The trailer of the domestically produced version of “Three-Body” has caused controversy. Why is it that science fiction adaptations are always easy to “roll over”?

"Science Fiction" is undoubtedly the most lacking subject type in domestic film and television dramas.

Click on Douban and screen the domestic science fiction movies, and you will find that "Thunderbolt Beibei" 33 years ago is still the top "sci-fi blockbuster", closely following the "Wandering Earth" that was hit by the fire two years ago.

Look at the domestic science fiction TV series. Excluding the "Armor Warrior Xing Tian" and "Happy Planet" and other sub-offering works, it is difficult to find a sci-fi TV series that is both popular and popular.

Chinese audiences need an excellent domestic science fiction film and television series. Compared to planning and shooting from scratch, adapting a successful science fiction novel is the fastest way to achieve this goal, but it is also the steepest—the opposite of the original party’s high expectations. Zero tolerance for blemishes.

This is why, every time news about the adaptation of the "Three-Body" film and television series comes out, it can always stir up waves on social media.

Recently, Tencent Video and Netflix have both released new news about their respective adaptations of "Three-Body". The former released a 3-minute trailer without warning, and the latter announced the cast list.

But the fans' attitudes towards the two versions are surprisingly consistent: "Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot."

What are the things to look forward to for the domestically produced "Three Body"?

As the first Asian work that won the Hugo Award for Best Novel, "Three-Body" has a special place in the hearts of Chinese science fiction fans.

They both hope that "Three-Body" can be IP-based and derive a huge film and television universe, but they are also worried that the rash film and television will lose the epic sense of the original and become the next cheesy IP filled with sugar.

After the release of the first live-action video trailer of "Three-Body", this contradictory expectation was particularly evident in the highly polarized comment area.

The biggest highlight of the Tencent version of the "Three-Body" trailer should be the announcement of the corresponding roles of the leading actors: Yu Hewei as Shi Qiang, Zhang Luyi as Wang Miao, Chen Jin and Wang Ziwen as Ye Wenjie in both old and young versions, Lin Yongjian as Chang Weisi…

The scenes selected for the trailer editing are almost all representative fragments in the novel, with the lines of famous scenes such as "Your life is an accident", "The whole universe will flash for you", and "The world belongs to three bodies", which restores the plot. The degree is still quite high.

But one thousand fans have a thousand "Three-Body" TV series in their hearts. Once the trailer was released, fans complained about the casting.

Some think that Wang Ziwen is not up to the role of Ye Wenjie, and some think that Jiang Wu is more suitable to play Shi Qiang.

At the same time, some commentators also believe that compared to the casting of Netflix's "Three-Body", the casting of Tencent's "Three-Body" is much more pleasing to the eye.

The list of 12 actors released by Netflix for the first time includes many actors who have participated in works such as "Game of Thrones" and Marvel adaptations, but only 4 of them are Asian actors, which means that most readers are familiar with roles All will be played by foreign faces.

Another thing that worries fans is the level of special effects of the Tencent version of "Three-Body". Two important pure CG scenes appeared in the trailer. The "Day" was destroyed, and many netizens complained that the CG scene was too rough after watching it, and there was a feeling of a big net.

In all fairness, from the trailer of Tencent's version of "Three-Body", it can be vaguely seen that it has a level above the level of online dramas. Fans' complaints about the trailer are more of a perfection for a beloved work. Standard requirements, while ignoring objective factors such as the cost of the film.

On the other hand, the more traditional shooting methods of Tencent's "Three-Body" also made fans feel that the "three-body" taste was a little bit less.

In 2015, a short film "Waterdrop" filmed by fans based on "Three-Body: Dark Forest" should best interpret this "three-body" taste-a simple yet obscure, high-level sense that requires repeated taste , Just like the unpretentious water droplets in the novel.

The whole story of "Waterdrop" is only 14 minutes and 43 seconds, and it took 3 years to complete. You may feel confused when you first look at it, because there is only one lens in the whole film, and the picture has been slowly zoomed in, from screws to aviation warships to After Jupiter’s sunrise, it was finally discovered that it was all the reflections on the water droplets. In conjunction with the pseudo-documentary narration interview, the calm and cruel atmosphere created was chilling.

This detailed short film has a score of 8.7 on Douban, but not everyone likes this concise and a little incomprehensible work, just as not everyone can understand Kubrick’s Blackstone.

The Tencent version of "Three Body" chose a more acceptable form of adaptation to the public, instead of pursuing the artistic conception of high music and lack of art. From the point of view of commercial communication, it is understandable.

In general, before the show begins, any behavior that relies on clues to advance "cloud reviews" is irresponsible.

Instead of entangled in the details of the casting and deducting the trailers frame by frame, to prove in advance that "Three Body" is a failed adaptation, it is better to lower the psychological expectations appropriately and wait for the start of the two dramas with a normal mind.

Why is it that the more "sci-fi masterpiece", the easier it is to overturn?

From "Base", which was launched on Apple TV+ in September, to "Dune" which was released in October, to the "Three-Body" that was announced this month, adaptations of film and television series based on science fiction seem to have become a trend. The themes of the three works are different, but they all have one thing in common: the worldview is so complete and huge that it is very difficult to adapt.

For film and television works adapted from science fiction works, they are born with the core of a good story, but they do not necessarily have the ability to tell good stories and burn affordable funds.

"Dune" is a good example.

In 1984, David Lynch directed a film adaptation of "Dune". Because he tried to fit Herbert's entire novel into a 3-hour movie, the plot was too chaotic. This film was produced at the time. The final box office and word-of-mouth of the highest-cost movie were both cold.

Dennis Villeneuve, the director of the new version of "Dune", learned the lessons of David Lynch and greatly simplified the film's storyline. The entire film was adapted from the first half of the original "Dune" (a total of six). , And put more energy on shaping the world view of "Dune".

The desert civilization of "Dune" is different from the "Hollywood template science fiction film" that is more familiar to the public. It does not have metallic artificial buildings, saturated to overflowing neon tones and flying laser weapons, but a natural sand scene of yellow sand everywhere. The unique flapping wing aircraft and the unremarkable distilling suit.

Therefore, in order for the audience to accept a brand-new world setting, the production team needs to devote more attention to details such as shooting and props. For the costumes alone, the costume design department of "Dune" has designed about 2,000 sets. Each of the important costumes in the film is tailor-made for the actors, and a total of nearly 200 pieces have been produced.

In order to let the audience feel the atmosphere of the desert more truly, many shots of "Dune" were shot in the desert of Jordan, and they tend to use natural light to simulate the natural look of the human eye, making it easier to immerse in In the movie.

From the perspective of the final film effect, Dennis Villeneuve's lens restored the majestic and mysterious desert world, which can be regarded as a successful adaptation.

The episode of the same name adapted from Asimov’s sci-fi masterpiece "The Base" is not so lucky. The score of "Base" on Douban is only 6.3 points, while the Tomato Index and Popcorn Index on Rotten Tomatoes are only 70. % And 55%.

Asimov has devoted nearly half of his life to "The Base", which constitutes an extremely complex and huge story universe. For decades, Hollywood has believed that "The Base" is almost impossible to be adapted into a film and television series, because it means a long time. Story line and massive episodes.

The drama version of "The Base" has made many changes to the original setting, making this allegorical work resemble "Game of Thrones" with a sci-fi coat, making the film and television more smoothly.

However, this "trade-off" has angered many fans who are loyal to the original setting. The "self-righteous" changes made by the spit crew ruined the IP of "Base", even though the costumes, props and visual effects of the crew have reached the very best in Hollywood. Level.

At present, "Base" still has a contract with Apple TV+ for a sequel, but the voice that fans expect from the first season has been much smaller.

Adapting a huge science fiction masterpiece into a film and television drama with a cost in seconds is a huge challenge for the screenwriter and director.

How to choose between complicated story lines? How to express the artistic conception of words piled up with the lens? How to shoot unlimited fantasy at a limited cost? If these issues are handled carelessly, the screenplay will overturn and be spurned by fans.

Therefore, the lack of science fiction adaptations has never been "Liu Cixin" and "Arthur Clark", but the next "Kubrick".

Stop talking nonsense.

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