The whole world is “Hey Ant”? This app on the top App Store allows you to see the most vivid expressions of your friends

Another year of the draft season, when show fans start to vote for their idols, audiences who do not follow the draft will find that the hot search list has a bunch of unknown names. However, no matter how hard I tried to promote "Youth Have You 3" and "Creation Camp 4", the best song performance in my heart has been born, that is, using the various versions of the original soundtrack of the O-Zone combination "Ant Hey" singing "live video" ".

The talent show allows beautiful trainees to sing and dance for you, but "Aya Hey Ant" can make famous people like Musk, Jack Ma, and Ma Huateng perform singing with exaggerated expressions. How could it be worthless?

The "ant nest" of the world is made by this app

Ants, ants, ants, ants~

The simple brainwashing melody of this song allows everyone to hum a few sentences, even if they don’t know what it is singing, they can still remember the lyrics and melody. This is actually the big fire song "Dragostea Din Tei" released by the group O-Zone in 2002, but the real name is too hard to remember, so it is affectionately called "Ant Hey" by the Chinese people.

Recently, the frequency of "ant ah hey" appears a bit high. Whether it’s a short video you’re killing time, or a personal dynamic shared by your friends, you can’t escape this song. And after the brainwashing of magical songs, you may be just like Shen Teng-sinking in.

As long as there is a photo of the front face, you can generate your own singing video of "Ant Hey" on the app. It’s not uncommon to "sing" with your own photos. After all, the lineup for singing "Ats Hey" is too strong.

There are trillions of market capitalization portfolios composed of successful entrepreneurs such as Buffett and Lei Jun, who are fully committed to performing for you, and they also put you in the C position, which is really touching.

From childhood memories of "Returning the Pearl to the Gege", all the staff will create an "ant nest" with you.

Rushing out of the game screen, the two-dimensional army of exaggerated expressions does not damage its appearance.

Of course, these people can't sing to you "Ant Yeah" together, but with the blessing of an app, you can let them sing on demand. Of course, if you want to call others to sing at the lowest threshold, you also need the help of Tencent and Bytedance. Now let us enter the "ant nest" manufacturing tutorial together.

Need to download applications: Avatarify (currently only iOS version), Tencent accelerator, cut shadow


1. Open the Tencent accelerator, find Avatarify under the discovery page-popular mobile games, and click to accelerate. This step must not be saved. If you don't use an accelerator, the number of templates will be very small. If you omit this step, you won't see the "Ant Hey" template.

▲ Without accelerator, there are few templates on the left

2. Open the Avatarify app and upload a photo of the host’s justice face you want to listen to TA singing "Ant Hey". After selecting the desired photo, confirm the face to select the corresponding GIF template.

At this time, we need to find the handsome guy Brad Pitt and make a MV with the same expression as him.

Click the Brad Pitt template and choose any image quality standard to make. After patiently waiting for a few seconds, you can remove the watermark and save the video.

If you want to make a single-player video of "Ats Yeah", then you have already got the finished product. But if what you want is a multi-person singing video, since Avatarify can only process one face at a time, you need to repeat the second step several times. This is individual labor.

3. After obtaining the singing video of multiple people, open the cut screen and directly search for related templates of "Ant Hey". After finding the corresponding template, click "Cut the same style" to upload the completed video, and you will get the MV where multiple people sing "Ant Hey".

Low threshold and interesting, I have never seen such a rich expression of TA

Good face rendering effects, magical brainwashing GIF templates, and the popular short video diversion, the three work together to make Avatarify’s videos build "ant nests" at all times. But if you look at the source of the product, you will find that this app is actually also a "by-product" of maintaining social distancing at home during the epidemic.

Working from home has forced many people to have upper body suits and leather shoes, lower body pajama pants and slippers, and colleagues meet on Zoom. This way of social pressure is quite large, so many technical experts have given their own solutions. One of them decided to use AI to make the face in the photo move (spoof) so that people can use a photo to zoom.

At that time, the author wrote out the specific installation method on GitHub. After the user added on the PC side, set the camera in Zoom and use Avatarify to push the generated image to the video stream in real time through OpenCV. Due to the limitations of the PC and usage scenarios, and users need to have certain programming knowledge, this method has not been widely spread.

▲ The action effect displayed by Avatarify at the time

The developers of Avatarify also understand that this method is too unfriendly to Xiaobai. In order to make his product more influential, he launched the Avatarify app a few months later, allowing ordinary users to easily move the characters in the photos.

From the need to get started with the code to the finished photo uploading today, the whole process has become simpler and more users have been created.

The high quality of the template also accelerates the process of "Magic Breaking the Circle" of this application. It selects a lot of GIF templates with its own heat, the clown's "Why so serious?" singer Billie Eilish's popular MV; Cardi B's "WAP". In addition to the popularity, there is also practicality. There are templates for expressing emotions such as rolling eyes and nodding. Birthday greetings and song singing are never absent.

Although the Avatarify function is very simple, but with its magical effect, many people still rush to customize exclusive videos for friends on the app. Thanks to the algorithm, many people have seen exaggerated expressions that their friends have never seen in reality.

Take Musk as an example. In the app, he can change so many expressions in 3 seconds. But in reality, even if Bitcoin rises and falls sharply, we may not see Musk's exaggerated expression.

This slightly exaggerated way of expression also makes people happy. A friend around me has been making different "Ant Yeah" videos almost all afternoon, and immediately share it with the protagonist of the video after the production is completed.

It's all about making photos move, why isn't Avatarify being scolded?

In fact, we are not unfamiliar with videos with functions like Avatarify. The Chinese AI face-changing application "ZAO" with the same technology has detonated social networks in 2019. Just because of the privacy ethics controversy behind this technology, this application was quickly removed from the shelves.

The same is to make the photos move, why didn’t Avatarify get scolded this time?

A very important reason is that although Avatarify is popular, it is not as popular as ZAO. If you want to make an "Ant Yeah" video, the user also needs to turn on the accelerator and use the editing application. If there is more trouble, there will be one more way to persuade you. Most people are therefore only consumers of video content, not creators.

Another reason is template restrictions. The reason why ZAO is so popular is that the application can directly change faces, and with it, you can directly become another person, play a one-man show with idols, and film in the sea, as long as you have the original video. Considering that 96% of the same technology reported by CNN in 2019 is used to generate pornographic content for female stars, this powerful application is really worrying.

▲ The face of female star Gal Gadot was “transplanted'' to a pornographic film actor

However, Avatarify does not support face changing. It only gives the photo characters a richer expression, which improves security. When the form of content carrying is restricted, its risk will also be reduced. At present, the use of Avatarify is basically entertainment magic video, which is used by friends to spoof.

The fire of entertainment applications like Avatarify is also good for the popularization of technology and the defense of its illegal uses. It can let more people know how far the current technology has been. It's easy for us to move the face and change the face.

When more and more people know the power of new technology, we will be able to better prevent similar video scams.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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