The thinnest laptop camera module released, the face on the screen is finally clear

At CES 2022 this month, everyone is sparing no effort to "show muscles", and a variety of powerful chips and new notebook products are even more exciting. However, with the continuous iteration of chips, screens, and even keyboards and trackpads, the camera module of notebooks seems to have stopped many years ago.

Nowadays, many people are accustomed to the rich and powerful functions of mobile phone cameras, but many laptop cameras are even only 1 million pixels, and the picture that appears on the computer screen through such a lens will naturally not be so clear.

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Not long ago, Immervision, a vision system development company, launched an 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens and sensor combination. This new module combination is only 3.8 mm thick, which should be the thinnest notebook camera module in the world today.

With Immervision's patented technology in the field of vision technology, this module can achieve higher image clarity and provide a high-quality solution for higher resolution, wider field of view and more advanced distortion control.

According to Patrice Roulet Fontani, Immervision co-founder and vice president of technology, the company has been able to maximize field of view and image quality within a few millimeters of space in modern devices by working with OEMs, and this camera module can Combined with Immervision's wide-angle distortion correction dewarping algorithm, plus face and body protection algorithms, it can bring a new, fresh video calling experience like never before.

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In the years when notebook computers have been continuously updated and iterated, the performance of the camera is somewhat "incompatible" with other devices. It is not that notebook computer manufacturers have ignored this function, but that they have no choice but to make a choice when building products.

As a productivity tool, in addition to having powerful functions, notebooks are also pursuing lightness and portability. One of the reasons for choosing low-pixel cameras is that users’ needs in this regard are not so urgent. For many people, the main function of the camera on the laptop is the limited number of video calls, and if a higher quality picture is required, an external device is usually chosen.

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In addition to the needs of users, the thickness of the camera module is also an "obstacle" that cannot be ignored. If you want the camera to have higher performance, it usually means a larger volume, but a thin enough notebook A-side and a good enough camera can't always have both.

However, the changes in people's office and lifestyle in recent years mean that the camera of the laptop has more "useful places", which means that the manufacturer's previous configuration plan must be changed. With Immervision's ultra-thin notebook camera modules, high-quality picture and thinness can be achieved.

Of course, it is always difficult to synchronize the new product cycle of notebook computers with changes in user needs and updates of solutions in time, but presumably in the near future, people will be able to see themselves more clearly on the screen through the notebook camera.

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