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Who can translate for the translator, what is the meta universe?
Who can translate, what exactly is NFT, blockchain, meta-universe, quantum computing, brain-computer interface, digital twin, virtual reality, mixed reality, and extended reality?
The new technological concept is just like a storm. What the future will look like is becoming more and more incomprehensible.
In the beginning, there were a thousand "meta universes" in the eyes of a thousand people. It was not until these new scientific and technological concepts merged into everyone's life that the truth of technology was settled.
We want to make a "tomorrow's life serial" for you.
It will become an encyclopedia of tomorrow's life, and the editors of Aifaner will jointly track future solutions.
We will regularly update the following series of articles every week, and we will continue to add new series. The serialization will be sorted according to time. The evolution of cutting-edge technology is clear at a glance.
We will show you how those confusing technological statues have gradually become the reality in front of you.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token): Non-fungible tokens, each token can represent a unique digital data as an electronic certification or certificate for the ownership of virtual goods. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.17 "The World's First SMS "NFT""

  • Event time: December 23
  • Event protagonist: Vodafone
  • Event location: Paris auction house Aguttes

The world's first SMS message has also recently become the world's first NFT message.

British multinational telecommunications operator Vodafone sold the text message at the auction house Aguttes in Paris for 150,000 US dollars (about 960,000 yuan).

On December 3, 1992, Vodafone’s programmer Neil Papworth sent this Christmas greeting via computer to Richard Jarvis, the then communications director of Vodafone.

This text message has only one simple sentence: MERRY CHRISTMAS.

The device for receiving text messages was also exaggerated-Jarvis saw it on a 2 kg Orbitel phone.

Anonymous purchasers will receive a copy of the SMS communication protocol, a digital photo frame showing the mobile phone receiving the SMS, and of course a certificate of authenticity.

It was Christmas at this time, and Vodafone donated all the proceeds from the auction to the UN refugee agency to help those who were unfortunately forced to leave their homes.

This Christmas NFT seems to be a little heartwarming.

No.18 "Sakamoto Ryuichi Releases "Note NFT""

  • Event time: December 21
  • Event protagonist: Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Event location: Adam byGMO platform

Before, many singers and bands have launched their own music NFT works.

But now, more than one song can be NFTized, it can also be NFTized with hundreds of notes.

On December 21st, the Japanese music master released his NFT work-"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" on the Adam byGMO platform.

He turned the song into 595 notes, segmented them digitally one by one, and then converted them into NFT works, each priced at 10,000 yen (approximately RMB 557).

In addition, he also produced pictures of the music curve sheet where each note is located, and sold them simultaneously.

At the same time, Sakamoto Ryuichi produced the handwritten score NFT of the first 26 bars of the song, which was directly auctioned for 100,000 yen.

As expected, the price rose to 10 million yen (approximately RMB 556,500) at the auction.

On the night of the musical note sale, it continued to be sold on the evening of the 22nd because the popularity was too high and the server malfunctioned.

Some of the notes were quickly resold by those who bought them, and the price was also up to 600,000 yen (about 30,000 yuan).

There are so many people grabbing a 557 yuan note, is NFT really so popular, or… Is everyone so rich?

No.19 "NFT theft fraud is more and more problematic"

  • Event time: December 23
  • Event protagonist: Fractal user
  • Event location: NFT shop Fractal

The NFT trend is in full swing, and fraud and theft are increasing.

The NFT store Fractal, which was launched only last week, was scammed with a total amount of US$150,000.

The thing is like this-people can usually buy game items in Fractal. Suddenly a link appears on the Discord channel of the website. After clicking it, there are also many NFT works in it.

Some of the works that were favored by consumers were bought. In the end, 3294 works were sold on fake websites.

But this is not a real NFT, and the link is not Fractal, but Fractai.

As soon as the incident came to light, the Fractal team quickly admitted to the website vulnerability and stated that 0.3% of users were deceived. Over 100,000 people have registered on the platform.

The platform stated that it will fully compensate users for losses and provide special warnings in the transaction. In the future, new products will be released on the official Twitter account with the hashtag #ProofOfJustin.

In fact, in addition to Fractal, users of another platform, Monkey Kingdom, were also defrauded by hackers in the same way this week.

Users of this platform lost a total of approximately $1.3 million.

In addition to the problem of fraud, the problem of theft is also endless.

Liam Sharp, a cartoonist who participated in the creation of "Green Lantern" and "Wonder Woman", said that he was annoyed that his work was stolen to produce NFT, but he did not agree with him.

I cannot and cannot report everyone and complain about every case. This is a problem that has been ignored.

Although NFT fraud detection tools exist, such as DeviantArt.

This platform will detect fake artworks on NFT markets such as OpenSea and Axie Marketplace. They do 3.7 million scans every week. When similar works are sold on the blockchain market, they will alert artists.

DeviantArt stated that it has sent more than 50,000 infringement alerts.

However, this is not a perfect solution.

They just told the artist that the theft had happened and could not do more.

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Metaverse: An online 3D virtual environment that will persist and decentralize in the future. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.16 "Satyr infested meta-universe"

  • Event time: December
  • Event protagonist: Meta universe user
  • Event location: Horizon Venue

As early as a few years ago, sexual harassment incidents occurred on major VR platforms.

A report once stated that nearly half of female virtual images have experienced at least one virtual sexual harassment.

Such a thing has come to the meta universe again.

▲Picture from: immerse

Various incidents of sexual harassment on the Metaverse platform have been exposed by users. For example, Horizon Venue user Chang was touched by a stranger, Bloomberg reporter Parmy Olson was harassed by a group of male avatars, and many people said that they were touched and touched on the platform. …

The reason for frequent harassment is not only the unscrupulous hiding behind the avatar, but also the imperfect security mechanism.

More than one player was unable to recognize the username when they wanted to report the situation, and was unable to submit recordings and video evidence.

Sometimes, even if the user has already submitted it, the reviewer cannot be sure who is saying what.

Moreover, the function of isolating oneself from harassment is not easy to find.

▲ Picture from: Horizon Venue

Now, no solution can be perfect.

But in the coming future of the meta-universe, the dimensions of existence and senses will be unprecedentedly rich, even when virtual and reality are not distinguished, we need to bring rights and respect into the virtual world.

[ Read the full text: click here ]

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AR (Augmented Reality), augmented reality, allows the virtual world on the screen to interact with the real world scene.

VR (virtual reality), virtual reality, uses computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional virtual world.

MR (Mixed Reality), a combination of mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

XR (Extended reality), extended reality, includes AR, VR, MR and future virtual reality technologies. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.13 "Look at the AR Filter of "Meta Universe Incarnation""

  • Event time: December 23
  • Event protagonist: Avatar lens
  • Event location: Snapchat

Want to know what you look like in the meta universe?

Snapchat's latest AR filter-Avatar lens, brings this new experience.

Open the camera in the Snapchat app and use this filter to see that your face is smooth, firm, without any blemishes and freckles, as it is on the major meta-universe platforms.

And different from the previous filters, not only the human face will be AR, but your clothes and body will also become the same meta-universe style.

A new AR filter is not worth mentioning, but Snapchat filters often cause virality.

For example, they launched the cartoon face AR filter in 2020, and the Disney style 3D filter launched this year and so on.

At the moment when the wind of the meta-universe is blowing, no matter what form the meta-universe will appear in the future, at least a filter that is more suitable for mass communication can make it easier for people to accept and approach the meta-universe.

▲ Picture from: Created by Freepik

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Human enhancement: attempts to overcome the limitations of the human body temporarily or permanently through natural or artificial means. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.10 "It can help the recovery, but also let the aphasia "talk""

  • Event time: December
  • Event protagonist: CareGum
  • Event location: Technical University of Denmark

Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark have developed a new material-CareGum.

The research report has been published on "Advanced Materials". Its function is to help the wounded recover, and to allow those who cannot speak to "talk".

How does it work? Let's start with the device itself.

This is a hydrogel, mainly made of fibrin derived from natural silk, and graphene oxide.

Its advantage lies in: it has strong stretchability, electrical conductivity, and can heal itself when it is cut.

Moreover, it can be shaped, 3D printed, biocompatible, adhesive to a variety of substances, and the production cost is very low.

As a result, researchers used it in implantable biomedical sensors.

These sensors can be attached to bones, heart tissue or other muscle tissues.

As a result, it is possible to detect the change in resistance when CareGum deforms to track the patient's rehabilitation actions and ensure that the patient performs rehabilitation training correctly.

Based on CareGum, scientists made a prototype glove.

When the aphasia wears it and communicates with sign language, by detecting the movement of the aphasia's fingers, they can determine what they are saying, and then use the speech synthesizer to play the words.

Just want to say: such a useful function, please launch commercial products as soon as possible!

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Quantum computation: A new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics and regulates the calculation of quantum information units. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.5 "The first "quantum entanglement" animal in history? 》

  • Event time: December 22
  • Event protagonist: Water bear insect
  • Event location: laboratory

Water bear insects-known as "the strongest creatures on the surface."

It has existed 500 million years ago, only 0.1-1 mm, but it has extremely strong vitality and endurance. It can be found in the Himalayas (above 6,000 meters) and down to the deep sea (below 4,000 meters). Neither high pressure nor radiation from the atomic bomb can kill them. Humans have also discovered that water bear insects can even survive in a vacuum.

This time, scientists put it into an experiment of quantum entanglement.

▲ Picture from: Futurism

Quantum entanglement is a quantum phenomenon that violates the common sense of classical physics.

Simply put, between microscopic particles, if two particles are in an entangled state, even if they are on two planets, they can influence each other.

This magical power is also becoming the basis of quantum computers and quantum security systems.

As for the water bear insects, the scientists collected three water bear insects, let them freeze-dry and hibernate first, and then put them in the extreme low pressure environment.

Then, they made a superconducting circuit composed of two qubits, and qubit A and qubit B are entangled together through the circuit.

The superconducting circuit produces qubits. When the water bear worm contacts the qubit, the resonance frequency of the qubit will be changed. The "water bear qubit complex" is copied to another circuit, and entanglement is established between the two qubits. .

▲ Schematic diagram of the experimental circuit, A and B represent two qubits, and T represents a water bear

During several tests, the researchers saw that the frequency of qubits and water bears changed synergistically.

After the experiment, the researchers heated three dormant water bear worms, two of which died and one came back to life.

This one was called "the first animal in history to experience an overdose of entanglement" by researchers.

This research is still under peer review and has caused huge controversy.

Scientists believe that "it doesn't make any sense to entangle the water bear and the qubit." Others think that this only changes the resonance frequency of the qubit where it is located, and is not really quantum entanglement.

In any case, I just want to say: What did the water bear worm do wrong?

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We are always amazed at the crazy evolution of technology and confused by the complex and multifaceted aspects of technology, until it follows every moment and every action of our lives, we sigh – ah, that's how it is.

At a time when the world is constantly evolving, questions and answers, curiosity and exploration are our source of power to synchronize with it.

Don't worry, if the future is a book that never ends, then a good book is suitable for reading slowly.

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