The world’s first “smart mask” is about to be mass-produced. How cool is Razer, “Light Factory”?

Among the dazzling hardware exhibitions and conferences, what I look forward to most is the CES conference at the beginning of each year.

Because at CES, various manufacturers will come up with their most radical technologies to create conceptual products of the future.

At this year’s CES exhibition, Razer exhibited a conceptual smart mask called Project Hazel. Once it was released, it became the focus of CES-cool appearance, practical functions, and masks have become necessities of life. At the moment, a smart and cool mask meets the needs of many people.

Is there anyone who doesn't like RGB?

After the release of Project Hazel, there have been comments that this concept product is just Razer showing their concept design elements, and mass production is impossible.

However, as wearing masks becomes normal, Razer CEO Chen Minliang said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that Razer is working to make this future mask a reality.

In previous demonstrations, Razer said that Project Hazel is currently the most intelligent mask in the world (advertising law warning), but if you count the technology stacks on Razer’s mask, you can indeed call it "armed to the face." ".

As a face mask for epidemic protection, safety is the primary consideration when Razer designs Project Hazel. Razer is equipped with two N95 filter elements on the top, and has an active ventilation function, which can effectively filter particles and bacteria and prevent mouth foam from splashing.

After the filter element has been used for a period of time, it can be easily disassembled and replaced with a new filter element. The addition of the active ventilation function can solve the problem of obstructed breathing when filtering air. When breathing in cool air, the exhaled heat can also be discharged by the fan in time.

The main body of Project Hazel's mask is made of sturdy recyclable plastic. The transparent mask design can clearly see the other person's facial expressions when communicating. When the environment is very dark, there will be lights inside the mask to illuminate the face.

Through the built-in microphone and speaker, Project Hazel solves the pain point of sound blocking when masking, but using electronic speakers for dialogue and communication, it sounds like cyberpunk.

In addition to looking good and easy to use, Project Hazel also pursues good wear. Razer designed a silicone cover to fit the face in contact with the face. The addition of silicone can not only relieve the discomfort when strangling the face, but also improve the air tightness of the mask and enhance the protection performance.

The earrings made of silicone are very thick and can be adjusted freely. The length of the earrings can be customized according to the different face shapes.

Since it is produced by the "Light Factory", the most important aspect of Project Hazel is naturally the ring of RGB lights. Razer has installed two Razer Chroma RGB lights that can display 16.8 million colors, and you can adjust the color changes you want.

Project Hazel needs to be placed in a charging box for wireless charging after use. On the wireless charging box, Razer designed a special ultraviolet light to allow the mask to be charged while also killing residual bacteria and viruses.

Safe, comfortable, cool, and practical. Judging from the information currently published by Razer, Project Hazel is like a perfect product from the future, which makes it hard not to expect the light factory to combine design and function. The product was put into production and became a reality.

At present, Razer has not announced the official release time and price of Project Hazel. Some comments speculate that the production of Project Hazel is too difficult, and the final product may be very different from the advertised concept.

From the concept map of Project Hazel, it is indeed a challenge to add a ventilator, microphone, speaker, lighting components, and a battery that can maintain long-term battery life in the narrow space of the mask ring.

Perhaps when it comes to finished products, Razer will make a trade-off between coolness and functionality, but what is certain is that this mask will really be put into production soon to solve the problem of sustainability of the mask.

Only unexpected, there is no Razer "grocery store" that can't be done

Razer’s impression of consumers has always been a peripheral manufacturer focusing on players and games. However, Razer’s definition of “peripherals” is not limited to keyboards and mice. In Razer’s product list, there are many strange things. Peripheral products.

At this year's CES, along with the Project Hazel mask, there is also an e-sports chair that provides an immersive gaming experience, Project Brooklyn.

On this gaming chair, the most eye-catching is the 60-inch OLED display slowly unfolding overhead. The wrap-around flexible screen and the audio shock feedback technology demonstrated at CES 2019 allow Project Brooklyn to bring Come for an immersive gaming experience.

Among them, the audio vibration technology means that the chair will send out vibration feedback according to the game content during the game, so that the player can devote himself to the game.

The upgrade of display technology has always been the focus of Razer's attention. At the 2017 CES conference, Razer once exhibited a triple-screen laptop, and each screen was 4K ultra-high-definition resolution.

With the lid closed, this dazzling notebook named Project Valerie looks the same as a normal gaming notebook, and when the lid is opened, two pieces of 15 inches will slowly extend out like wings on both sides of the screen. The large screen forms a triple screen.

The surround display effect can form a strong sense of visual impact and leave a deep impression on people, so that it is easy to be remembered-this triple screen notebook was displayed at the exhibition less than a week after being exhibited. Stolen, for a super-concept product, this is a very dramatic end.

If gaming chairs and notebooks are still connected to gaming peripherals, then Razer's recently launched straws are confusing.

Razer’s straw is made of 304 stainless steel and comes with a portable cleaning stick. Razer’s conspicuous fluorescent green is decorated on the mouthpiece. After reading it, I just want to ask: "Boss, do you have RGB for this straw?" (Without).

The production of "Poke Ball" is also part of Razer’s business. However, due to technical problems, Razer’s Poke Ball cannot be used to store Pokémon. Currently, it can only be used to store headphones-well, it is actually a Poke Ball shape True wireless headset.

In order to co-brand with the Pokémon IP, Razer specially designed a charging box with the shape of a Pokemon ball for the headset, and the co-branding is full of sincerity.

There is more than one ingenious headphone design. In 2017, Razer made a pair of cat ear accessories for its North Sea Giant Demon Headphones. The combined cat ear headphones once became one of the standard equipment of Internet celebrity anchors.

The birth of cat ear headphones also has an interesting story. The cat ear accessory was originally a DIY gadget designed by a Razer fan using her pet as a prototype. After she shared the design on Facebook, it attracted the attention of Razer CEO Chen Minliang and reposted it.

Many of the fans petitioned Chen Minliang to mass produce this cute accessory, and Chen Minliang responded that if the original blogger’s post has 10,000 likes, he would really consider turning this pair of cat ears into reality.

The enthusiastic fans quickly completed this challenge. Razer also produced this cat ear accessory as promised. In the production version of the package, Razer placed a thank-you letter to the fans to record the birth of the cat ear s story.

Cat ears have become one of the iconic designs of the North Sea Giant Demon headset. Among the new headsets, Razer has launched a version of the headset that "grows" the cat ears, and is equipped with RGB lighting adjustments, with RGB pink cats. Ears are also included in the must-buy list by many hunks.

April 1st April Fools’ Day is one of Razer’s most important festivals. On this day Razer can always bring all kinds of incredible April Fools’ jokes with seriousness. From these jokes, you can see the brain insights of "Light Factory". How big can it be?

The most famous April Fools’ Day joke product should be Razer Toaster. It not only has Razer’s logo printed on the body, but it can also bake toast with Razer’s logo. Every bite of bread is a belief taste.

Although I don’t know what it’s useful for, this toaster is equipped with 4 USB ports. Some people jokingly say that the I/O ports of a MacBook are not as good as a toaster.

Although this is an April Fools’ Day joke, Razer really made a sample of Razer torturers. Youtube blogger Linus once showed you this world’s only torturer in a fan event. It’s a pity in reality. It does not bake Logo toast.

On the past April Fools’ Day, Razer did not disappoint the fans, and brought a hair dye called Razer Rapunzel-a RGB color-changing hair dye. It seems that the lamp factory really knows its core competitiveness. .

The use of this hair dye is also very simple. Simply apply the hair dye to the hair, and hundreds of millions of nano robots will be attached. You can connect with Bluetooth by turning on the phone and adjust the color change effect through the APP. From Razer’s From the "Demo", the color change effect is very amazing.

Razer also wrote an instruction manual for it. The playful tone and the joke of the product look very interesting.

At the same time, Razer launched a filter with the same name as the product on Instagram. Although the effect looks not as cool as a joke, it can also enjoy the addiction of RGB dyed hair. Interested friends can download and experience it.

Razer's ambitions go beyond hardware

Compared with traditional hardware manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Razer from Singapore has a unique brand tone. It can always bring out bizarre concepts and products in the dull hardware market. This unpredictability allows it to have a number of loyal fans.

The unique design concept, aesthetic charm and marketing method have allowed Razer to make its own place in the market full of large factories, and it has been doing very well recently.

Razer’s fiscal report for 2020 shows that Razer’s revenue last year hit an all-time high of US$1.2 billion, and its net profit was US$800,000. Compared with the loss of US$83.5 million in the previous year, it can be said that the crisis has turned into peace.

With hardware revenue of approximately US$1 billion, Razer attributed this to last year’s “gaming fever” which drove strong growth in hardware peripherals, and stated that it will further expand its products in the fields of mobile games, cloud games, and live broadcasts.

And Razer's next area of ​​focus may be beyond your expectations: finance.

According to Insider, as a technology company rooted in Southeast Asia, Razer is leveraging its loyal fan base to launch new fintech products for gamers and non-gamers in Southeast Asia, including mobile payment service Razer Pay and credit card cooperation with Visa Serve Razer Card and so on.

Among them, there are 3 versions of Razer Card: a virtual card stored on a mobile phone, a matte black physical card, and a high-end version with LED lighting added on this basis. The lighted card will light up when you swipe the card, and it looks cooler than the Apple Card.

Razer has always been one of the coolest hardware technology companies on the surface. Now this black and green technology company wants to break out of the hardware field and make more things cool. To be honest, if a salesman pulls me to get a bright Razer credit card, I'm still very excited.

Higher and higher

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