The wonderful literature prize on Xianyu, laughed so much that my mom told me to change my career to suona

You have seen a lot of scenery, you have sold a lot of idle goods on Xianyu, but if you do not make a literary creation that shocks the soul when selling the goods, then your baby will lose at the starting line.

Yes, this is an Internet world where even sales copywriting has to be "rolled".

It is not the product itself that makes buyers' hearts move, but the tearful and outrageous bond of love and hatred in the copy.

The sellers are not selling goods at all, but they exchange their souls with Satan in their dreams to spread the magical thoughts of realism to the world.

There, people wrote about the wonders of the world such as small three selling houses, inheriting inheritance, tearing the rich and the poor, jailbreaking, cosmic archaeology, cows, ghosts and snakes.

Xianyu may also be surprised at a certain moment that the netizens have actually become addicted to the stage before setting up the stage.

So hurriedly organized a Xianyu literary creation competition, just to select the dragon and phoenix among the people inside.

I dedicate myself to swimming in the ocean of free fish literature, laughing to the point that my mother thought I was secretly killing geese in the bedroom.

When I woke up, the strange feeling deep in my memory began to grow stronger and stronger.

What "monsters and ghosts" won the Xianyu Literature Award?

This is the first time for Xianyu to hold "Xianyu Writers" , and also called "Stories", "Readers", "Friends", Shuqi Novels and other literary platforms in everyone's memory to announce the winners online together.

The host introduced the guests:

The writers we are familiar with-Mo Yan, Yu Hua, Wang Shuo, Jia Pingwa, none of them came to the scene.

Xianyu has become "skin", and sure enough, their awards are not "serious" awards.

For the first "Darwin Prize", the winners used plain and unpretentious words to reveal the incredible "deformed creature" in nature-the Romanian double-headed chicken.

In this scene, Darwin jumped out of the grave when he saw it and asked if the world would be okay.

Seeing the second "Pain Literature Award", I found that I really underestimated the netizens' perception of their own value.

It turns out that the right hand can not only solve the troubles of being single, but it can also turn around and become a loud slap from your dad.

Continuing to scroll down, Xianyu seems to have been completely assimilated by netizens this year, and the name of the award looks really outrageous.

The "Mao Dun Literature Award" was awarded to a seller who made people full of question marks.

It confidently displays the transparent mobile phone in hand, completely ignoring that the world can't see any real objects.

This "literary work" not only has no punctuation marks, but also has uneven spaces. In just one hundred characters, there are typos. It is really amazing. The selection criteria for the Salted Fish Literature Award may also be the top ten in the world. Solve the mystery.

"I don't know if it should be a prize for improper talk," then the award was given to a person who has no merchandise introduction and has a tumultuous plot.

It tells the story of how the seller coexisted friendly with the cat, but was interrupted mercilessly by the cruel buyer, leaving behind a disfigured black cat.

Pets seem to be very popular on Xianyu. Of the six awards, stories based on pets account for half.

"Let's swing the double prize" is also about the touching story between the owner and his pet.

Although the listener was not sad and the listener did not shed tears, the creator's imagination to connect with ancient myths is still worthy of recognition.

The last award, called "You Dare to Award", was awarded for the reason that it is a rewrite of the Ultraman family's life, which is of great literary and archaeological value.

This reminds me again of the fear of being dominated by wild Ultraman active on various platforms…

In addition, Xianyu also showed some works that were not awarded but were shortlisted.

Some people "sell" their own heirlooms in an attempt to win the envy of the common people through Versailles; or transform into a Tathagata Buddha to subdue the stubborn Monkey King, presenting a 21st century chaos in the heaven.

Some exhibited their own magical animals and introduced various precious superpowers and magic on the animals. These sellers have great fantasy potential, and they are likely to be invited to Hollywood to film "Fantastic Beasts 3".

It can be seen that Xianyu did not intend to hold a more formal and grand literary creation award.

Although the official stated that the event is to show the imagination and creativity of Xianyu users and to "see everyone's talents", the most important thing is still topicality and attention.

Xianyu has also created a "Xianyu Body Generator" on its own platform, so that everyone can generate similar copywriting and dissemination. On Hangzhou Metro Line 2, Xianyu has also set off a "Xianyu Literature Check Point". It caused many passengers to watch and take pictures.

In fact, the history of wild literature on Xianyu had been released for several years before the official craze.

The wild literature on Xianyu is the story of selling goods

Since its establishment 6 years ago, Xianyu, a second-hand trading platform, reached 300 million users last year.

In these users, the turn to young users after 90 dominated , accounting for more than 60%, "fish leisure literature" is these young people to sellers, and gradually promote the formation of an internal "jargon."

Therefore, for Xianyu, seizing the preferences of these young people is not only a guarantee of current traffic, but also a booster for future development.

These "free-fishing" sales copywriting can be roughly divided into the following four categories.

They are emotional "folk stories", reasoning "suspense stories", fantasy "urban legends", and recreational "humorous stories".

Open the Xianyu app and enter a gate of diverse stories.

The competition here is fierce and the crowds are competing, and the text that introduces the products simply and calmly is easy to be ignored, and the sellers who devote themselves to writing the recommended copy can better catch the sight of the rapidly declining young people.

【Folk Story】

In the past three years, the most common reason for reselling Xianyu has been "wife not letting it."

A search on Xianyu's "Wife Don't Allow", fishing, game consoles, computers, mobile phones and other objects that boys are enthusiastic about, once again re-emerged in the arena.

Clicking in to see, one after another, married men bowed their waists for love and gave up the passionate ideals in their hearts.

Other reasons that are close to everyone's life, such as "gift from my ex", "break up", "moved", "gain weight", and "fund loss" are always the easiest to inspire creative inspiration.

The buyer saw that the reason was really touching and well-founded, so he turned around and placed an order for it.

【Urban Legends】

Fantasy themes are the most blooming creative direction on Xianyu.

Here you can see the Indonesian fire-breathing dog, the screaming dog from the gods, and the three-headed dog from hell, presenting a beautiful picture of the harmonious coexistence of the gods, demons and human realms.

You can also see how charcoal cats at the stove door, ancient sacred animal cats, and chopped hands cats can bring good luck to the 996 migrant workers.

【Suspense Story】

In the literary creation of reasoning, the dragon will never see the end. Until the last moment, you will never know what ending you will face.

Li Moumou, who just came out of prison, told that he was sent back to prison because his girlfriend was molested by a gangster, but after coming out, his girlfriend has become someone else's bride.

Of course, she is not selling loneliness, but lighters.

In order to criticize the indifferent and ruthless sellers, there are also sellers who told the story of their pets, because the owner is busy with socializing, it is best to have to rely on themselves.

When you are angry about the buyer's hesitation, you never expected that the seller will finally break his heart, and then unconsciously click on his homepage, trying to use selfless consumption to dissolve his past worries.

[Humorous story]

Of course, a happy mood is also very important in the shopping process. The more excited, the easier it is to place an order.

The creators of Xianyu know how to make buyers spend in happiness.

They arrested wild Pikachu and wild Ultraman, trying to find the joy of childhood for people;

They brought an environmentally friendly, sustainable, gradual, and free-growing hair transplant package from nature;

They tried to pass through the endless summer cicadas, reminiscent of the sweet ears of headphones-the day you skipped class, the day the flowers fell, the one in the classroom…

But at the end of the story, Cicada still seemed to say goodbye.

These Xianyu resale copywriting has a variety of forms and styles, and it is all-encompassing. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a contemporary selling version of the story.

Of course, if you watch too much, you will also find that long-form creations such as release from prison and inheritance are mostly the same.

Although many short stories are short, good ideas are hard to find.

When you search for "I'm cooking" on Xianyu, you will find that almost half of the pages below the beginning describe a difficult buyer and a dog with four dishes and one soup. Figure.

The popular "literary stories" in it were also cast a net by Xianyu, and all the interesting creations were selected. Probably no matter whether it is an old Xianyu user or a new user who has been attracted, they are not very concerned about these stories that have been read again. "Cold" again.

Not only Xianyu needs new traffic, but new traffic also needs more freshness.

But the bright side is that when new users flock to them, they will also create the expected freshness. The new season of "Xianyu Wild Literature" may have a new look.

Everyone is a folk writer on the Internet

We are no strangers to the creativity of the vast number of netizens who have been in it for a long time.

As early as in the process of NetEase Cloud Music turning into "Net Yi Yun Music", we have seen messages that began to despair and sadness in the middle of the night.

There, Dazai was crown on the title of "depression Godfather" of netizens with beautiful language, tell him I'm sorry born as a human emotion, is entrusted with the frustration of their own workplace in love, he did not even say spreading "Classic Quotes":

  • Some people died when they were 8 years old and were buried only when they were 80 years old.
  • Why are you so sensible, you don't even make any noise when you crash.
  • When you came, I brought wind and rain, and I couldn't avoid it; after you left, the four seasons were chaotic, and I was ill for a long time.

Of course, when NetEase Cloud hadn't copied the sentimental messages in large quantities at the beginning, many of the original stories were indeed more moving under the background of music.

This kind of sincerity of heart-and-heart sharing can be seen everywhere in Zhihu.

The seed users of Zhihu in the early days were very "elite" . In addition to celebrities in the Internet industry, people from all walks of life, including media, engineers, product managers, investors, etc., are actively using what they see under the problem. Smell patiently answer.

▲. Picture from: Zhihu User Yu Zhen

The "creation" of their own experience and knowledge has opened the door to a new perspective for many people, or suddenly opened it up.

▲Picture from: Zhihu User-Growth

However, as Zhihu changed from an invitation system to open registration, Zhihu's answers became more and more entertaining.

It's not that no one has answered properly, but a variety of diversified creations have begun to grow, and commercial content has also been mixed.

In Douban, this diversity is even stronger.

For each different Douban group, you can see private creations in completely different directions, different styles, and different contexts.

Douban also has a dedicated literary group, which has become a garden of Eden for the exchange of various literary genres such as novels, poems, scripts, and prose.

Up to now, this kind of "folk literature" is no longer limited to content platforms, but has expanded to more other types of websites and apps.

In addition to Xianyu, in the same city communities of multiple apps, you can also see tyrants using simple but touching writing, telling their sad stories about their days and nights.

And only under the umbrella of Alibaba, there is an Alipay wealth management area that turned into a blind date :

Later, Taobao organized the " Taobao Sand Sculpture Story " and spent millions to find "Sand Sculptures":

At first glance, these sporadic words seem to be hardly literary creations.

After all, in our traditional definition , literature is the art of language, an important form of expression of social culture, and the embodiment of beauty.

And many interesting copywriting on Xianyu is just for selling things, or the copywriting has nothing to do with the goods.

When I saw the price of 999999 yuan, I knew that they weren't selling things at all, but for blogging attention.

The philosopher Slavoj Žižek once said a "the paradox of anamorphosis" (the paradox of anamorphosis) , when he commented on the movie "Son of Man", he pointed out:

If the movie directly presents social issues to the audience, the audience will not know them well, but will fall into the storyline about the protagonist; and if a social problem is kept in the background, the audience can pass the foreground The trend of typification has a clearer view of the background.

▲Slavoj Žižek. Picture from: Prospero

Similarly, on all major platforms, through the "transformation" of literature based on the characteristics of the platform itself, sellers can instead allow everyone to pay more attention to the purpose behind them.

Of course, there are also many people who just join in an Internet folk art carnival just for expression, for narration, for creation, and they also reflect the current life and mental state of people through the text on various platforms.

They play a selfless dedication and entertaining spirit, and use absurdity, irony, and self-deprecating output to confront, escape and deconstruct reality.

In this Internet age, the scope of literary creation has become wider and wider. Different creators and readers all get what they need on different platforms.

Now, the wild magical realism literature on Xianyu has begun to "stimulate" netizens.

In the end, I couldn't resist using the Xianyu Body Generator to generate a few paragraphs of "Xianyu Literature", trying to make myself short-lived in my busy work.

I admit that some texts are indeed so ordinary, yet so exciting.

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