The world’s first Nintendo theme park is about to open, where you can play the live-action Mario Kart

Since the announcement of the plan in 2016, Nintendo's super park construction plan has been affecting the hearts of Nintendo fans around the world.

At the press conference at the beginning of the year that the "Super Nintendo World", which was built for 5 years, would open this summer, it was repeatedly postponed due to the epidemic. Finally, on October 13th, Nintendo stated that the Super Park will be open to tourists in the spring of 2021, and also unveiled the design of the park so that fans of the park can see the true face of the park in advance.

▲ Picture from: Asahi

Before Nintendo announced the construction of the "Super Nintendo World", people were no strangers to the amusement park built around big IP. Whether it is the industry giant Disney or Nintendo’s partner this time-Universal Studios Osaka, they are all building IP The best in amusement parks.

As the first amusement park in the Nintendo IP Kingdom, whether "Super Nintendo World" can meet the expectations of Nintendo fans and park lovers all over the world, perhaps we can already find out from the news currently available.

Where is "Nintendo Super Park" super

From the current park design drawings released by Nintendo, it can be seen that the "Super Nintendo World" will be composed of three areas, namely Peach Castle, Mushroom Kingdom and Kuba Castle which are very familiar to players.

▲ Picture from: Asahi

Unlike the order in which the princess came to Peach Castle to rescue the princess after all the hardships in the game, Peach Castle will be the first stop for tourists to enter the "Nintendo Super Park", and the way to enter the "Super Nintendo World" is also very different. There is a Mario feature-a huge green water pipe serves as the entrance!

In Kuba Castle and Mushroom Kingdom are the two main game facilities of "Super Nintendo World". Visitors will play the exciting Mario Kart live-action version in Kuba Castle, while Mushroom Kingdom is a glamorous game that focuses on parent-child entertainment. West Riding.

▲ Picture from: Manichi

Although there are still some indoor content in the park (such as the Mario Kart in the stadium) that has not yet been exposed, the outdoor panorama of "Super Nintendo World" has been fully seen by Japanese media with ultra-telephoto lenses and helicopter aerial photography.

As long as you like Mario games, you will be fascinated by it when you take a look at "Super Nintendo World". This is not a mere playground, it is more like recreating the Mario world that you entered in your childhood dream one by one. It belongs to the dream world of every Nintendo player.

The green water pipe is more like a passage connecting two worlds. From the moment you walk into the water pipe and transport it to the paradise, everything in the real world will be "Marioized": the fairy tale-like Peach castle, the billowing tree, and walking. Green tortoise walking and yellow question mark bricks everywhere.

The game elements that can be seen in the park are all moving, including the piranha that will stretch your mouth and bite you, the angry stone that will suddenly be pressed down, the turtle shell that bounces after being stepped on, or the game The same, shiny gold coins that keep turning by themselves.

Even if every element is only moved by simple mechanical devices, this kind of sincere re-enactment of the game's dynamic effects will always make you unconsciously deceive your brain: "These are all real, Mario is all real Yes, Nintendo does not deceive me."

In addition to restoring the visual elements of the game, "Super Nintendo World" also has many interactive elements. For example, the Nintendo Band announced at the press conference at the beginning of this year , after wearing it, you can hit the yellow question mark box with your hand to collect gold coins like Mario.

Visitors can download a Nintendo park app on their mobile phones. After the bracelet is bound with the app, the collected virtual gold coins can be exchanged for medals, and they can even compete with other tourists to compete for the throne of the rankings.

▲ Picture from: Orlandoparkstop

According to the equipment patents applied by Universal Studios, some collection elements in the park are likely to be invisible, that is, Nintendo's best "hidden elements", which can be discovered only with the help of AR devices in the park. And this AR device is believed to be familiar to Mario Odyssey players. It is the "telescope" device used in the game!

With the help of "telescopes" with augmented reality technology, visitors can see small surprises hidden in all corners of the park, and are more likely to see surprise eggs that are invisible to the naked eye. If I can think of combining AR technology with a unique telescope treasure hunting gameplay, I can only say that Nintendo is really worthy of AR games.

Mario Kart will be the highlight

Speaking of Mario series games, in addition to the most classic Super Mario Bros. series, Mario Kart will be one of the most popular in the Red Hat IP.

▲ Picture from: KokiriGaming

Since the birth of the first game of Mario Kart in 1992, every work has been the escort of this generation of game consoles, so that in the list of the best 25 kart games selected by IGN, 8 Mario Kart series works All were selected, of which Mario Kart 8th Generation Deluxe Edition and Super Mario Kart won the first and second place in one fell swoop.

Driving a cartoon-painted kart through the item box, getting the golden invincible star to speed up and surpassing the opponent, or shooting down the first place with a tortoise shell to win the championship in one fell swoop. The rich item gameplay makes Mario Kart popular with players of all ages. It is worth cheering from all racers that now you can experience the excitement of racing in the "Super Nintendo World".

Take a ride on a roller coaster with Mario elements? This perfunctory IP usage does not exist in the "Super Nintendo World". Nintendo stated that Mario Kart will serve as an important game facility in the park, giving players a unique amusement experience.

Alica Stella, editor of Olando Park Stop , speculates based on the relevant information released by Universal Studios that this realistic version of Mario Kart in Kuba Castle may be named "Mario Kart: Kuba Challenge."

The basic mechanism of each race is to proceed with two tracks, the body will be fixed on the track, and compete against the opponent to see who is the true car god of Kuba Castle.

▲Patents related to karts applied by Universal Studios in recent years

The kart is not completely fixed on the track, and its tail can swing freely, so it is very possible to reproduce the cool drifting action in the game during driving.

The scenes of each track are derived from the classic maps in the game, such as 13 scenes such as Twisting Mansion, Shaking Volcano, Dolphin Cape or Rainbow Road. Players will feel the time when watching each classic scenery passing by. Full.

▲ The image of the leaked Mario Kart test equipment is from: Andybiar

And the most attractive part of this game is that it will be possible to use augmented reality technology to realize the item confrontation in Mario Kart! According to Nintendo’s patent application, players are likely to wear AR glasses before playing to obtain virtual props to fight against their opponents while racing.

From the analysis of the promotional materials currently released by Nintendo, the mushrooms are obtained to make the kart speed up for a short time, and the tracking turtle shell is thrown to force the opponent to stop. The gameplay in these games may now be realized in the player's hands through AR display technology.

▲ Mario Racing Live is Nintendo’s latest real-life AR game

Judging from Nintendo’s latest Mario Kart Live, Nintendo can achieve a very good AR experience with just a few simple cardboards and the weak performance of the Switch, which shows that Nintendo is capable of using AR to add more possibilities to racing games. of.

However, in this live-action Mario Kart car confrontation, whether AR glasses will be used as a game device in the end, or the screen will be used to achieve the AR effect like the Switch. There is no very accurate news to confirm.

What is certain is that "Mario Kart: Kuba Challenge" will inherit the high-quality tradition of the Mario Kart series and become one of the ace games in Universal Studios Osaka.

Something practical, like Mario Cafe

Compared with the "Super Nintendo World" which is constantly bouncing tickets, the Mario Café announced together has officially opened on October 16, and has now begun to receive tourists.

▲ Picture from: USJ

Mario Café has the characteristics of an uncle plumber from the appearance and the products it sells. The Mario elements that can be seen everywhere in the sports shop and the American retro characters all demonstrate the "Nintendo Pro" identity of Mario Cafe.

▲ Picture from: Famitsu

However, although the name is Mario Café, because it has to take care of many children and customers, the drink sold in Mario Café is not coffee, but fruit cream soda inspired by Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.

Each fruit cream soda is based on fruit juice in the color of the corresponding character. The red Mario uses strawberry juice, while Luigi and Princess Peach use kiwi juice and peach juice respectively.

▲ Picture from: Famitsu

In addition, you can also buy two "hat shortbread" that represent Mario Bros.-a shortbread sandwich with cream and fruit sandwiched between a hat-shaped pancake. Whether you like red hats or Luigi hats (cough cough), visitors can be satisfied in the cafe.

▲ Picture from: Famitsu

Next to the cafe is the surrounding shop of "Nintendo Superland". Like Mario Cafe, this surrounding shop also uses Mario's hat elements.

In addition to the red hats and Luigi hats of the same size, you can also buy many paradise exclusive peripherals, such as a hat-shaped wallet, a larger mushroom-shaped water bottle, a faith T-shirt printed with Mario logo, and so on.

▲ Picture from: Nintendo

It seems that Disney's peripheral strategy has given Nintendo a great reminder that peripheral products will be the easiest and most effective way to realize IP. Nintendo has been actively opening official peripheral merchandise stores since 2019.

▲ Picture from: Gaijinpot

In Shibuya, Tokyo, Nintendo opened a specialty store around Nintendo TOKYO, and later also opened a specialty store around Pokemon Center SHIBUYA in Shibuya based on another popular IP Pokemon. I believe that in the near future, we will witness the rise of a new surrounding kingdom.

Bringing ACG's work to reality, "collapse" is a word that fans can't escape. Often when ACG works of many games come into reality, either due to insufficient funds or too strong sense of violation, there will always be varying degrees of collapse.

Fortunately, judging from the information so far, Nintendo will not disappoint the fans this time in carefully building a super park. If there is a sense of contradiction to let Mario walk into the real world, then create a game world for Mario and let us walk in.

▲ Picture from: OrlandoImformer

In addition to the construction of "Super Nintendo World" in Universal Studios in Osaka, Nintendo also plans to bring it to Universal Studios in Singapore, Hollywood, and Orlando, but only Universal Studios in Osaka has actually landed.

Nintendo’s construction of a super park is not aimed at creating a super mobile game park. Rather than using IP to attract fans to the park, Nintendo uses the park to build an incredible game world for its fans.

"Super Nintendo World" is more like another large game made by Nintendo, but this time you no longer need a controller.

Higher and higher

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