The takeaway died suddenly, and the insurance only compensated 30,000, because if you are hungry, you have to charge a “service fee” to buy insurance

43 years old, ran more than 80 orders on New Year's Day, and said happily that he could earn 10,000 yuan this month. This is an takeaway. He is also working hard to deliver food in the early morning, earning hard money.

43 years old, unfortunately passed away on the way to work. After his death, he was fined for failing to complete 4 orders. The platform said that he had no labor relationship with him, but was willing to give 2,000 yuan in humanitarian compensation. This is also an takeaway, a crowdsourced takeaway.

The 43-year-old takeaway died suddenly, and the 3 yuan insurance he paid was 1.94 yuan as a platform service fee

The deliveryman was beaten to death by a security guard while delivering the meal in the early hours of the morning. "Why is it hard to beat a worker?" was the original comment of this news. At first, everyone's discussion focused on the two parties in the dispute, condemning the security's actions and lamenting the passing of a life.

However, with the voice of the wife of the deceased takeaway, everyone's concern turned to anger at the platform, because the platform staff told the truth. The staff of said that the deceased delivery staff did not have any labor relationship with the platform and could only give 2,000 yuan humanitarian compensation.

Any natural person can register to use the "Hummingbird Crowdsourcing" app. When registering, the platform will have related prompts. If you cannot accept it, you can choose not to register again. If you accept it, it means that you agree with the platform's related agreements.

▲ Hummingbird crowdsourcing user agreement.

The crowdsourcing model refers to a model in which a company or organization outsources work tasks performed by employees in the past to non-specific and usually large mass networks in a free and voluntary manner. In this model, the platform has no employees, because they do not need to directly sign labor contracts with employees to allow these takeaways to provide services through commissions.

Many riders and drivers in our common travel and food delivery industries are not employees of the platform. They only earn commissions. So the staff on the platform really said the "truth", but the truth is a bit unacceptable. Some netizens asked angrily under the news that responded: "In your opinion, a life is only worth 2000?"

As of 17:00 on January 8, did not respond to the outside world.

▲ Picture from: China Knowledge

Netizens found more details from news reports. Since there is no employment relationship between the rider and the platform, the commercial insurance that the rider pays 3 yuan a day becomes the only guarantee for the rider, and the rider's wife has indeed received 30,000 yuan from the insurance platform.

However, insurance industry practitioners @ ​大财子 feel that something is wrong . His knowledge reserve tells him that three yuan a day is an accident insurance of one thousand yuan a year. Sudden death insurance should not be only 3W. He tried to get more insurance related information on the app, and found that the 3 yuan that the rider gave to the insurance every day was not just insurance premiums, but also included service fees.

▲ The platform is very "honest", telling the rider that this is a service fee

In order to know the exact amount of insurance premiums, @畅大财子 got the exact policy information from the platform and found that the insurance only costs 1.06 yuan per day, and the remaining 1.94 yuan is the service fee collected by the platform. If you charge 1.94 yuan a day, the platform can earn another 708.1 yuan service fee from the year-round rider insurance premium for a year.

▲ The insurance policy shows that the premium is 1.06 yuan. The picture comes from: Knowing @陌大财子

Takeaway rider, this job may not have real "insurance"

If there is no employee employment relationship, the willingness to give 2,000 yuan compensation is considered "the money is less, but the facts". Earning employee insurance service fees will make netizens start reciting Marx’s famous sayings in Capital in the comment area. . Netizens are angry that they are hungry. They even earn two-thirds of the insurance money for the rider.

In September last year, the insurance media "Dora of Boring" pointed out in "Insurance for Takeaway Riders "Buy" Is Very Expensive "," that the insurance premium of 3 yuan for the rider does not match the protection received by the rider. The 20,000 property losses obtained by the 43-year-old takeaway are part of the third party’s liability in the insurance.

▲ At that time, the author did not know the real price of the policy was 1.06 yuan. Picture from: Boring Dora

But as long as you open Alipay and browse the insurance interface at will, you will find that the insurance with higher coverage is nearly 400 yuan cheaper than the rider's insurance. And, as a platform that allows millions of people to buy insurance at the same time, has no doubt about its bargaining power. At the time, the author expressed doubts:

The price is so much higher, it should not be.

The products (insurance) on the market can still hold down the price. The insurance on the platform is of an employee benefit nature. Insuring your own employees and part-time employees will not make money, right?

▲ Picture from: Blue Whale Finance

But it turns out that the insurance that bought for the rider really makes money. If can earn 1.94 yuan in service fees from outsourced riders a day, the rider’s 300 days of work will make earn 582 yuan. Even if only 1 million riders pay the money, you can lie down if you are hungry. Earn 582 million yuan. Are you hungry? This behavior can be said to be eating the rider's "blood and sweat steamed buns" when there is no accident, and it can be regarded as eating "human blood buns" when something like this happens.

For the group of takeaway riders, their high-risk work lacks some strong guarantees, even if the riders sign labor contracts with the platform, the guarantees are not that strong. This is not just a platform issue.

In the much-watched article " Takeaway Riders, Stuck in the System ", we saw an example where the insurance for riders did not really work. Special riders with a basic salary are recruited by franchisees, and the welfare guarantee is relatively stable. However, this special rider paid 106 yuan in insurance premiums every month, but was deleted by the system because of an ankle fracture that did not reach the job rate. Due to the deletion of the account number by the system, the rider could not even find his insurance payment record, nor could he approach the insurance company to settle claims, and was directly kicked out of the group when communicating with the platform in the site group.

This is also a more stable experience of sending riders. Investigation reports showed that a large number of riders were unable to obtain claims smoothly after encountering a traffic accident. When riders want to obtain their own legal rights, almost all of the takeaway platforms can quietly exit and hand over disputes to the riders and insurance companies to resolve themselves. This ingenious transfer of their own responsibilities allows them to avoid more trouble.

Riders thought they would become company employees by wearing yellow and blue clothing. But the company told them that you are not our employee and we have no employment relationship. Riders think that they can get a guarantee of stability after paying insurance, but the company tells them that there is more money in it for service fees. If something really happens, you need to go to the insurance company yourself.

For foreign riders, from the moment they put on platform clothing to deliver food to make a living, they took more risks, and the insurance that the platform promised them was far from a real guarantee.

Can big companies that want a positive image do what they say?

In the process of searching for information, we once saw a lot of’s rider insurance press releases, including the old article "Focus on rider safety,’s proposal for insurance to become standard for distribution companies" and "Merchant self-delivery brother also has insurance. !’s delivery insurance achieves no dead ends coverage for all employees" "250,000 takeaway riders join Huhubao spontaneously, and bears the first month’s share of the cost."

In the article, set up the position of "Hummingbird Delivery Supervisor", issued a proposal to the entire industry, and also paid a few yuan in the first month for the riders who joined Xiang Hu Bao, all for the purpose of shaping the public. Healthy social image. But those news have not mentioned many practical issues, such as the platform and the rider have no employment relationship, the platform may earn rider service fees, the platform may not be involved in the rider insurance claims process and so on.

There is no shortage of companies that respond quickly in this world. When the article "Takeaway Riders, Stuck in the System" caused a sensation, and Meituan could actively respond to outside questions and accusations; when an employee died suddenly in 1998, employees of outsourcing companies rushed to the front line to explain to the company; When referring to a travel review website as "a ghost town composed of zombies and naval forces," the platform can issue a statement accusing the informant of distorting the facts, indicating that it will use legal means to protect its own rights and interests.

The public relations of large companies responded quickly and sincerely, and the statements issued were in line with the "Golden 24 Hours Principle" of public relations. But behind these meticulous responses, statements, and proposals, how many really made corresponding rectifications, really concerned about the rights of employees, and were willing to modify service data?

The best public relations is never the response after the incident, but the ability to ensure the safety of the riders and allow employees to have enough rest time, a platform where users create real content spontaneously.

If we can wait for to give specific instructions on the 3 yuan insurance premium, we also hope that we can wait for the specific implementation and implementation of measures such as the safety of takeaway riders.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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