This company hired the first AI CEO in human history

Many people have thought about a question – now that AI technology is exploding, which profession will be replaced by AI first.

Following this question, X user Siqi Chen launched a poll on the X platform titled "Who will AI replace first?" The options include: engineers, designers, product managers and CEOs. In the end, the CEO position came out on top with 31.4% of the votes.

This result is not unfounded, because some companies have begun to hire AI robots as CEOs.

Dictador is a rum brand with a history of more than 100 years. Contrary to its century-old corporate identity, Dictador's energetic, rebellious and entrepreneurial spirit of being willing to try new technologies can be seen from the fact that Dictador hired an AI robot as the CEO of its own company.

In August 2022, Dictador officially appointed an AI robot named Mika as the company's CEO. As the company's experimental chief CEO, Mika seems not afraid to invest time to help the company "take over the world." In an interview, Mika said that she does not need weekends and is always ready to make executive decisions and "stimulate some artificial intelligence magic." This is one of the advantages of this AI CEO – he does not need to take a break and remains passionate about his work.

According to the official website, Mika’s current job is extensive, including helping the company find potential customers, selecting qualified artists to design bottles for the company, and managing Dictador’s Arthouse Spirits DAO project and the DAO community.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a new form of organizational collaboration based on the blockchain. Its characteristic is that the organization's operating rules and processes are included in the program code, making it unnecessary Leaders can operate, code is law. Simply put, DAO is a product of the Web 3 concept, similar to a flat management community. Mika is responsible for communicating with members in this community.

In addition to the above, Mika is also the official spokesperson of Dictador. Dictador will use Mika's AI robot image to consolidate the company's technologically advanced and thought-leading position. Mika's appointment also emphasizes its enthusiasm for new technologies and provides a solid foundation for rum. Traditional industries are infused with richer possibilities.

Marek Szoldrowski, President of Dictador Europe, said in his introduction that Mika combines massive data analysis results with the company's strategic goals, and ultimately makes decisions that prioritize the company's best interests without any personal bias. But Marek Szoldrowski specifically mentioned that Mika will not hire or fire any employees, because Dictador's major decisions are still made by human executives.

Although Dictador claims on its official website that it is the first company to hire an AI robot as CEO, there has been precedent for AI to join the company before them.

NetDragon is a domestic gaming company. They independently developed the AI ​​simulation digital human "Tang Yu" in 2017. The latter joined the company on September 6, 2017 and served as the vice president of NetDragon. , deeply involved in the company's A+ management, Yuanverse organizational strategic planning and other projects. After that, Tang Yu was successfully "promoted" and served as the rotating CEO of a subsidiary of NetDragon Networks.

This makes people curious. The impression is that the CEO is the helmsman of a company, and his importance is self-evident. How can such a role be so easily replaced by AI. In fact, the current role of AI CEOs in enterprises is more like employees below senior executives than senior executives.

Although AI has the advantages of super data analysis, summary ability and no need to take a break, the CEO's responsibilities are not limited to this. Managing a company also requires high-level leadership and overall planning capabilities, which are currently not available in AI. From this perspective, AI CEOs cannot be regarded as real executives, because it is still humans who actually make decisions.

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