The virtual idol version of Lingna Belle collapsed, don’t take “under the skin” as a human being!

No one can escape the "collapsed house" of idols, even if it is a virtual idol.

When chasing the Tigers of the past, you have to watch the members fly solo; SHE said that the solo performance will almost disappear without disbanding; the rumors of TFBOYS disbanding have not stopped, although there is no clear disbanding, but the members rarely interact. At this time, the operation team of virtual idols appeared. They told you, stop chasing real people, and like virtual idols – virtual idols, never collapse.

▲ It is always difficult for idol groups to be neat and tidy

In fact, the "collapse" still has to be "collapsed", and no one can stop it. Even virtual idol groups can never be neat.

Recently, the virtual female idol group A-SOUL collapsed. The official operation team stated that its member Jiale would suspend most of its idol activities and enter the "live streaming hibernation" stage. For fans who have followed idol groups, this is actually "retirement" and will never be seen again.

Since then, the virtual idols who claim to never collapse the house have also "collapsed" together.

Even virtual idol groups can't get to the end neatly

In the world of humans and virtual humans, there are many words that are not the same.

For example, you may no longer work for this company because you "resigned" or "fired." If it is specific to the film and television industry, it is that an artist is about to "retire". But if a virtual idol no longer works for the current company, the term may become "dormant."

In the virtual idol world, the word "dormancy" is equivalent to "retirement." Idols no longer appear, sleeping in the virtual world.

▲ Kizuna Ai, whose popularity declined after replacing many middle-aged people

The person who came up with the word may still have some romantic imaginations in mind, but for fans of virtual idols, hibernation is not a romantic word, but a scary word.

A-SOUL, known as the "domestic virtual idol ceiling", has 5 members, and one of them, Jiale, announced "live dormancy" 3 days ago. Although the official operation team warmly stated in the statement:

Jiale's live broadcast dormancy does not mean quitting A-SOUL, which means that no other actors will be activated, and no new characters will be added to replace Jiale. Jiale will always be a member of A-SOUL. A-SOUL is composed of five actors. It is composed of excellent young ladies and sisters, and it is indispensable.

▲ A-SOUL officially announced that Jiale will be dormant

But fans have said, we don't believe it, don't tell lies.

The underlying logic of this matter is also well understood. After all, fans must believe in idols more. They are willing to believe that the operating company behind it is a ruthless capitalist, and that their favorite idol is a poor little guy who is controlled by a big company and needs their own rescue.

In the real-life entertainment industry, this may really be overthinking the fans. After all, if a celebrity has fans, they have the right to speak, and they cannot be manipulated marionettes. But in the virtual idol world, this is really possible. In the virtual idol circle, fans like the beautiful image of the leather case and the different characters of the person behind it (virtual idol player). The former is the product of the accumulation of capital and technology by large companies, while the latter is destined to be an unknown "hero behind" in the virtual idol world.

▲ This time, Jiale announced its dormancy

Limited by various contracts, Zhongzhiren cannot directly appear in front of the camera to interact with users, nor can he take the initiative to reveal his identity, otherwise he will face a penalty warning of one million liquidated damages and the threat of dismissal. In this case, if the people in the middle are wronged, they may really have no way to ask for help. A step forward is a cliff, and a step back is also a dangerous situation.

Fortunately, fans in the entertainment industry can check the artist's tax payment status, and can independently complete the satellite naming support. Everyone is a civilian detective, and fans of virtual idols can also be called contemporary Sherlock Holmes.

A-SOUL operation: open box, soft porn, blood sweat treaty

Everything started when A-SOUL was "opened".

The word "open box" is very materialistic.

In the world of virtual idols, a beautifully designed leather case is like a packaging, and the person in the middle is like a blind box and a Pandora's box in the packaging. Since you can only see the packaging, every blind box you open is full of unknowns, so the information of the person in the know is like opening the box once for fans, and A-SOUL has experienced such a "box opening war".

▲ All A-SOUL members have been "opened"

The reason why it is said to be a war is because the information of several people in A-SOUL has been released one after another for a period of time. It is easy to make people wonder whether it is some kind of marketing activity planned and detonated by insiders. After all, the virtual idol circle, all these It was supposed to be a secret.

  • 4.29 A-SOUL member Nie Lin was opened
  • 4.29 Someone broke the news that Jiale left the group on May 10
  • 4.30 A-SOUL member Jialezhong was opened
  • 5.01 A-SOUL member Bella was opened
  • 5.08 A-SOUL member Jiaran was opened
  • 5.11 The person who broke the news said that opening the box was an official act, in order to force Jiale to renew the contract. Last year, the A-SOUL member who opened the box to the person in the middle of the night was also an official act.

After a set of punches, the fans themselves were very angry at the poor protection of the privacy information of the people in China by the operation team. This anger reaches its peak when I find that my favorite virtual idols are not being treated well, and that the operating company behind them may replace them with AI at any time.

▲ The official exposure of the human motion capture room

A-SOUL's fans found an account that often posted A-SOUL-related topics but the text was incorrect when they flipped through the member's Tag. At that time, he thought it was a test robot and followed him out of curiosity. In the process of following this account, fans also discovered two unknown trumpets. On the homepage of one of the trumpets, fans saw a live video for testing.

In the video, A-SOUL member Nailin is no longer played by the person behind, but is played by AI, which can be heard from the voice. At that time, fans suspected that the operation was to replace the original middle man with AI to save costs, but at the same time, it was also rewarded by the live test to make the virtual idol's chest bigger, directly change clothes, turn off the lights, upward airflow, and add civet cat ears. Waiting for the "special effects" to get angry.

The person who intends to replace it is very angry, and it also uses the character to sell soft porn for profit.

▲ Screenshot of the test video that fans accidentally discovered

However, these are nothing compared to the working environment of the people in the middle.

In this "Open Box War", Jiale, which was announced to be dormant this time, was taken out of the B station account, the national K song account, and the NetEase cloud account. Among them, the content revealed by the NetEase Cloud account is the most distressing for fans – training until the early morning, often working overtime, not allowed to keep pets, thoracic spine injuries, deafness for a time, and the cold weather in the live broadcast room.

Of course, the three hundred and sixty lines have their own sufferings.

The reason why Zhongzhiren has attracted so much attention is not only because of the heartache of their fans, but also because in such a high-intensity working environment, Zhongzhiren's salary is much less than ordinary people think.

▲ Screenshot of NetEase Cloud suspected to be the person in Jiale

Behind the virtual idol: reward 138, actors get 0.6

As a Chinese virtual idol ceiling, A-SOUL is not short of money.

It has made linkages with brands such as KFC, KEEP, and L'Oreal Men, and the brands have to pay money.

Intuitively, there is also the income from live broadcasts. As early as 2021, A-SOUL captain Bella took off "the second Wanjian anchor of station B" and "the first Wanjian anchor in the virtual anchor" in the live broadcast. ”, “The highest number of captains online in the history of station B’s live broadcast”. Even if these captains only spent 138 yuan per month, they can still see the gold-absorbing ability of the A-SOUL group.

According to the prospectus of Lehua, which operates A-SOUL together with Byte, the pan-entertainment business revenue related to virtual artists was 37.87 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 79.6%, while the gross profit margin increased from 56.5% to 77.7%. The strong rise of A-SOUL is the strongest gold-sucking beast in Lehua's pan-entertainment business – it's just that the actors behind the gold-sucking beast may not be able to get so much money.

On May 10, a whistleblower who claimed to be a former internal staff member stated on the public platform that the salary of the five of them was only 7,000 before the regularization. commission. This also means that for a captain of 138 yuan, after removing the platform share, the people behind him can only get 0.6 yuan from it.

▲ A-SOUL member

Even fans have thought that most of these rewards will be given to the platform and operating companies that have invested in technology in the early stage, but this amount is indeed too small.

A-SOUL's refutation of rumors was also issued quickly, but the effect was minimal. After all, it is just marked as "the above information is false", but "the salary issue involves personal privacy and cannot be disclosed in detail" is really not convincing.

Thinking back to the fact that the five actors shared in the live broadcast some daily evidence that they are not financially well-off, fans have no doubts about the "low salary and high pressure" working environment, and believe that the platform is exploiting actors.

▲ A-SOUL official rumors

In the response of the A-SOUL production committee, it also recorded the rehearsal for some important events until one o'clock in the morning, which can be said to have verified the life of a 24-hour standby person who is more intense than 996 by refuting rumors.

It can even be said that the "dormancy" of virtual idols or the exposure of the identity of the person in the middle are just incentives. At the end of the day, fans are still fighting unequal pay for their idols.

It's an empathy.

Jiaran once had a video out of the circle. She recited a small composition written by a fan in the live broadcast. The other party recorded a day's work, boring work, and the boss who was reprimanding, reading "The family of three in the next room fell asleep, The quiet air of the suburbs flooded the house again." She choked up for a while, turned her back to the camera many times, and her emotions were once uncontrollable. This was her rare moment of breaking defense in front of the camera.

▲ Jia Ran is crying with her back to the audience. Picture from: @ton force soda 2

That is Jia Ran's empathy for the plain, boring and lonely working life of fans. Everyone is a rushing worker, working hard for something worthwhile, and feeling empty every night. The resonance of the story hit the performer behind Jia Ran, preventing her from completing the live broadcast as smoothly as usual.

The avatar of Jia Ran in the video has always had a vigorous smile and beautiful eyes that won't shed tears, but behind the scenes, Zhong Zhiren turned around and wiped away the tears that were real enough.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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