Wang Huiyi of Shantou University. Slogan is "worth every kilometer". It focuses on the performance and appearance of Trumpchi GS4, making users believe that "every kilometer is worth", at every stage of life, every time The choice, every step you take, every kilometer you drive, is worth it.

The second prize in the copywriting category comes from the Shantou University "Invincible Hot Wheels Ang Biao Expressway" team. Slogan is "multiple spaces can be intimate". It focuses on the large space of the new generation of GAC Trumpchi GS4, which represents a little more car Space can hold more things, more family members, and more friends, to make each other more intimate.

The third prize in the copywriting category is from Shantou University's "Trumpchi Two-person Turn" team. Slogan is "Controlled by Your Heart". It focuses on Trumpchi GS4's second-generation super driving control technology. It can help users move forward steadily without fear of corners. Users can also control their own life path as they wish and move forward steadily.

The first prize in the video category comes from the work "GS3 POWER: Power" by the "DOB Controlling" team of Hubei University of Technology ( click here to enter the article to watch ).

Second prize in the video category, from the work "Dad's Task" by Huang Zhengyu from Guangdong University of Technology ( click here to enter the article to watch ).

The third prize in the video category, from the work "Trump Kee GS3 POWER Unstoppable" by the "San Bianke" team of Guangzhou University ( click here to enter the article to watch ).

The final results have been announced, but this is just the beginning.

The core of the competition organized by a car manufacturer in conjunction with a high-tech trend brand is the innovative practice of the creative competition itself .

Because of this competition, an unprecedented cross-border "new species"-"creative partner" was also proposed.

The winning 9 national teams and individuals formally became the first batch of "creative partners" in the country at the finals.

This is a contemporary new working mode.

The "creative partners" selected across the country will use their own expertise to remotely participate in the brand co-building and brand activities of GAC Trumpchi. While in school, they can participate in the internship work of enterprises; when they enter the society, they can also join all walks of life freely, and seek common development with GAC Trumpchi with a flexible identity.

Not only that, "creative partners" can also get a total of 200,000 "hot store startup funds" and incubation support for "creative hot stores".

If you want to start your own business and be students who love your career, you don't have to worry about funding or whether your store can be opened. The organizing committee of the GAC Trumpchi Creative Challenge will also personally provide project support, training and empowerment to it, promote the improvement of personal entrepreneurial skills, and also accelerate the commercialization of "creative hot stores".

This is a new crossover approach for auto brands and young people to co-create, and it is also a continuous co-creation platform to tap creative talents and recruit creative partners.

In the future, the incubation program of 100 “Creative Hot Stores” will continue to help every young creative person to improve their creative output and grow rapidly through project experience. They will also use greater courage, greater courage, and greater courage. Enter the society with innovative capabilities and a more responsible attitude.

GAC Trumpchi has been on the road of youthfulness, and continues to build a platform for dialogue and communication with youth groups, leading the trend of contemporary trends. This month, the "Car·City·Space" charity exhibition jointly organized by GAC Trumpchi, Ai Faner, Ruqi Travel, and Panyu Wanda Plaza, is another cutting-edge exploration of GAC Trumpchi's younger generation.

▲"Qiyu Magic Space" of "Car·City·Space" Charity Exhibition

As a trendy brand of technology, Aifaner has also been helping to rejuvenate, providing a diverse stage for the new generation of young people to display their talents. The competition held by GAC Trumpchi and Aifaner has once again blown the young forces of the new generation. The horn of innovation.

A fire has been ignited, and a new wave of innovative employment is emerging.

A group of new Chinese creative blood who is about to step into the society began to speak up for the industry as a new generation of creativity, demonstrating a new attitude towards creativity, life, business, and everything.

Looking forward to this creative journey in the future.

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