This game played by 350 million people has opened the most fun concert in history?

You may have had countless strange dreams.

For example, like the popular British independent alternative band Easy Life thought–

One day, we were lying on the beach, and suddenly a huge whirlpool came. Everyone fell into it and was swallowed by a huge sea fish. But we sang and carnival in its belly filled with plastic products. Until the climax ended, everything exploded. Up.

And they actually made this dreamlike imagination come true in an unprecedented virtual concert .

The location of this virtual concert is "Fortress Night".

Enter a virtual concert adventure

As you may remember, "Fortress Night" had the biggest virtual show in history in 2019.

It was a concert attended by 10.7 million people, which is almost impossible to achieve in reality. But in the game, they let all players enter a magical electronic sound scene with fireworks bursting in the sky and aurora flowing at 2 o'clock in the morning on February 3rd.

But this time Easy Life doesn't want to copy the past, let everyone dance on a large stage.

They wanted to bring you some innovative performances, so they directly turned the concert into a fantasy world adventure .

This "Adventures." Limit of 20 minutes, the band sang a total of six tracks from their new album "Life's a Beach", the album also was named one of the 2021 NME best album to date .

The special thing about the performance is that all players will pass 6 songs and travel through 6 turbulent game worlds.

【Ocean Theater】

First, people enter the free code, enter the London Millennium Dome (The O2) built in the game, and they can see a giant screen.

After Easy Life introduced himself briefly, he began to play the first song-Pockets.

In this vast venue, you can choose different modes, grilling steaks, playing lightsabers, playing the trombone while watching the concert, or just dance and sway with other players at will.

But before the song was halfway sung, the door next to the screen would be flooded with waves, and the water flowed like instantaneously, and the whole venue was quickly submerged by sea water.

The sea gradually flooded the players' heads, and people began to enter a weightless listening environment.

At this time, coral water plants are also growing rapidly under the feet, and the music seems to be like bubbles in the sea, floating layer by layer beside the ear.

【Wasteland Desert】

When the song was about to end, the soles of the feet suddenly collapsed, all the buildings split apart, and the players followed the broken boulders into a submarine vortex that flashed red and blue.

The strange thing is that the center of this whirlpool is a toilet.

But no one can escape. Everyone was flushed into the toilet, and then passed through a long pipe full of black and gray sewage and dark green seaweed. The prelude to the second song also appeared strange.

With a flash of green light, people rushed out of the toilet to the second world: an endless desert ruin.

There are countless discarded machinery and tires scattered here, as well as many retro TV sets from the 1970s. The band members performed on these TV sets. They plunged into the desert and sang lazily with only one head exposed.

Players are like being in a wasteland science fiction film, here is very suitable for the last enjoyment before the battle royale.

【Plastic Fish Maw】

Walking further forward, passing through pieces of garbage, the players will slide into the bodies of giant marine fishes, but at this moment only their bodies are left with white bones.

However, in the space surrounded by dense skeletons, there seems to be a different world.

Easy Life turned the head of the fish into a small stage, and the blank spaces between the fish skeletons also became their playing screens. The fish's bodies were covered with sea water, soda cans, plastic supplies, and large rose-red air cushions.

It is like a dilapidated underground Disco ball, everything is psychedelic and dizzying, and it seems to be a metaphor for the dilemma of modern people's environmental protection.

From time to time, there is still black sewage slowly falling with the rhythm of the music.

【Neon City】

After the song was over, rushed out of the fish belly, and finally the world outside the sea began to emerge.

The streets here are undulating and criss-cross, reminiscent of Chongqing, the city of cyberpunk.

People are like playing a game of barrier-breaking, each stepping on a skateboard on the street, traversing slopes, railings, and eaves on the accelerator on the ground.

And Easy Life played on the windows of every building, and the whole city became their music kingdom.

The energetic and dynamic melody, like the colorful signs all over it, gleams with the cool temperament of this music city.

【Gorgeous high sky】

After visiting the entire city, players will rush to a high rooftop.

At this time, the sky was getting dark, and the towering triangular pillars in the middle of the roof began to brighten.

This is a triangular column towering into the sky, with no end in sight, with long screens on three sides, and the band members sing the fifth song in it.

At this moment, the players can all float in the air, and at the same time, they continue to rise, clouds passing through the body, and the triangular pillars begin to grow more and more, the surrounding stars are shining, and the purple glow is looming.

In such a dreamy scenery, the music also seems to come through from a distant cloud, full of dream-like romance.

【Deep Sea Parking Lot】

The time here seems to be faster than in reality.

After a few minutes, the day dawned, and the players also fell from the fairyland and returned to the original sea.

But instead of staying on the surface of the sea, they entered a parking lot sunk into the deep sea. This is also a large stage, surrounded by scattered cars.

Standing on the stage are all the players, and the band members sing on countless screens of different sizes, all of which are suspended under the dome of the stage.

There is also a screen trampoline in the middle of the stage, and you can even step on the vocalist’s face and jump up.

At this time, all the lights turned bright blue, the same style as the music: relaxed, bright, and comfortable.

At the end of the whole performance, fireworks were set off under the sea.

When the large fireworks exploded, shot through, and danced, the players also slid into a white track in a dazzling white light and returned to the beginning of the game.

The concert has since ended.

In each game space, players can watch the band from different angles, enjoy music in different scenes, and interact in different forms.

The biggest innovation of this adventure is to connect players, music, games, and interactive experiences.

(Note: this part of the animation is taken from YouTube-Easy life )

Game + music + interactive experience =?

Rather than saying that this concert is a product of "game + music + interactive experience", it is more of a combination of technology and art.

The virtual concert is not limited to "Fortnite", but they are the leaders, and the scale of the concert is also the largest. After that, many game manufacturers copied the model of "Fortress Night", often like Dongshi effect.

After all, to create such a grand online concert requires extremely high costs in terms of vision, hearing, technology, manpower, and time. It is not a simple matter to combine these innovative models.

Although as early as the beginning of the 21st century, "Second Life" invited Britain's oldest professional orchestra , the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, to stage an art performance in the game.

But at that time, the combination of games and music was more like a pioneering art.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of social media and entertainment film and television, people's immersive experience in entertainment, and the social connection between people and people online are more concerned by people.

▲ Picture from: billboard

The younger generation has pushed virtual entertainment to new heights.

Therefore, we can see that more and more forms of entertainment are beginning to combine across industries, trying to create new consumer experiences.

Going back to the combination of games and music, in addition to "Fortnite", "Grand Theft Auto" also invited DJs into game performances, "Minecraft" also held a virtual music festival in 2019, and VR giant Oculus even let people Promote the development of surrealistic interactive song and dance stories in the virtual world .

But the most eye-catching is "Fortress Night".

Their first virtual concert attracted 10.7 million players, and then they invited Travis Scott, J. Balvin, Diplo and other global artists to participate. Travis Scott’s virtual performance attracted 27.7 million players at the same time last year . It broke a new record again .

▲"Fortress Night" held a Halloween virtual concert for singer J Balvin

Of course, the development of online entertainment in recent years is inseparable from the background of the new crown epidemic.

When all offline activities suddenly closed, online entertainment also ushered in a period of surge.

Online exhibitions, online movies, online dramas, online live houses, online concerts… Various forms of online entertainment are beginning to emerge.

They fill the singularity and repetition of real life scenarios, and meet people's new needs for online social consumption.

The game + music + interactive experience can be said to maximize this demand.

When the three are intertwined online, people can break through the boundaries of time and space, create their own virtual images, have free viewing options, and "contact" with idols remotely; they can also completely break the barriers of the real world and experience the ultimate audiovisual The effect is to enter a world of music that completely breaks through imagination.

This is also a win-win model for the respective industries of games and music.

Musicians can boost their voice and popularity through the massive number of users gathered on the game platform ( "Fortress Night" currently has more than 350 million users ).

▲ Easy life band

Game developers can continue to develop innovative performances to create an increasingly rich and diverse social life environment for games, so that the game itself can extend a broader space for development.

The form of games + music + interactive social interaction is easily reminiscent of Metaverse (a continuous, real-time, self-growing, and lifelike virtual world).

Epic Games, the developer behind "Fortnite", once stated that "Fortnite" is also part of the Metaverse, and they hope to explore and approach this highly imaginative field.

▲ Picture from: VentureBeat

Of course, the current "Fortress Night" is still a long way from Metaverse, and it can only be said to reflect a certain potential.

In various innovative experiences, people may not care about the correctness of a certain fantasy.

They only need the wonderful feelings of the moment to shake people's hearts.

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