The WMF is back in attendance: the 9th edition will be held at the Palacongressi di Rimini on 15, 16 and 17 July

Bologna, 05/18/2021: After two years, 15, 16 and 17 July 2021 will return to present the WMF , the largest Digital Innovation Festival. After the 2019 edition over 21,000 attendances and 24,000 participants online hybrid of the two appointments madelast year , the Festival welcomes back part of its audience to the Rimini Convention Center for what will be its ninth edition.

The new dates for July have been announced – rescheduled in compliance with the most recent institutional guidelines – WMF is preparing to return with a three-day event dedicated to the world of digital and social innovation that will be explored at 360 degrees through professional training – with a wide program and more than 55 thematic rooms – and over 100 events dedicated to current events , culture, entertainment, the business world and the future , addressing and investigating the main technological innovations and their social potential.

" The past year has presented us with complex challenges, but also many confirmations that the values, themes, and initiatives we have been carrying out since the birth of the WMF are of central importance and emerge with arrogance in the most difficult moments " explains Cosmano Lombardo , creator and Chairman of the Festival. "Having insisted in recent years on the need to experience technological and digital innovation in the light of the impacts it can generate on communities and society allows us today to create, on the occasion of WMF2021, an even more participatory agora where to co-build with greater awareness a better future in the name of innovation, training and employment ".

To ensure wide and widespread participation, in addition to the reserved seats in Rimini, WMF will still maintain a hybrid format and the possibility of following its agenda entirely online thanks to the functions of the platform , already used for the two editions created in 2020.

The opening concert of the Festival entrusted to the notes of Roy Paci has already been unveiled, the first of the three live concerts that will be performed on the Mainstage of WMF2021 over the three days.
All the contests, talks and events scheduled on the Mainstage will also be broadcast live on the digital channels of the Festival, such as the final of the largest Startup Competition in Italy and the delivery ceremony of the WMF Awards , which will be assigned by WMF. to realities and personalities who have distinguished themselves in the national and international panorama of Innovation and Web Marketing.

Many prominent researchers

WMF presence

To these will also be added the " National Big Data and AI Research Award ", a special recognition that will be awarded by WMF and the IFAB foundation to a young researcher who has presented a research and development project of particular relevance in the field big data and artificial intelligence.

On the main stage, which hosted the current Ministers Enrico Giovannini and Patrizio Bianchi last November , the institutional presence will be strong through the testimonies of the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella , the President of the Rondine Foundation Franco Vaccari and many other guests who will be communicated shortly .

There are also many voices from the scientific and academic world such as those of Pierre Philippe Mathieau of ESA (European Space Agency), Anna Grassellino (FermiLab), Luciano Floridi (psychologist at Oxford and Alma Mater Studiorum) and of the inventor and physicist Federico Faggin . Characters from the world of entertainment such as the actor Alessandro Borghi – who on the first day will play the role of the co-host – and the web like The Jackal also make up a very rich parterre of guests, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

WMF is back in attendance: Expo Area, Training, eSports and drones

The meetings and stands of the Expo Area of ​​the Web Marketing Festival will be back live, which in the past editions hosted the most important realities of the tech world and served as a setting for networking moments between the participants and over 500 sponsors, partners and exhibitors of the Festival. Among these next July will also include the Ministry of Culture , which within the exhibition area will host in its stand, organized by the Digital Library – Central Institute for the digitization of cultural heritage – the best innovative experiences from museums and places of the Italian state culture.

All the WMF2021 stands can also be visited online on the platform for an integrated experience. Still on the subject of business and networking opportunities, the startups present, entrepreneurs and participants will be able to find in the Maker & Tech District and the Startup District two sectors entirely dedicated to more than 130 startups , companies and innovative projects.

Among the great innovations of this ninth edition of the different trade areas that the WMF will dedicate to drones, technological prototypes, innovative research projects, presentations of books and eSports, with gaming stations created in collaboration with Tech Princess.

The quality and breadth of professional training remains of central importance, to which WMF2021 will dedicate the interventions of over 600 speakers and more than 55 vertical rooms, addressing current issues and trends such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Robotics, IoT, Circular Economy, Social Media, Open Innovation, Blockchain, Automotive, Aerospace, Cyberbullying, Sustainability, eSports, Advertising Communication, Entrepreneurship, Debunking and many more.

Digitization of the Public Administration

Among the thematic innovations of WMF2021 there is also a room dedicated to the digitization of the Public Administration and the SDG s Room , vertical on topics related to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.
In addition, institutional work tables dedicated to the analysis and knowledge of the main directives proposed by the PNRR , a hackathon in collaboration with ESA for the monitoring of climate change and one in partnership with the European Parliament on the project " Together for the Europe ”, dedicated to the democratic debate on the central role of the EU for present and future collective challenges.

Ample space then to the world of entertainment : in collaboration with AGIS, WMF will host the first edition of the Innovation Film Fest , an innovative showcase dedicated to cinema with screenings of short films , special guests, awards, meetings between videomakers, producers and film distributors, training events and workshops.

In addition, there are many active calls, initiatives and opportunities on the WMF agenda: among these, the Call dedicated to Digital Creators and the Emerging Contest Band created in collaboration with RDS Next and the Call for Young Innovators in partnership with ANGI , born to support young people who have got involved with activities or projects in the field of digital and social innovation and allow them to share their ideas and experiences with the innovative ecosystem of the Festival.

As for the past events of the WMF, the ninth edition is also the result of a construction path shared with people, companies and realities that are interested in innovation and inspire every year the creation of events and activities able to fully explore the universe of Digital and Social Innovation, follow the main trends

market and offer training that meets the needs of professionals.
Even in view of WMF2021, in fact, it is possible to propose themes to be addressed, vertical events, training rooms and workshops.

WMF – The largest Festival on Digital and Social Innovation is back in attendance

WMF presence

With over 21,000 attendees at the 2019 edition and 24,000 online participants of the two hybrid events held in 2020, WMF is the largest Festival on Digital and Social Innovation. Conceived and produced by Search On Media Group, the Festival stands as a tool at the service of society, an innovation accelerator that every year in Italy and abroad carries out events, projects and initiatives dedicated to the shared construction of a better future, communicating with institutions, local authorities, universities, schools, companies and local realities.

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