There is a new player in the “7” series melee, starting from 159,600, Dongfeng’s new brand Yipai’s first coupe eπ007 is launched

The competition in the new energy sedan market in 2024 can be summed up by the "7" series melee: Xiaomi SU7, Jikrypton 007, Lynk & Co 07, Feifan F7, Zhijie S7, and Jiyue 07 are all extremely competitive. With products in adjacent price ranges, competition is particularly fierce.

Dongfeng Motor has also been trying to transform into new energy sources in recent years. Its high-end new energy brand Lantu has gradually made its way up, and with its good product strength, it has also blazed its own path. Then Dongfeng Motor also launched a new new energy brand, Yipai, which is positioned as a mainstream electric vehicle and aims to create a sense of technology.

Yipai, English is eπ, e stands for electric, energy, explore and emotion, π is pi, which represents infinite possibilities. Just on March 14th, the folk "Pi Day", Yipai's first product eπ007 Officially launched.

eπ007 is divided into two series: extended range version and pure electric version. There are four models, all of which use lithium iron phosphate batteries:

  • 200Pro extended range version, 159,600 yuan, 28.39kWh battery, maximum power 160KW
  • 530Pro pure electric version, 166,600 yuan, 56.83kW battery, maximum power 160KW
  • 620Pro pure electric version, 179,600 yuan, 70.26-degree battery, maximum power 200KW
  • 540 four-wheel drive Max version, 199,600 yuan, 70.26-degree battery, maximum power 400KW

Dongfeng Yipai also announced that from March 14 to April 30, the pure electric version will have a limited-time comprehensive cash discount of 30,000 yuan, which means that eπ007 may be one of the most discounted models in this "7" series melee. .

Although it is a model with a price of about 150,000 yuan, it is similar to many domestic cars that leapfrog the space. The length, width and height of the eπ007 are 4880mm, 1895mm and 1460mm, and the wheelbase is 2915mm, which is almost the same as that of a B+ or even C-class car. The wheelbase is up.

Because of the inherent advantages of electric vehicles and the sporty hatchback shape, the drag coefficient of eπ007 is only 0.209.

In terms of styling, eπ007 is quite good in the price range, especially the side curves are dynamic and elegant. The common hidden door handles, panoramic dome canopy, front electric seats, and electric hatchback tailgate are all standard, and the same features are also provided. There are rare optional items such as electric scissor doors, butterfly shadow carpet projection lights, and electric tail wings.

In terms of interior, eπ007 also has a simple and technological sense of new forces, with a simple and elegant style and a 15.6-inch central control screen. The car chip is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, supports 50W mobile phone wireless charging, 20 speakers, and supports nap mode and viewing mode. The 64-color music rhythm ambient light in movie mode and battle mode also has a good atmosphere feeling. Moreover, eπ007 is also one of the few trams in its class that supports a flip-up instrument screen.

And in this price range, eπ007 also provides front seat ventilation, heating and massage, as well as an optional aroma system.

In terms of smart driving, all series come standard with eπ PILOT-intelligent assisted driving, which supports AEB emergency braking, ACC adaptive cruise, LKA lane keeping and other functions. An optional smart driving pilot upgrade package is also available, which enables high-end driving assistance functions such as high-speed NOA pilot assisted driving and LAPA over-the-horizon memory parking.

At the launch conference, Dongfeng Yipai focused on battery safety, and also conducted sea, land and air amphibious tests on the "Mach E battery" equipped with eπ007. These three tests are: In the land shooting test, after the Mach E battery was shot 9 times by 7.62mm caliber bullets used by the AK47 rifle, the bullets penetrated the battery core, but the battery still did not catch fire or explode. In the high-altitude test of free fall from an altitude of 8 meters, Mach E also did not suffer from thermal runaway. In the seawater immersion test, the Mach E battery also became the first battery to still work normally after being immersed in 1.5 meters of seawater for 24 hours.

In addition, the Mach E battery can safely pass the 1.5-ton high-speed crash test after 168 hours of high-temperature storage.

In terms of power, the 540 four-wheel drive Max version of eπ007 is equipped with dual motors, with a maximum power of 400KW, and can accelerate from zero to 0-100 seconds in 3.9 seconds. It can be regarded as entering the 3-second club. This is probably the reason why eπ007 dares to call itself a "coupe".

However, in terms of overall power, cost performance and battery life, the 620Pro pure electric version is the most suitable choice for the public.

Overall, eπ007's appearance, interior, cabin, comfort, and competitiveness in smart driving are pretty good in the price range of 150,000 yuan. However, for Yipai, the problem it faces may be similar to Lantu, that is, the product strength itself is not a problem, but the pace of opening the market is slow, and the Internet marketing and communication capabilities are not as good as those of new power brands, resulting in in-store test drive transactions. The link is longer.

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