The upcoming Ideal L6 targets the “rigorous needs” of young families

Medium cup, large cup, extra large cup.

This is an enduring Internet meme that has been on the Chinese Internet for more than ten years. For these three words, we now have a new understanding:

"Medium" means small, "large" means medium, and "extra large", "Ultra" and "Max" are truly large.

No one will ever give himself a few slaps in a daze like Teacher Luo did.

As for what the small cup is? no one knows.

Ideal is obviously more friendly than Starbucks. In addition to the three medium cups, large cups and extra large cups of L7/8/9, Ideal also prepared a small cup – Ideal L6 will be officially released on April 18.

These four SUVs form an ideal "extended range universe", with four cup types for you to choose from.

New members of the extended range universe

Although there is still some time before the release, Ideal obviously does not intend to hide the L6 until the last minute.
Yes, there are no surprises. The Ideal L6 still strictly implements the family design of the Ideal L series. As the saying goes, if the L series is on the ground, can you tell me that I am 6789?

▲Picture from: Mr. Thirteen Studio

In the matryoshka-style family design, entry-level models always benefit the most. After all, you can buy a flagship appearance at an entry-level price. But on the other hand, the appearance and identity value of the flagship model will be diluted to some extent. According to this logic, as the eldest brother, the Ideal L9 is naturally the most disadvantaged one in the L series.

In addition to the appearance that does not need to be disguised, the configuration information of the ideal L6 has also been revealed.

A PPT page screen shot titled "New Ideal L6 Core Parameters Comparison Table" is circulating on the Internet, releasing almost all possible important parameters of the Ideal L6.

According to this PPT, the ideal L6 size is 4925×1960×1735mm, with a wheelbase of 2920mm. Compared with Lili L7, Lili L6 is 12.5 cm shorter in length and 8.5 cm shorter in wheelbase.

Creating a mobile home is the ideal of an ideal car, and a bigger house is always better, so even the smallest L series model, the ideal L6 is not too small.

Compared with the Tesla Model Y, the Lideal L6 is still slightly larger in size. In this PPT, the Ideal L6 and Wenjie M7 are defined as medium-to-large SUVs, while the Tesla Model Y and Mercedes-Benz GLC are classified as medium-sized SUVs.

What deserves more attention is the suspension and drive form.

Ideal officials have confirmed that the Ideal L6 will use a front double-wishbone and rear five-link suspension combination. The previously reported MacPherson suspension on the Internet is false. According to PPT, the Ideal L6 will also be equipped with a CDC continuously variable damping reducer.

PPT also shows that the Lili L6 will be equipped with dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive as standard, giving the driver more power reserve even with a large fuel tank.

Although the Lili L6 is the entry-level model in the Lili L series, the lower pricing does not seem to affect the suspension and power configuration.

If the leaked data is true, Lideal L6 will be available in two versions: L6 Pro and L6 Max. The main difference lies in the audio and auxiliary driving software and hardware configuration. The two are priced at 259,800 and 289,800 respectively.

Of course, friends who are familiar with the marketing rhythm of car companies know that the currently released prices are not very reliable. The actual pricing of the Ideal L6 will be subject to the announcement at the press conference.

Ideal L6 targets the “rigid needs” of young families

As the price gradually drops, Ideal is facing more and more rivals. Focusing on the 200,000-300,000 level, potential rivals of Ideal L6 include Model Y, Wenjie M7, Xpeng G6, and those who have chosen the BaaS battery rental service NIO ES6 and so on.

However, these apparently competing products are somewhat different from the Ideal L6 in terms of positioning.

Xpeng G6 has a sense of technology, and Ideal L6: I have family attributes;
Tesla Model Y has sales support, and Ideal L6: I have family attributes;
Weilai ES6 has a battery swap, and Ideal L6: I have family attributes.

Wenjie M7 means that I can also focus on home use. Ideal L6: I still have one more color TV.

▲Picture source: Mr. Thirteen Studio

The ideal brand attributes are enough to pave the way for L6 and lock in the core customer group.

But it’s okay if you have a family, but not if you have a family thief. Another hidden rival of the Ideal L6 is the Ideal L7, which is also family-oriented, has the same five seats, and has the same surname of "Li".

From the perspective of configuration, the core line of the Ideal L6's large color TV and large sofa has not changed. This new car can be regarded as the latest small apartment model launched by "Ideal Real Estate Company", covering the needs of two to three bedrooms.

Ideal defines the L6 as a five-seater luxury SUV built for young families. The key to this is the word young, which also means that the target audience of the Ideal L6 is young people who have just started a family.

The difference between Ideal L6 and Ideal L7, in Ideal’s eyes, is the difference between “luxury” and “flagship”. This is also the difference between the Lili L8 and the Lili L9, which are both six-seat SUVs.

In other words, this is the difference between "rigorous need" and "improvement".

Improvement means an upgrade in experience, and it is an upgrade with obvious perception. After all, no one’s money comes from the strong wind. The more you spend, the more results you will see.

This is actually a thorny issue. If models with similar positioning cannot be clearly distinguished in terms of price and configuration, they can only divide the same piece of cake.

What Ideal needs to do is to distinguish the customer groups of Ideal L6 and Ideal L7, rather than letting consumers get entangled between the two.

If the positioning and price of the Ideal L6 are not accurate enough and it cannot sink further, and it competes with the Ideal L7 for the market, there will not be much increase in sales volume and market share for Ideal.

▲Ideal L7 interior

Ideal has mentioned the needs of multi-child families from time to time in its previous marketing, but now, it’s time for Ideal to personally manage a multi-child family.

Of course, for a car company like Ideal, the step of balancing "multi-child families" must be taken sooner or later.

The construction of the main product array from 0 to 1 has been completed. The failure of MEGA also highlights the shortcomings of explosive thinking in a sense.

This is not to say that popular products are not good, of course it is best if they can sell well, but the approach of pouring everything in and dying if it fails belongs to the passionate young people who have nothing. Li Auto is now a grown man. With a fortune, starting a business has gradually turned into keeping a business. If he continues to act like a fool and act petty, it doesn't suit his character.

Maintaining a business is more difficult than starting a business. This is a milestone and the beginning of a new journey. The upcoming Ideal L6 is a new test for the long-term operation of the Ideal brand.

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