These things that made men ashamed, someone finally solved it

Is your hair falling frantically?
Is the Mediterranean Sea on your head at a young age?
Is your belly getting bigger and swollen?
Do you urinate frequently, urgency, or not enough? Are you a fast man?
Do you want to hold your head up, regain the power, and regain the self-esteem of a man?

Seeing these slogans that hit the depths of men’s souls, did you avoid it?

They apparently solve male pain points, but they are actually vulgar and offensive. When they were young, they were printed on rural telephone poles and on the cement walls of the canteen. When they grew up, they turned into unforgettable web spam advertisements and large-scale Taobao products. poster.

Now, it is time for them to be eliminated by the new digital age.

After all, men have many dull pains, and they are just one of the common diseases. There is no need to exaggerate or maliciously render people embarrassed to the ground.

​More and more young brands are also beginning to work hard to normalize these "hidden words".

They want you to say goodbye to the "hidden male language"

The first thing I have to mention is Hims, a men's health brand that has just been launched recently.

This “dark horse” was founded in 2017 and became the fastest-growing American care brand when it launched, attracting US$158 million in financing.

Its popularity is that it accurately captures a series of problems that modern men want to solve: hair loss, overwork, mental anxiety, sexual dysfunction…

And, in a comfortable way.

[Let male problems not be embarrassing]

Click on their official website and you can see the concise, clean and generous design style.

The overall color is pink, light and bright, which makes people feel at ease. All product packaging contains only simple brand names and pharmaceutical ingredients, and will not reveal sensitive information that makes you want to lock into the cabinet immediately.

Regarding those male health problems, they chose to use various plants as metaphors.

A fallen cactus, a potted plant with fallen leaves, a sparse comb…

Propaganda posters on the streets, subways, and shelves are therefore more creative. Without complicated remarks, everyone knows it well and can smile with it.

At the same time, this elegance avoids frantic probing on the edge of illegality.

[Simple, direct, no nonsense]

When it comes to male nursing, many people are afraid of trouble.

After all, it is very troublesome to purchase multiple varieties of skin care products, to their order of use, time of use, and frequency of use.

From entering the official website of Hims, you can see the clear categories of "hair loss", "erectile dysfunction", "skin care", and "anxiety and depression". Click on it to get free consultation.

If you are not ready, scroll down to see the products of each category, as well as the corresponding introduction, directly explain what problem to solve, directly recommend a set of collocation, easy and simple, without complicated information interference.

They will also attach detailed popular science articles for reference. If the situation is complicated or the medicine is prescription medicine, they will guide online consultation.

This is also one of his biggest advantages.

[One private consultation for men]

Most young men don't want to go to the men's hospital for treatment, because they are afraid of gossip and avoid treatment, and finally choose to bear everything silently by themselves.

Telemedicine solves this pain point well.

Hims takes advantage of its own Internet brand. Through cooperation with professional doctors, it introduces certified drug channels and processes. After users choose to consult, they can get doctors’ advice and a set of medication lists within 5 minutes , which is time-saving and efficient, simplifying The process of seeing a doctor.

You can also create a personal health file online, test and diagnose online, and form a complete set of solutions with the product.

Of course, more serious cases cannot be solved by drugs alone, and you still have to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. However, online consultation can solve the problems of most men or kill the problem in the cradle.

Many people always ignore it. Prevention is actually more important.

[Selling medicines everyone can afford]

It is also commendable that Hims has solved the most realistic cost problem.

After all, for young people, going to the hospital usually means a huge amount of expenditure, and the DTC model (brand direct-to-consumer sales) adopted by him can eliminate channel commissions and reduce total costs, so it is cheaper to sell to consumers. .

The price of their hair loss products is almost halved compared to the ones on the market. A Viagra with a market price of $25, they only sell for $2, and prescription drugs can also be reimbursed by medical insurance.

In addition, because many treatments are long-term care, they also use the popular subscription treatment.

From the above, it can be seen that the reason for Hims' success is obvious .

Products and technology themselves are not their advantages. In the right market and at the right time, following the trend and seizing the users is their core.

It does not dampen your self-esteem and force people not to consume, but to make people face their own problems and consume correctly and efficiently.

The characteristics of youthfulness, digitalization, and people-friendliness make Him more popular among contemporary young consumers.

Soon, similar men's health brands began to be surging in the market.

The growing trend of men's health

Many people think that boys just want to be rough, born and grown up, and only need to absorb the essence of heaven and earth to stay handsome forever.

But regardless of men and women, if you want to stay youthful forever, you have to learn how to take care. Especially nowadays young urban men often face computer screens. Social pressure, they often stay up late and mentally anxious, followed by baldness and youthfulness, as well as early sexual dysfunction…

Therefore, they have also begun to exercise, skin care, eat health food, buy anti-hair loss products or hair transplants, and now the personal care market has also begun to change from women to men, filling the gap in public demand.

▲ Musk in 1999 and Musk now

The men's comprehensive care market has a high growth rate of 30% every year , and it has entered the mainstream consumer market after 95/00.

Only 1 in 10 people are willing to talk to the doctor about their appearance and health, and we hope to eliminate their stigma.

"It's not weird to realize that the problem is, but it is weird to not deal with it," said the founder of Hims .

They sniffed the business opportunities and walked in the forefront. Similar online health consultation platforms include NURX and PillClub, as well as Hims' biggest rival: Ro.

This is also an online pharmacy and health technology company. According to Bloomberg, since the brand was established in 2017, it has raised US$876 million in funds, with a valuation of US$5 billion.

It also has a younger brand vision. It started by selling sexually disordered drugs online, and has received greater attention because it is the first full-stack healthcare company in the United States that provides end-to-end services.

To put it simply, it is a whole set of plans from online diagnosis, formulating plans, prescribing drugs, delivering drugs, and long-term care. In December last year, Ro also launched on-demand medical diagnosis services.

It is more like moving the traditional professional way of seeing a doctor directly to the Internet than Hims.

In addition, Ro has established its own medical advisory committee, from clinicians, pharmacists, nursing teams, product managers, various sub-fields can be selected, so Ro's services are more accurate, and it brings consumers' trust. It is also higher than Hims.

Trust is very important for men's health. After all, the most worrying thing about going to an advertisement is being deceived. A browser search for symptoms is even more scary, either severe or cancer.

For trusted brands, the repurchase rate of male consumers is also very high.

In addition, the later development of Ro and Hims is also slightly different.

Ro also expanded the direction of smoking cessation and weight management. They provided satiety foods to treat obesity. They also launched an app Quit Kit that helps users quit smoking. Through continuous tracking, recording and service, they make you want to give up. Users of "Tathagata Palm" cannot escape either.

Although Ro has not yet been listed, Zachariah Reitano , their young CEO in their 20s , said that it is only a matter of time before they go public, and now they plan to use the funds to expand the breadth and depth of the product.

Seeing the prosperity of foreign brands, the domestic market has naturally begun to move around.

▲ Picture from: Men's Comprehensive Care Brand "UP"

Manxlab won three rounds of financing last year. They specifically targeted hair loss, launched a variety of anti-stripping products, as well as a one-stop hair health program, which is roughly online testing, expert team evaluation, Manshi Send the test kit to your home to customize the anti-loss treatment course for you.

HeyBro hard-core men also launched anti-hair loss products , focusing on caffeine shampoo and liniment containing minoxidil, as well as "Liran", a one-stop fashion brand "Dear Boyfriend" that emphasizes men’s research. ", "JACB" with parallel functions and trends…

Under the national bonus period of "Internet + medical health", these brands have grasped the male health problems in all directions, and they also have their own unique marketing methods.

However, they haven't made a big splash yet. Regarding the core "online diagnosis and treatment + electronic prescription" of Hims and Ro , domestic brands have not yet improved.

▲ Picture from: Li Ran

"Other Economy" Surfing the Internet

Next, the men's health market will continue to develop, after all, this track has strong demand and weak supply.

The global health care industry market has reached 3.7 trillion US dollars , and the growth rate is twice that of the global economic growth, but few brands have been established.

Speaking of this, I have to mention the popular DTC (Direct to Consumer) model in this market situation.

The enthusiasm of Ro, Hims and other brands at the forefront of the track is essentially inseparable from the use of DTC model practice makes perfect.

▲ Picture from: The New York Times

The DTC model is not a new thing . In 2007, the fashion menswear brand BONOBOS became the original originator of DTC. This model in which brands sell goods and services directly to consumers has become more popular in the digital age.

Perfect Diary is one of the best. It relies on social media and Internet celebrity economy to become popular. When the DTC model enters the field of men’s health, it also reduces prices, breaks traditional concepts, and directly talks with consumers to solve male sensitivity in one stop. And privacy health issues.

And the fast running of the online society is the best catalyst for the DTC model.

The development of emerging media platforms, including social apps and live broadcasts, will make the DTC model multi-category and multi-brand. In 2020, the outbreak of the global epidemic will make online brands such as Hims more attractive.

Hims CEO Brad Gerstner also said that the new crown epidemic has made people keen to interact with doctors online, and it has also brought people's health concerns to a peak again.

At the same time, in order to further contact contemporary young people, Hims also frequently interact with fans on Instagram. They send out their own fashionable product pictures, user experience videos, and invite more dark-skinned models to shoot, highlighting their diverse, equal, and friendly values. .

After all, this generation of young people are digital natives in the Internet age.

They are no longer satisfied with the basic value of the product, but are keen on self-expression, have a stronger sense of social responsibility, love to communicate with brands, and like the stories they tell and the ideas behind them.

Letting men say goodbye to the "hidden words of men" and "normalizing" men's health problems is a proposition that both the brand and the public are breaking.

The Internet gives this proposition the best space to play.

Although the epidemic has gradually improved, the first earnings report released by Hims since its listing showed that the sales of sexual health and hair care products increased by 67% from the same period last year, but the net loss was US$5.2 million. Investors expect that before 2023 , the The company will continue to lose money.

Brands such as Hims and Ro are also facing fierce competition from peers and industry leaders in the medical field. Amazon also plans to launch online medical services based on the Amazon Care application in the United States in the summer .

The joining of technology giants will make this battle even more fierce.

However, Hims CEO Andrew Dudum still expressed optimism about the company's short-term performance and long-term prospects . He emphasized that the company has spent significant investment to push new products, including diabetes, high cholesterol, mental health, sleep disorders, fertility disorders, and so on.

Ro, who is at the forefront, is also leveraging on the outlets and market demand gaps to vigorously expand their brands . They not only have contraceptives, hair care, skin care and other products that target the female market, but also recently launched new crown vaccine services.

These newly created brands are rushing to provide everyone with a complete set of men's healthy life programs.

Li Gang, the founder of the original domestic Xiaolan Bicycle, is said to have started a new round of entrepreneurship , related to men's health products, and benchmarked against Hims in the United States.

However, the domestic men’s health market is still chaotic, and product prices are also very opaque. They have to copy foreign models and create similar products. They face different national conditions, user habits, technical levels, and market pressures. Online medical brands want to implement DTC models. In order to simplify the pharmaceutical supply chain, it also has to run-in with manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, regulatory agencies, large vertically integrated companies, etc., and the road is long and difficult.

However, in this digital age, the men’s health market will continue to be explored and tapped, and will soon affect our future medical consumption and lifestyle.

The consumption of every neglected group will become more followable, more attention-grabbing, and warmer at the same time.

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