There is an egg on McDonald’s coffee, and friends are rushing to check in

We have seen many Internet celebrity drinks. The raw materials are fruits that are not normally used for tea. The bright colors of the fruits can be seen in the transparent bottles. There are different types of cheese milk caps on the top of the tea.

But there is very little coffee in these internet celebrity drinks. The taste and raw materials of coffee have a threshold for appreciation. The pattern of the bottle has been played a long time ago, and most of the garland on the top of the coffee can only be enjoyed in the store, and the take-out is not as good as it was when it was completed. In this way, it may not be so easy for the coffee industry to have an out-of-the-box internet celebrity coffee.

But McDonald's succeeded. The net celebrity coffee it created has not changed much in terms of taste and packaging, except that a sun egg is placed on top of the coffee.

Sun Egg Coffee, the same taste is different

Said it is a sun egg, in fact, it is very similar to the poached egg we are familiar with. These two foods seem to be incompatible with each other, and most people can't accept to enjoy them together. The colleague in the office was happy when he heard that I was going to have a coffee, and after knowing that I would put a poached egg on top of my cup of coffee, he resolutely said, "I don't need to add it to my cup."

Fortunately, McDonald's also knows that these two foods can't really be put together, otherwise it will not create Internet celebrity coffee, but create "dark coffee." So they didn't really use poached eggs, they just chose the shape of poached eggs to create a kind of "illusion" of poached eggs lying on the coffee.

▲ Picture from: Xiaohongshu

This poached egg is made with meringue, and pinched in your hand is like pinching a very thin biscuit. The taste is sweet. If you want to eat sugar, you can eat it directly without putting it on the coffee, but it may be too sweet.

Several friends who have tried Sun Egg Coffee said that in terms of taste, this cup of coffee is no different. So we can also say that the biggest function of this poached egg is to make it look more interesting. Serve the diners with a distinctive appearance, so that the diners are willing to share their photos on social networks in addition to eating.

▲ The poached egg in the cup on the right turned over when it was placed, so it is not suitable for sharing on social platforms

Add a poached egg to the drink, which is actually not fresh. Before McDonald's, many food bloggers have posted tutorials on how to make poached egg coffee. It’s hard to find where the epidemic originated. It’s a new trick that everyone played at home during the quarantine period last year.

But global food and beverage brands have also put a poached egg on their drinks, and they have succeeded in making this gameplay out of the circle. More people want to take a picture and punch a card.

The difficulty of imitation of this small innovation is not high. The bottom surface is best to be dark to form a contrast, so that the shape of the poached egg is kept intact, and the degree of simulation is perfect, so many brands have quickly followed up. On March 6, Xiamen's tea brand SEVENBUS launched a new product "Milk Tea with Poached Eggs".

According to Kamen reports , this milk tea became a top seller on the first day it went online, and it became a popular item in stores.

Brands have to play tricks when they change their tastes and materials

McDonald's is a veteran of playing tricks on the appearance of a single product. This time the coffee and egg made a cup of ordinary latte become a hit, and it sold for 21 yuan. In the past, every time the ice cream changed its taste and color, or the ice cream was filled with oil, it was always possible to share it spontaneously with friends in the circle of friends.

Unlike electronic products, which users may only consume once or twice a year, food and beverages are consumed frequently. In this case, competing for user attention with new products is a good way. A new product that we can occasionally find on social networks is also a potential stock of Internet celebrity single product that stands out in internal competition.

Changing the shape is very important. At this stage, things may not taste good, but they must be photographed.

The 2017 Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is one of the representatives. Few people praised this as a good taste, but the bright colors and limited sales make it a fire drink. According to Starbucks official statement, Unicorn Frappuccino is a product with gradual color and taste. It is based on white mocha, mixed with mango syrup, and sprinkled with powder blue powder.

So when you stir this special Frappuccino, the color of the drink will transition from purple to pink, and the taste will change from sweet fruit to rich sour, with rich layers. This is completely a product that relies on its appearance. After all, few people have tasted it when the internal employees secretly "leaked" the drink pictures, but a few sneaking pictures made this leaked information in a short time. Won 3W+ likes.

This kind of product discoloration is also very common. Consumers also feel like they have eaten a new product when they see the color of the food they eat frequently. Burger King of Thailand recently launched the "Black & Pink" burger. This series of burgers is divided into two types, black and pink, and the meats in the two are also different.

Of course, consumer preferences have changed a lot over the years. New products with bright colors will be questioned whether they use more artificial colors, but natural processed foods that have been carved to reoccupy the aesthetic highland. Regardless of the complexity of the production process, the raw materials must be clearly visible in the final product. Hi Tea is one of the brands that led this wave of trends, and both cheese caps and fruit tea have led a wave of trends.

The "photograph" will obviously be one of the indicators in the polishing process of hi tea products. The product matching needs to look good, whether it is the milk cover on the top layer or the mixed beads at the bottom, it must look exquisite; the inner flesh must be rich in a transparent cup, which makes people see the richness of the ingredients indistinctly; even bags and cups It has to be specially made. The mini tea cups that came out before are honest and cute.

▲ The drinks look good, and the bags have to be powerful

Sometimes it is better not to be exquisite and minimalist, but to make people troublesome. This is the case with the dirty bags of the fire in the previous two years. The heat exploded, and the dirty face was eaten in one bite. Cocoa powder was flying everywhere, but it did not reduce the love of young people.

After the dirty bag became hot, Lele Tea also took the opportunity to launch a dirty tea. The combination of milk and brown sugar created a tiger pattern that disappeared in 5 minutes. Although some people always complain that it is too sweet and too greasy, many people are still willing to buy a cup to take pictures and try it out.

When it comes to dirty tea, the new pattern is not only on the outside, but the raw materials and methods of the product are also innovated. Over the years when the new style of tea has become more and more popular, we have seen more and more fruits collide with the bottom of the tea to produce new sparks.

Peaches and grapes may only be regarded as normal here. Naixue's tea launched the most expensive drink durian Musang King, and the recently launched Xueshan Homesick Longan by Hey Tea all selected niche fruits that are not common in tea.

In order to attract users, catering brands will even serve customers that have not been served before.

Starbucks, a world-renowned coffee brand, has a pet-friendly restaurant, and the shoveler takes a pet to get a cup of "Claw Buchino" coffee exclusively for pets. But if you really go to a Starbucks store, consumers will probably not only want a free cup of coffee.

Only the food giants are more likely to follow hot spots than the media

The user's consumption frequency is high, and the overwhelmingly popular new products are the best weapon to attract users to re-enter the store. Another very important reason is that the opponents are very active in pushing new products, and they feel pulled down if they don't push.

McDonald's and KFC, Hey Cha and Nai Xue's tea are obvious examples. The market is fiercely competitive. Adhering to the spirit of "I have nothing for others, I must have for others". In order to maintain its position in the arena and keep up with the market, the brand continues to innovate and play tricks.

So we will always see KFC and McDonald's launching new localized products in China. Whether it’s the "KFC Youth League that can still play like this" or the "roujiamo with so little meat that I thought it was not a roujiamo", to a certain extent, it was considered a success, because these products in the catering industry are all current. The hottest product.

These new products will not be sold for a long time, because consumers just like the new and dislike the old. New products sell best when they go online for a period of time, and then sales will fall, and many products that are lower than traditional products will be cut off. At this point, KFC's Nen Niu Wufang is a classic case.

Light Meal International once reported that Nen Niu Wufang was indeed very popular when it came out in 2009, but over time, new products become old products and become less popular. On Zhihu, a former KFC manager on duty introduced the decline in the order rate of Tender Niu Wufang. From popular products to "the order rate is the same as that of corn salad," this contrast is not unobvious. It became the fate of the five sides of the tender cattle.

If the product appeal is high, these items will also have a chance to return. Now the newly launched Nenniu Wufang will be responsible for the store's traffic. What people eat is limited satisfaction, retro delicacy, and it is also a conversational material that can be shared on social networks.

The life cycle of these new products is also in line with the Boston matrix proposed by the famous American management scientist Bruce Henderson-the products are divided into four categories, the star products with high growth and high sales, and the thin dog products with low growth and low sales. Problem products with high sales and low sales; high sales of high-gold cattle products with low growth.

Under overwhelming advertising, new products can easily become star products, and when new products become "thin dogs", the brand will stop losses in time and take the products off the line. Even high-growth problem-type new products can attract customers to the store and bring in quantity, and they will not lose money. It can be said that every product launched by the food giants in order to seize the market is built towards star products. When the halo of the previous star product is dimmed, the next new product can be quickly connected.

▲ McDonald's also returns for a limited time

This is also the reason why many brands of new products have never stopped. You can also directly understand the brand as a "star-making factory." In order to increase the possibility of new products becoming star products, brands are also chasing hot spots.

The poached egg coffee that was fired during the quarantine last year turned into a sun egg coffee; the explosive mobile game "Yuan Shen" also worked with KFC to create a "two-dimensional package" of "encounter in different worlds and enjoy deliciousness"; Fendi, Chanel and many big luxury brands are pushing water bottle bags this year. Starbucks is not only selling cups, but also bags for you.

▲ Chanel's cup

▲ Starbucks cup

Popular elements must be integrated with the product in time, and localized products (moon cakes, zongzi) must be produced during the holidays. The products cannot be used, and marketing and packaging can also be used for brainstorming.

It can only be said that the food giants have long been masters in the matter of chasing hot spots.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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