The world’s first floating Apple Store is here, probably the most beautiful Apple store

Have you ever thought that one day the Apple store will open on the sea?

Yes, just yesterday, the world's first water Apple Store officially opened .

This Apple store is called Apple Marina Bay Sands and is located in Marina Bay , Singapore. From a distance, it looks like a futuristic theater or a spherical spaceship.

Regardless of the design or internal ingenuity, among the 512 Apple stores that Apple has established, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the "world's most beautiful Apple store".

Apple also said that this Apple store will become its "most ambitious retail project."

Next, let's walk into this Apple store and take a look.

Walk into the first water Apple Store

It is the third Apple store in Singapore.

The first local Apple store opened in the Knightsbridge building along Orchard Road in 2017, and the second one is located at Jewel Changi Airport. It opened in July last year, but this one is the most special.

▲Image from: Trendsmap

It is not only built in one of the most prosperous areas in Singapore, but also surrounded by Singapore landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, and Esplanade. It is also the only Apple store that shines on the sea.

"Sparkling" is not a pretentious description. This Apple store is built with the first fully self-supporting all-glass dome structure. During the day, the glass panels around it will reflect Singapore’s towering sky and rippling water, and at night, the sphere will turn into a "lantern" that flashes non-stop, complementing Singapore’s lively nightlife.

The overall design came from the hands of the Apple team and architect Foster + Partners.

If you are familiar with Foster + Partners, they have designed a series of special Apple stores, and they have also collaborated with Apple's former chief designer Jony Ive to build the famous Apple Park.

The new Apple store has 17,000 square feet and consists of 114 pieces of curved glass. It is 17 meters high and 30 meters in diameter. It is only connected by 10 narrow mullions, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.

There are two ways to walk into this "glass ball". One is the elevated pontoon above the water, and the other is the underwater passage of the next-door shopping mall.

However, during the epidemic, only the underwater channel was temporarily opened, which was connected to the bustling shopping mall of Marina Bay Sands.

Yesterday, the store opened at 10 o'clock in the morning. The first enthusiastic customer lined up here before 6 o'clock. Due to the impact of the epidemic, almost all tourists are locals, and the scene does not seem too crowded.

▲Student Ervin Liyu is the first consumer. Picture from: Today Online

The countdown started at 10 o'clock. The unique paneled glass door of the Apple store slowly slid open and disappeared on the rounded curved stone wall. As soon as the hour arrived, the staff inside happily applauded and congratulated, and visitors entered the venue one after another.

▲ Picture from: Photo by Mun Kwong LOKE

The first thing that brings the eye is the familiar long wooden table and wall. This is the accessories area of ​​the Apple store, where products from watch bands to mobile phone cases are neatly displayed.

The staff began to lead the visitors into the venue and introduced them in turn.

Passing through the accessories area, you can see a long escalator with dazzling luster.

If I remember correctly, this is Apple’s first Apple store to build an escalator, and it is also the first Apple Store to appear in the water.

And it is special, special, and very long. It took nearly 50 seconds to see the sky from the ground to the surface of the water.

Passing through the metallic luster of the mirror reflection, it will give people a sense of science fiction through time and space in a trance.

▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac/ David Rainey

Stepping out of this long escalator, you are in the "crystal ball", the core area of ​​the water.

What are the characteristics of the Apple store in the ball?

Just like the intelligent base in the science fiction drama "Western World", the interior feels avant-garde, open, and bright at first glance.

▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac

The design here is inspired by the Roman Pantheon.

There are no beams and columns inside, only a huge transparent dome. When you look up, you can see that the dome has shrunk into a transparent hole. Direct sunlight from the hole spills in and overflows the entire space.

There are also custom-made baffles inside the glass. Each baffle has a unique angle to offset direct sunlight. At the same time, they can also absorb solar energy, which will be used to provide night lighting.

▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac/ Ervin @_vrei_

There are trees all over the space, which grow on the inner edge of the building in turn. The leaves cast soft shadows among the long wooden tables and walking visitors.

Just like every Apple store will combine local cultural characteristics to varying degrees, this is also a symbol of Singapore as a green garden city.

There are nearly 150 employees in the product exhibition area. A while ago, the new Apple store in Sanlitun, Beijing has 185 employees, which will add up to more than 10 languages. The number of employees in this Apple store has been upgraded again, and they can speak 23 languages, which is also very international.

Like other Apple Stores, Apple Marina Bay Sands also has a space for special events and "Today at Apple" courses.

In this large sphere, there is also an independent area where Apple's new generation of thin borderless LED video wall is placed, which is set up for Singaporean artists, musicians, and creative people to hold events.

In addition, this Apple store also has a secret part, Apple's first underwater board room for business meetings, training and private events.

In this space, Apple will be able to provide training and personal consulting services for entrepreneurs and developers.

As soon as the weekend arrives, people can gather here to learn and communicate. This has always been an important part of the Apple Store experience.

Regarding the reasons behind it, Deirdre O'Brien , head of Apple's retail business, once said :

The art program is not to promote sales, it allows users and deepens the relationship with Apple products.

Tightening the bond between people and Apple, and making Apple products and corporate culture a part of people's lives is the ultimate goal of the Apple store.

Store is the new language of city life

Singapore and Apple have been "friends" for a long time.

Apple's first office company in Singapore is located in Ang Mo Kio, which has a "long history" for more than 40 years.

The team established in Singapore at that time was mainly responsible for the production of most of the circuit boards for the global Apple II computers, and Apple subsequently expanded the company and its retail business.

With the establishment of three Apple stores in Singapore, Apple’s "base" here is no longer production and display itself, but uses unique design style and spatial layout, ubiquitous corporate culture and humanistic activities to allow consumers Come here to experience a unique kind of city life.

The "communication" between Apple and consumers is the core of vitality and continuity in the Apple store.

The earliest "lifestyle" trend of Apple stores can be traced back to 1997 .

At that time, Jobs planned to build a cafe called "Apple Cafe". He found the former Disney Fantasy Engineering and Landmark Entertainment Group founder to design it for this purpose, hoping that people could eat and experience Apple products in this place.

The core purpose is to "close the distance with customers" (connecting with customers).

▲ Apple Cafe concept map, picture from: macrumors

At that time, Apple had prepared a website for this cafe and planned to open its first flagship store in Los Angeles. As a result, Jobs later had a new plan to keep Apple Cafe in the conceptual stage. This new plan was the Apple Store.

When the world's first Apple Store was opened in 2001, it was actually not what the current "city square" looked like.

At that time, the first store was almost full of black long tables, and the layout was very dense. It looked like a video store with vinyl music at any time.

▲ The first Apple Store, picture from: Macg

It wasn't until 2016 that Apple officially renovated and found its original "lifestyle" appearance.

The Apple Store began to have a more open store design, displaying products on giant screens. "Large glass wall + long wooden table + frosted stainless steel" became the standard configuration of the Apple Store, and there were also areas for leisure activities. Forums, courses and live concerts will be held on weekends.

Apple hopes that all retail stores are no longer just places to sell goods and deal with after-sales, but, like Starbucks, become a new community center and social place .

▲ Picture from: Mobile Ultimate

The location of Apple Stores around the world is becoming more and more particular . They are located in the core areas of the city and in some places with a long history, such as a famous local theater in Berlin in the 19th century:

A 134-year-old bank in Opéra Square in Paris, France:

In combination with local humanities, stores around the world have also begun to create their own characteristics, using modern design and the latest technology to create a giant glass curtain wall composed of 14.5 meters high glass with a single side cost of over one million. :

▲ Picture from: Foster + Partners

To Istanbul, a sunken Apple Store that resembles a magnified Mac mini:

Design + product + experience + interaction has turned the Apple Store into a "charging station". Apple and consumers can instantly need each other in all aspects, and the connection has become deeper and deeper.

People enter it from time to time, just as the American sociologist Ray Oldenburg proposed the concept of the third space . In addition to the first space "family living environment" and the second space "workplace", the city’s bars, coffee shops, museums, and books Public spaces such as pavilions and parks become the third space.

In the third space, people will freely release themselves in a relaxed and convenient environment.

The Apple store, which is differentiated in terms of experience and interactivity, is more and more able to stand out in the "third space" of the city.

▲ Picture from: kqed-Kristian Contreras / YK La Familia

This is becoming a casual epitome of Apple.

And everyone who enters here uses a new way to talk to products, to cities, to humanities, and to themselves.

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