The world’s most proficient people taking pictures with iPhone, what kind of fairy photos did they take this year?

Just now, the Oscar of the mobile phone imaging industry-IPPA (iPhone Photography Awards) 2021 has a perfect curtain call.

This unofficial activity initiated by a non-governmental organization has simple rules and low barriers to entry. It only requires the use of iPhone, iPad, and iPod for shooting, and can only be used for post-editing with iOS apps.

With the popularization of smartphones, everyone has the opportunity to become a photographer. IPPA is the stage for everyone. Today, this event has attracted photographers from more than 140 countries, and Chinese photographers are also more and more involved. Appeared more and more on the podium.

This year is no exception. A total of 17 Chinese photographers have won relevant awards, of which 4 won first place, 7 won second place, and 5 won third place. In architectural photography, Chinese photographers directly Swept the top three.

Next, let's take a look at what kind of good photos the photographers have taken with iPhone this year.

Photographer of the Year Award

The most watched awards of IPPA every year are undoubtedly the Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the Year. Istvan Kerekes, a photojournalist from Hungary, won the Photographer of the Year award. His winning work this year is "Transylvanian Shepherd", two shepherds holding their beloved lamb walking on a snowy path.

▲ "Transylvanian Shepherd" iPhone 7 shooting

It is worth mentioning that this photographer of the year uses an iPhone 7.

Although Apple upgrades the iPhone’s imaging capabilities almost every year, the work of Istvan Kerekes fully proves that imaging is never limited to performance, but what you really want to express.

The first winner of the Photographer of the Year Award is Sharan Shetty, a photographer from India. In his works, you can feel the intimacy and tenderness between humans and animals.

▲"bonding", shot on iPhone X

For them, it seems that each other is their best partner.

Liu Dan is the only Chinese winner in the Photographer of the Year Award and a frequent visitor to IPPA. He has won awards in different categories in 2019 and 2020, and this year is his breakthrough, winning the Photographer of the Year Award the second place.

▲ "Walk on Mars", shot with iPhone 11 Pro Max

His work this year is more imaginative. In a red desert, a person wearing a space suit is walking, seeming to explore new unknowns.

For this photo, Liu Dan said that it was taken while traveling with his family, and the astronaut in the picture is his wife. This is undoubtedly a beautiful memory belonging to their family.

And the last photographer of the year award winner was Jeff Rayner from Los Angeles, USA.

▲"Side-walking on air", shot on iPhone X

His award-winning work can be called "the magic of light and shadow." A beam of light illuminates the little girl, her beating is more agile, and her shadow seems to form an emotional contrast with the little girl.

People can't help but slowly appreciate and feel the beauty of it.

"Seeing" all aspects of life with your mobile phone

In addition to the annual photographer award, IPPA also has a total of 18 categories, including abstract, landscape, portrait, children, and animals. Here are some works worth paying attention to.


The top three in the architectural category were all taken by Chinese photographers. The winner was Wang Yuexiang. His award-winning work was shot next to a roof garden in Shanghai.

▲ "Candy", shot on iPhone 8 Plus

He also gave suggestions on how to improve photography ability:

It is recommended that you start with "simplicity" for mobile photography. The picture elements are less, the color composition is less, the picture is cleaner, and simple scenes are easier to shoot good-looking works.

Because the more the content of the picture, the higher the requirements for the coordination of the elements, it is recommended to try more possibilities when the photography technique and aesthetics gradually improve. In addition, it is recommended to use the function of continuous shooting. After all, good works are "selected". The more shots, the higher the production rate.

The second place winner is Yayun Liu, whose title has not been announced yet, and was shot with iPhone 7 Plus

The third place winner is Tao He. Although it looks like a painting, it is actually shooting the Taj Mahal in the fog.

▲ "Taj Mahal in the Mist", shot by iPhone XS Max

Abstract class

The first winner of the abstract category is Glenn Homann from Australia. Under the sculpting of light and shadow, his works seem to be constructed of geometric figures.

▲ "Untitled", shot on iPhone 11 Pro

The second place in the abstract category was won by our photographer Xiaobei. His work is a moving train spewing out steam, shot with iPhone 12 Pro Max.

▲ "The Last Steam Train"

Xiaobei is quite influential in the domestic photography circle and is also a content creator. We have introduced his New Year film shooting skills before .


The first and second places in the animal category are Laila Bakker from the Netherlands and Elizabeth burns from the United States.

▲"Strike a Pose", shot by iPhone 11 Pro Max

▲ "Untitled", shot with iPhone XS


The first winner of the children's category was Dong Wei from Sichuan, who photographed several children jumping on the trampoline.

▲ "Untitled", shot with iPhone 7 Plus


The first place in other categories was won by Chinese photographer Zerry Song, who participated in the IPPA for the first time. His award-winning work was also shot by iPhone 7.

According to Zerry Song:

From Dadao to Jian, I have always used the default mode of the native camera to shoot, and Xiaoqi (iPhone 7) does not have functions such as wide-angle, portrait, etc., which also allows me to focus more on using the default mode to explore more shooting styles.

As for the shooting function, I will always turn on the "live" mode. Not only can I automatically record a few seconds before and after the shutter is pressed, so that I can select any frame as a cover photo, but I can also use the "long exposure" function to do it directly in the album Creative late stage such as light track and drawing.

How about this year's IPPA work, which one do you like the most?

Winners such as Liu Dan and Wang Yuexiang all expressed a similar view when talking about their works-photography is a part of life.

The equipment used by the winners this time is new or old, such as iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 12 Pro Max, etc. It seems that equipment is not a necessary condition

When you form a habit, you will press the shutter button from time to time to take pictures one after another. And among them, you might be able to find the small and moving beauty in daily life.

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