The universe is not on your side when Mercury is retrograde? McDonald’s says it can

Do you know what day is May 10th? If you do a search, it seems to be just an ordinary day in May. But this may not be the case for those who know astrology, because this day is the start of the second Mercury retrograde in 2022.

As part of astrology, the zodiac signs and their related content are now popular around the world, and many people use them to understand themselves and others, or use horoscopes as a daily code of conduct. Those who are interested in constellations will be more or less uneasy about the coming of "Mercury retrograde".

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In order to give customers a sense of comfort during Mercury retrograde, a special event has appeared in the McDonald's (overseas) app – May 10-11, when you buy medium fries, you can get a free McChicken Burger (Mai Xiang) Chicken) or McDouble Burger (this burger is not a double cheeseburger because it only has a slice of cheese).

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The promotional page also wrote: "If the universe can't be on your side, at least one free McHang Chicken can." Not only did free burgers, McDonald's also invited Madam Adam, who studies astrology, on May 10. Conducted a tarot reading.

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Anyone who pays attention to astrology must be familiar with the word "Mercury retrograde". This astrology that affects everyone is considered by many to be an inevitable "bad time". During this period, many things seem obstacles will arise.

The most unpleasant thing is that "Mercury retrograde" occurs 3-4 times a year, and each time it lasts for three or four weeks.

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In fact, in the ever-changing universe, "Mercury retrograde" is a normal astrological phenomenon. It does not mean that Mercury is really retrograde, but because of changes in the orbit and speed of Mercury and its orbit, which leads us to observe from the earth. There will be a visual change that looks like Mercury is retrograde.

Because in Western astrology, it is believed that Mercury is in charge of people's thinking, thinking and communication, and there are too many uncertain factors during the "Mercury retrograde" period, so it is easier to have problems in these areas.

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McDonald's is not the only restaurant brand that has launched astrology-related content, and this is not the first time McDonald's has launched a "Mercury retrograde" related promotion.

Mexican restaurant Del Taco previously announced that members will be able to enjoy buy-one-get-one-free chicken wraps on a limited menu during four Mercury retrogrades in 2022. Dole, an American food company, has also launched twelve salads corresponding to different constellations.

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From this point of view, "Mercury retrograde" seems to have nothing to do with McDonald's. This is just a way of promoting the restaurant brand. After all, using astrology to attract customers seems to be quite "cost-effective".

Mark Kalinowski, CEO of Kalinowski Equity Research, has mentioned that using astrology to attract customers is an easy business decision for fast food chains.

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Since astrology is popular among many young people, it means it is a way to reach younger clients. Attracting a younger customer base is the key to a chain's "longevity", and it's cheaper than paying for a spokesperson.

People like free things. In McDonald's events, you only need to operate the App to get free food. Users who participate in the event may also spend more at McDonald's over time in the future. Such a multi-pronged approach, why not do it.

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