The World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened, and I “went crazy” at the Alibaba exhibition area | WAIC 2024

For three consecutive days, the entire AI circle has focused on the Shanghai World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

The Alibaba exhibition area located in B101 of Hall H2 of the World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center has become a popular check-in point for visitors. The exhibition area presents Alibaba's outstanding achievements and innovative achievements in the field of AI technology relying on its powerful cloud computing capabilities.

For example, Tongyi APP takes "Twelve Hours of Tongyi – Experience a Day Accompanied by AI Assistant" as its theme. It focuses on the four core sections of dialogue, efficiency, intelligence, and vision for centralized function display and interactive experience, depicting the role of Tongyi APP. Everyone is provided with 24/7 AI assistant capabilities in work, study, life and other scenarios.

▲ APPSO is on site

At the exhibition area, visitors have the opportunity to experience a series of special interactive projects, including "Customized Personalized Sound", "Million Creators in Colleges" tool interaction, reading the "AI Chasing Stars" charity picture book, and appreciating the "Dynamic Version of Han Xizai's Night Banquet Picture" ", create "graffiti painting personalized fan", and experience "Asian Games AIGC postcard", etc.

Previously, APPSO had introduced the "National Dance King" function in Tongyi APP, which even allowed the Terracotta Warriors to dance subject three.

The "Animate Anyone" technology used behind it is also the industry's leading motion capture solution, capable of converting any static image into a vivid dance animation.

▲ APPSO is on site

At the scene, Tongyi Laboratory also used a series of advanced AI technologies to "resurrection" "Han Xizai's Night Banquet", allowing this classic painting to be presented to the audience in a brand new form.

At the same time, users can also experience Tongyi Lingma, the intelligent coding assistant with the largest user base in China.

This is an intelligent coding assistance tool based on the Tongyi large model. It can provide row-level/function-level real-time continuation, natural language code generation, unit test generation and other capabilities. It is also optimized for Alibaba Cloud's cloud service usage scenarios to help Efficient, smooth coding for developers.

How to open up the last mile of AI application, the products in the exhibition area also give some answers.

For example, the audience can take a look at Xpeng’s world-leading AI Dimensity system. This system is based on the capabilities of Xiaopeng's self-developed large models and Tongyi large models, and fully applies AI technology to the cockpit and intelligent driving to achieve active learning and rapid growth, and provide each user with a personalized intelligent experience.

Alternatively, Xueersi Learning Machine relies on the Qianwen large-scale model to launch a series of innovative functions such as "AI oral grading practice", "Xiaosi Circle Learning", "Xiaosi Dialogue", etc., to bring oral dialogue, A new experience of on-screen practice and growth companionship.

As an artificial intelligence application under Kingsoft Office, WPS AI is supported by large language model capabilities. It also cooperates with domestic mainstream large models such as Tongyi Qianwen to provide AI functions such as content creation, smart assistants, and knowledge insights, and is committed to creating a one-stop solution. AI office experience.

Weibo is also one of the earliest external customers of Tongyi Large Model, and has been widely implemented in multiple scenarios.

Weibo COO and Sina Mobile CEO Wang Wei said that the development speed of AIGC is far beyond imagination, and many large models have emerged in the industry, including Tongyi 2.5.

Large language models are like encyclopedias. A few copies are enough for a country. We do not need to make 100 large models. This is actually a huge waste of resources. I prefer to use excellent basic large-scale models like Alibaba Cloud's "Tongyi Qianwen", and at the same time use our own data to produce good landing applications in a more sophisticated model.

It is worth mentioning that during the Olympic Games, Alibaba Cloud also participated in the release of the "Olympic AI Agenda" and used AI to restore images of the 1924 Paris Olympics. Through intelligent broadcasting on the cloud, Alibaba Cloud uses AI to create multi-perspective replays, bringing an immersive viewing experience to the audience.

As Alibaba Cloud CTO Zhou Jingren once described, facing the intelligent era, Alibaba Cloud will upgrade its cloud computing system through full-stack technological innovation from underlying computing power to AI platform to model services.

This is not only the most open cloud in the AI ​​era, but also perhaps the most competitive cloud in the AI ​​era.

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