These foreign iPhone “ads” were not shot by Apple

Lift your finger, count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and click!

This is not to kill any specials on the hour, it's just the "ritual" before people watch the video every time-skip the ad.

According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, the astronauts in the flying spacecraft will experience time dilation, and time will pass more slowly than normal. In fact, there is no need to go to space. Every time I open iQiyi and watch the video, I experience time dilation: The 120-second opening advertisement looks longer than the 120-minute movie.

Uninteresting advertisements are really annoying, but in fact, people don't hate advertisements. If they encounter interesting advertisements, people not only like to watch them, but they even "shoot" themselves.

As smart as you may have already seen, although the word "Shot on iPhone" popped up in the end, it was not from Apple's official handwriting, but from the second creation of netizens.

However, the "strange taste" that this strong fruity advertising style collides with the ups and downs of the video content attracts you to click on the next video recommended by the video website again and again, and you have watched it for a long time without knowing it. "advertising".

"Shot on iPhone" does not necessarily have to be taken with an iPhone

"Shot on iPhone Meme" has recently become a popular "view password" on video platforms such as Youtube and Tik Tok. Some hand-held funny videos are marked with the slogan Shot on iPhone at the end, and the playback volume can easily exceed one million.

These self-made "Shot on iPhone" may come from court law enforcement records.

Some are from the last video of the combat recorder.

Or it may be an extreme challenge recorded during travel.

But more comes from the life bits recorded by handheld video.

How to make a Shot on iPhone video? By deconstructing and analyzing the "examples" of these works, it is not difficult to find patterns: a funny video caught off guard within 15 seconds, a rhythmic brainwashed BGM, and just right editing points.

One of the most tests of a video skill is the grasp of the editing point. One more frame will make the laugh point miss the emotional climax, and one less frame will easily make people confused. If you want to summarize the grasp of the perfect editing point in one sentence , It should have a sense of sight of "Thankfully I paused, or something will happen to him", and finally insert the Slogan of "Shot on iPhone" to give the realistic picture an absurd taste, forming a slightly ironic black humor.

We know that these videos are from the second creation videos of netizens, but we still feel that they are full of fruity taste. This is because these deconstructed elements are from the original Apple Shot on iPhone series of advertisements.

The same is to add special processing such as slow motion to daily life shots, or record some rare shots to form a surreal picture effect, with a strong rhythmic soundtrack, and concise advertising display. These elements are the points. All are reflected one by one in the second creation video.

This deconstruction and re-creation act is a manifestation of "memesization."

What is the process of memeization

Meme has now become an indispensable means for the new generation of online aboriginal communication. If you are still very vague about the concept of memeization, then check the following explanation to confirm whether you have been caught by the new generation of netizens. Left behind.

The concept of memes is based on genes and was first proposed in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene. Richard Dawkins believes that some cultures have rules of evolution and reproduction just like biological genes.

If you leave the emoji pack, can you still chat happily with people? The Pepe frog and panda emoji that we all use in our daily lives are actually a kind of meme.

▲The famous scene of "Little Times" is also a kind of meme

Sending emoticons is a behavior that people imitate each other and spread from person to person. Good emoticons will be remembered by people, form more variants, get a wider spread, and live forever on the Internet. , And emoticons that no one likes will be forgotten and "smelt and stinks" in the corner of the Internet.

The popularity of memes on the Internet is due to the spread of various Internet stalks, such as "Vegetarian Cat", "Nick Young Question Mark", "Old Man with Strong Face" and so on. These netizens have endowed these with large-scale secondary creations. Ordinary pictures have different meanings.

On barrage websites, you often see barrage of "pictures/music engraved into DNA" to describe familiar classic scenes or BGM, but according to the concept of memes, this may not be a joke. When you accept a network When you are new, it is actually this meme that reproduces and replicates in your brain.

Memes include not only pictures, but also concepts, habits, customs and even slogans, proverbs, phrases, writing, and wording. When people enter the short video era, memes video has become a new popular communication carrier for network culture.

You may not understand or disagree with the street culture represented by Supreme, but you can't help but laugh when you watch the earthy video with Supreme Logo hanging on the short video; you may be ignorant of JOJO animation related content. But when I saw the "To Be Continued" arrow appear, I couldn't help but shake my body.

The dissemination of Internet hot topics such as the black man carrying the coffin, the turn of the gods under the Buttercut soundtrack, and Ma Baoguo’s spoof of ghosts and animals can all be classified as meme dissemination using video as a carrier, and this imitable phenomenon is transmitted from a mind to On the other mind.

However, not all cultures can become memes, just like new emojis appear every day, but there are always a few fixed ones that you can remember and use.

A culture needs to have the ability to be believed or persuasive to become a meme. Only dissemination is not enough. This is the survival of the meme.

People recognize that the collision between Supreme’s trend and earthy videos is funny, only then can earthy Supreme videos become popular; similarly, people believe that the emergence of "To Be Continued" means tragedy. Happiness is based on a black sense of humor based on pain.

Memes exist in the believers' beliefs. Memes must have a certain persuasive ability to keep them from being driven away by other memes and to increase new believers.

Similarly, Shot on iPhone changed from an advertisement to a meme, which is also based on the audience's "belief" in the ability of iPhone photography.

How Apple Makes Consumers Remember iPhone Photography

This kind of meme dissemination is obviously not the original intention of Apple in planning the Shot on iPhone series of advertisements, but believers of this kind of meme and the user portrait of this advertisement still overlap to a certain extent on a certain level. Take a different picture" concept.

The reason why Shot on iPhone can be widely disseminated is that the slogan Shot on iPhone itself has a certain persuasiveness. People are subconsciously willing to accept the concept of "iPhone photos are different", and the formation of this psychological impression It is closely related to Apple's marketing.

In fact, the fire of the Shot on iPhone series of ads can be traced back to 2015. At that time, Apple collected a lot of videos taken by amateur photographers with iPhone 6 and turned them into advertisements. Each advertisement only lasts 15 seconds, including the title of the end of the movie. It takes 3 seconds to show.

The short Slogan images are well versed in the essence of the white space technique-the abruptly succinct images are still unsatisfactory. The iPhone did not appear in the whole process, but the ability of the iPhone was demonstrated through a concise movie: the iSight camera, which can shoot 1080P high-definition slow-motion or time-lapse video at a 60 frame rate.

Because some videos have professional composition and shooting angles, it is easy to be mistaken for professional-level shots. The Shot on iPhone slogan that appears at the end will give people a sense of consternation and make people subconsciously take photos of iPhone. With the expectation of ability, it seems that with the iPhone, you can also shoot professional-level photography.

The series of advertisements have been widely disseminated as soon as they are launched, but at this time there has been no viral secondary spread.

In January 2019, Apple announced a Shot on iPhone Challenge event to encourage iPhone users around the world to pick up their phones to take pictures of the beautiful scenery around them and upload them to social networking sites with the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. The challenge made the slogan that had been immersed for 4 years reappeared in people's vision.

Rather than emphasizing “the new iPhone is equipped with a faster sensor, enhanced ISP and advanced algorithms, which can bring more highlights and shadow details to the photos,” Apple has cleverly transformed this hard propaganda into letting users personally Experience participating in the challenge, and sharing on social media has turned into spontaneous word-of-mouth marketing.

When the popularity of #ShotoniPhone collided with the emerging wave of short videos, a new meme came to the ground.

According to the records of Know your meme, an encyclopedia website dedicated to recording popular online memes, Shot on iPhone's explosion occurred in December 2019. TikToker @txmmysmxth uploaded a spoof video and received more than 2 million likes. About Shot on iPhone His second creation began to spring up like a fountain.

After the shooting of the Shot on iPhone series of advertisements, Apple also launched a lot of advertisements about the iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series shooting micro movies. However, due to the soaring cost of imitation, there was no viral spread such as the iPhone 6 series advertisements. Now, the nail users of iPhone 6 can proudly shout: iPhone 6 is the eternal god.

Higher and higher

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