The vivo 6G concept still has smartphones as protagonists

vivo 6g smartphone

We have recently been, not even three years, in the 5G era that will project us into a very fast and increasingly intelligent interconnected dimension. But there is a manufacturer who has already begun the first internal experiments regarding the next generation, the 6G and is alive , who explained how smartphones will remain the primary means for this type of connection.

vivo: 6G will strengthen the IoT that 5G is bringing to all technology, with smartphones playing a key role

alive 6g

During the “ external communications ” conference in vivo , the head of the CRI (Research Institute for Communications) Qin Fei illustrated how the 6G that the brand has started researching will be structured in the various sectors. In fact, he argues that smartphones , AR / VR headsets and robots will be key to building a digital life around this connection technology.

Starting with smartphones , Qin reports that it is highly unlikely that they will be pushed aside in 6G , both because getting used to the touch screen is very difficult, and because communication requires a module to connect. Computing power still requires a Core ARM compute unit . In short, the smartphone is the key to access the Internet of Things and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Turning to robots and AR / VR headsets , vivo believes that for the former by 2030 we will have upgradeable and multi-function systems, while for the latter, it is believed that they can be made thinner and more connected with the human brain, in in order to obtain more and more direct information.

Finally, Qin Fei focuses on the differences between 5G and 6G , arguing that the latter will significantly improve what has been achieved so far by 5G and that it will be much more than 5G + AI , totally detaching itself from this concept.