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  • The city is not only a living room for young people, but also a living room for plants and animals
  • How should we report on groups with disabilities? The United Nations gave a practical advice
  • Amazon and Starbucks' union movement is making headlines. What does this mean?
  • Fooditive launches the first vegan casein
  • ecoBirdy: From discarded toys to tableware for the royal family

The city is not only a living room for young people, but also a living room for plants and animals

 Our city can be better

Naturally, in the eyes of human beings, it is "chaotic" and "untidy", and our greenery often becomes "unfriendly to wild flowers, insects, and birds" due to the need to conform to human aesthetics.

European architect René Hougaard and product designer Alexander Qual have created a series of outdoor furniture Vestre Habitats for outdoor furniture brand Vestre that is beneficial to biodiversity.

The wooden Leaf "Bee Hotel" is designed for park-like spaces. The size and depth of the holes on it are based on the environmental needs of bees breeding, and ventilation can also help bees guard against bird attacks.

Log is a bench based on a big tree, and it is a "wood paradise". As the trunk decomposes, it will become an ideal home for many insects, lichens, moss and plants. Moreover, this decomposition process is very long, and urban residents can also secretly observe the changes in the environment and "residents" in it.

Decay Edge is a "bottomless" plant container that can be used directly on the ground. Putting stones, wood, soil and plants inside can provide a place for insects, reptiles and small animals to hide and forage. These small animals can also interact with earthworms and other animals under the ground to form a vigorous ecosystem.

The most difficult problem faced by "furniture" in these cities may still be people.

Urban people may not be used to being too "close" to nature. In this regard, the designer said, people are usually afraid of things they don't understand, and these devices can provide a relatively controllable space for animals and plants, and also provide citizens with an opportunity to observe and understand safely.

Due to space limitations, it is impossible to list all the products in the series one by one. If you want to know more, you can go to the official website to see

How should we report on groups with disabilities? The United Nations gave a practical advice

♿ Sustainable tools for everyone

Recently, UNESCO released a new "Guide to Media Reporting to Promote Disability Equality in China" , which pointed out some common misunderstandings in reports and provided many practical tips.

Although this is a guide mainly for media practitioners, it is also a particularly friendly popular science book-in which we can learn how to use respectful language, basic etiquette and information for getting along with disabled groups Key concepts in accessibility and so on.

At the same time, the suggestions on media reports in the document can also help practitioners and the public to judge the quality of relevant reports.

Information accessibility is an important trend in my country's technological development. If we want to make truly good products, we may all have to learn how to abandon some of our inherent impressions and to respectfully approach real individuals.

"Guidelines for Media Reporting to Promote China's Disability Equality" PDF address

Amazon and Starbucks' union movement is making headlines. What does this mean?

 ‍ Work healthier

Recently, two pieces of news about labor issues in large companies in the United States have received a lot of attention.

One is about the Amazon employee union movement that has continued to ferment this year, and the other is that Starbucks employees in Buffalo, New York voted to establish a union. This is called a "watershed" moment because of the anti-union movement adopted by Starbucks. The strategy is considered "radical".

John Logan, a labor scholar who has followed the labor union movement for more than 20 years, said that the United States is now at the beginning of a new labor relations order, which is largely due to the interest these labor movements have stimulated the media and the public.

Over the past few decades, people’s interest in the trade union movement in the public sphere has clearly weakened, but in the past year or so, organized labor issues have entered many mainstream reports.

According to the survey, 68% of people in the United States now support trade unions, which is the highest number since 1965. In addition, most Americans believe that the decline of labor unions has hurt people at work.

Many reports are trying to break the "myth of favored tech workers" , pointing out that most tech workers do not "have bargaining power" as people think. Sign temporary contracts or receive threats of outsourcing, and have no say in working environment conditions.

In Logan's view, these reports are now regarded as newsworthy, at least attractive when the situation arises in large, household-name companies.

Although Logan is still not sure whether the union and its members can use this to promote more legislative changes, at least this also means that this is a unique moment in the history of American labor.

Fooditive launches the first vegan casein

 Future Food Adventure

Fooditive, a Dutch plant-based ingredient research and development company, announced the launch of its first vegetarian casein, which is expected to be officially launched next year.

Generally speaking, casein comes from milk, which is a kind of protein. In the process of making cheese and yogurt and other dairy products, it can create its iconic viscous texture and elasticity. This material has the potential to give vegetarian "dairy products" a better taste in the future, and at the same time, it can also bring more choices for lactose intolerant consumers.

As for the production method, Fooditive stated that it used precise fermentation to replicate the composition of casein and successfully developed a mass-produced product suitable for use in the food industry. It is said that many "important players" in the dairy industry have expressed interest in this raw material.

However, the production of casein also involves genetically modified biological technology.

Fooditive said that it takes into account consumer resistance to genetically modified products, but they explained that its goal is to create sustainable products through innovative methods, and to change the perception of consumers and the food industry.

ecoBirdy: From discarded toys to tableware for the royal family

At this year's Milan Design Week event, the Mabo Plates created by ecoBirdy were used to entertain Princess Mary of Denmark.

Although this plate uses recycled plastic food containers as raw materials, it looks like a marble-like texture, thanks to ecoBirdy's new patented production technology.

In addition, Mabo Plates also considered the inclusiveness of the design, and chose a "double-curved design" on the side of the plate, so that it is easier for users to scoop things.

At the same time, this design also makes the experience more handy when taking the plate.

Mabo Plates is the first tableware launched by ecoBirdy. Before this, they were mainly making household products, and the raw materials were mainly discarded toys.

Before the company was founded, its founders discovered that toys rely more on plastics than other consumer goods industries. Therefore, the founders spent two years researching how to recycle plastic toys sustainably and use them to create dazzling household products:

Because we use innovative technology to use recycled plastics, there is no need to add any additional pigments or resins.

Although recycled plastic has become the "new star" of many different companies, only by finding a unique "garbage aesthetic" in design that can bring functionality and appreciation value to consumers can we go long-term.

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