The thing that the anchors are most afraid of is that the eldest brother on the list is underage

Receiving a reward on the live broadcast is a good thing to ask for, but if the big brother with deep pockets is a minor, it is the beginning of a nightmare.

This incident has frequently happened to the virtual anchor of station B recently.

From the afternoon to the evening of June 28, at least 60 anchors received refund notices for minors, with the amount ranging from a few cents to hundreds of thousands , with a total amount of nearly one million. The big brother of more than a dozen anchors is suspected to be the same person. .

The big brother on the list claimed to be a "programmer in his thirties with a decent income". He watched the live broadcast just for fun, but a few months after he gave the reward, he killed the anchors once and returned to the carbine as a minor.

After being refunded after a few months, the anchor's disaster

In May of this year, the Cyberspace Administration of China and other four departments jointly issued the "Opinions on Regulating Online Live Rewards and Strengthening the Protection of Minors" , which mentioned:

Strictly implement the requirements of the real-name system, and prohibit the provision of various reward services for minors. In the case of minors who fraudulently use adult accounts to reward, refunds must be processed according to regulations.

Therefore, it is reasonable, reasonable and legal for the guardian to request a refund for a minor live broadcast reward.

And the reason why the anchors complained about this was because it was an "unintelligible disaster".

After the anchor receives the reward, the money is divided between Station B and the anchor, theoretically 50% each. If you tip through iOS, the account is 70%, and the host and the platform each have 35%.

However, the anchor will not accept all the rewards. In order to give back to the fans, they often give gifts to fans who have boarded the ship through the "Great Voyage" reward channel, or even return cash directly. If they are asked to return the reward, these expenses will be Floated.

▲ Picture from: Station B anchor @Orihara Lulu

This time, the anchor of station B, who was refunded by an underage, @ silent gugu _Morh , shared her "victimization experience".

In February of this year, the refunder spent more than 5,400 yuan and became her first "admiral". Later, she did not give any more rewards, but only occasionally entered the live broadcast room. In the absence of communication with each other, @Mogugu_Morh received a refund request of more than 2,700 yuan a few days ago.

But at the beginning, there were not so many at the time of @omogugu_Morh. Because of taxation and other reasons, the actual credit was only more than 1,300 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the anchor was deducted the equivalent of "golden hamster" instead of cash.

Golden melon seeds and golden hamsters are both live broadcast currencies of station B , which are actually equivalent. The anchor can obtain golden hamsters through the props that the audience feeds with pumpkin seeds. The audience gives 1000 golden seeds, and the anchor gets 500 golden hamsters from it. That is to say, golden hamsters can only be obtained through live broadcast gifts, and station B takes half of the income.

Station B told Ai Faner that he could understand the mood of the anchor, but the underage reward is a red line for supervision, not only Station B does this. Their refund measure is to refund as much as the anchor actually gets.

As many golden hamsters are withdrawn, the number of golden hamsters will be deducted. We can't deduct the anchor's money, we can only deduct the golden hamster to 0. The anchor will continue to live broadcast, and will deduct from the golden hamster of the live broadcast income again. The anchor chooses to cancel the account, and the rest of the money is paid by station B. Because the refund itself is a full refund from Station B, and the fee drawn by the platform is also paid by Station B.

For example, if you need to refund 100,000 rewards from the iOS channel, the original anchor and B station each received 35,000, the anchor needs to refund 35,000, and the remaining 65,000 will be refunded by B station, and the anchor does not need to bear the platform fee.

▲ Part of the list of refunded anchors.

At the end of April this year, the anchor of station B @ Ruan Ruan Xiao Mao encountered a similar situation. Her governor "Phantom Magic" applied for a refund of more than 50,000 yuan for minors, but this consumption was rewarded in February.

From the reward to the refund, the interval of several months in the middle also made the anchor feel miserable.

For anchors, the costs of customizing avatars, maintaining live broadcast equipment, and sending gifts to fans are only a lot more. Even when they are asked for a refund, they can’t even get the money. A single sum of money may lead to a break in the capital chain.

▲ The anchor of station B @ butterfly too.

Different months also face different tax situations.

The anchor of station B @Orihara Lulu is also one of the "victims". She pointed out in the video that the taxation of virtual anchors is a ladder system, which is related to the monthly turnover. If the monthly turnover of the reward is relatively high, it means that more tax will be deducted, and more tax will be added when refunding.

After the video was released, some netizens sent a private letter to @來原Lulu, the state will clear the tax from March to May every year, and the overpaid tax can be refunded, but there are different opinions on how to do it.

▲ It may not be the first time that a gang has committed a crime.

Because dozens of anchors were recruited one after another this time, some netizens speculated that it was "gang crime" and "cyber fairy dance".

One of the possibilities is that the refunder is looking at the captain's gift from the anchor, first boarding the ship to get the gift, then refunding the underage, and finally putting the gift on Xianyu to earn a fortune.

There are refunds every year, and there are many loopholes

As early as August 2020, the refund incident of station B user and well-known krypton guy @zhukovguigui caused a bloody storm.

In 2 years, he swiped 1.6 million gift money in the live broadcast rooms of many anchors, and even borrowed money from the anchors, promising to pay them back with gifts in the future, and then ran away as a minor. a result.

The situation these anchors encounter now is not fundamentally different from the original one.

In this minor refund incident, the core dispute is still "platform responsibility". Since station B has taken half of the reward from the reward, it should assume the management responsibility, but from recharge to refund, there are many loopholes in each link.

▲ Comments on Zhukov's ghost incident. Picture from: Station B @AlexiaEvy

First of all, how exactly do minors complete the reward?

Station B stipulates that users in the youth mode or underage users who have real-name authentication cannot give rewards, but neither the youth mode nor real-name authentication is mandatory.

There are generally two situations. If the reward is successful with the real-name account of the minor, it means that the B station does not restrict the recharge of minors; if the account is registered with the parent's information or the reward is given with the parent's mobile phone, then the guardian also has certain responsibilities.

Secondly, how did the platform confirm that it was a minor who was rewarding at that time?

In this regard, the robot customer service of station B responded very vaguely, only saying that "strict process review and judgment according to relevant regulations".

In terms of verifying information, the anchors are helpless. They can't tell whether the eldest brother on the list is underage or not. They can only ask themselves and keep the recordings, screenshots and other evidence, but these are of no use.

The anchor of station B, @dietai, asked about the user's situation because of the high consumption of the eldest brother on the list. He claimed to be a programmer in his 30s and opened a studio with considerable income. Watching the live broadcast is just for fun.

But in the final refund information, the "big brother" was a minor.

An anchor who was refunded in April once took a screenshot of the chat to find a customer service complaint. The answer was that the official had passed the relevant certificate of the refunder and determined that the other party was a minor, but the proof material could not be disclosed due to privacy protection.

Whether the "big brother" is an adult or not, there is a lot of fog under the poor information.

Finally, if the refund is made by an adult disguised as a minor, how can the anchor defend their rights?

▲ Picture from: B station anchor @soft soft kitty

The suggestion that the anchor of station B @ Ruan Ruan Xiaomao received from the staff at station B was to call the police, "It involves fraud, but the identity of the other party is not clear. You can contact the platform through the police, and the platform will provide relevant information."

Then again, if it is indeed a minor, there is no answer for the time being as to how the anchors will recover the excess losses, and whether the platform can provide channels for rights protection.

There is no absolutely useful way

Among the 425 million online live broadcast users, 45.2% of young people watch live broadcasts .

In the past, live broadcast rewards were often accompanied by news of parents’ hard-earned money or even life-saving money, and bystanders were also shocked when they saw it.

Today, various platforms have restrictions on rewards for minors, but they are not complete.

▲ Picture from: Kuaishou

One is to "nip the problem in the bud".

In Douyu's youth mode, minors cannot give rewards , but it is not difficult to remove the secondary password of the youth mode. It only requires an adult's ID number and face recognition, and does not "lock" an adult .

Compared with the use of "real-name verification + face recognition + manual review" to restrict minors from being broadcasters, Douyu's method of restricting rewards is not so vigorous.

Tencent Games has expanded the application of face recognition on the basis of restricting real-name minors. “Suspected minor accounts” require face recognition verification when logging in and paying.

So, how to identify "suspected minor accounts"?

Tencent Games will use AI machine learning and other technical means to determine the identity of users based on their in-game behavioral characteristics. If the user refuses face verification, the health system will treat it as a minor. If the real-name information is over 60 years old, it will also be closely watched.

One type is "I'll let you know when the problem arises".

When Douyin Live detects that a tipping account is suspected to be a minor, it will require the account to undergo real-name authentication. If it is confirmed to be a minor, the consumption will be blocked.

When a teenager uses a parent's account for consumption, the parent can contact customer service, just click "Minor Refund" in the Douyin app , submit a certificate of guardianship with the child, and get a full refund after the system has passed the review. .

The simplicity of the process has led many adults to try to pretend to be minors for refunds. In the past 11 months, more than 63.5% of Douyin's minor consumption refund applications have been confirmed to be false.

But more commonly, there is a mess around "difficulty in producing evidence".

The 2020 "Investigation Report on Minors' Game Recharge and Live Rewards" shows that, in addition to ID cards, household registration books, birth certificates, account numbers and other evidence, there are also game companies requesting to provide surveillance videos of minors when they recharge.

Surveillance video is certainly convincing, after all, it is rare.

Tencent Games adopts technical means, and there are corresponding judgment procedures in the background . Based on the information provided by users and background data, comparative judgment and big data analysis are carried out to draw a conclusion whether it is a minor recharge.

This is also not absolutely comprehensive. In a refund incident in March this year , a minor recharged more than 10,000 yuan in Tencent Games for three years, and the record was deleted after the recharge. Tencent said that the applicant could not provide direct evidence to prove that the relevant consumption did not obtain parental consent, and finally returned 9,700 yuan based on "trust and care".

In short, there is no absolutely useful way, more or less loopholes need to be filled.

Regulating minors' live broadcast rewards is actually a guarantee of minors' rights and interests online. It not only catches adults who fish in troubled waters, but also realizes the "impossible triangle" between platforms, anchors, minors and parents——

The platform regulates real-name authentication and face recognition, and voluntarily gives up some profit-seeking possibilities; anchors rely on live broadcasts to get rewards and are protected by labor laws, but they cannot deliberately guide underage consumption; parents give appropriate supervision and guidance.

Just like the anchor who was heavily in debt overnight, he issued a unanimous cry to minors:

Really don't give any more!

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