The strongest Surface is here, Microsoft releases many new products such as Surface Laptop Studio

Without the Surface Book 4, the Surface Laptop Studio is ushered in.

At last night's Microsoft Surface New Product Launch Conference, Microsoft released a variety of new products including the new Surface Laptop Studio: Surface Pro 8, facelifted Surface Pro X, Surface Go 3, Surface Duo 2; and several new accessories.

After many years, Microsoft has finally experimented with a new computer form on the Surface. You can guess from the name. The Surface Laptop Studio is a bit strong and a bit mashup. After all, Microsoft has previously produced Surface Laptop and Surface Studio.

Surface Laptop Studio

Previously, many media speculated that the spy photos of Surface Laptop Studio were Surface Book 4, but in fact the new computer inherited the power of the Surface Book series, but did not inherit the name. After all, it has changed a lot.

There are three forms of Surface Laptop Studio, namely: notebook mode, entertainment mode and studio mode. This is also the origin of the mashup of Laptop and Studio.

▲ Three modes of Surface Laptop Studio

As a hinge master, Microsoft has made a new dynamic woven hinge this time, which allows the new computer to switch between three modes. The notebook mode is just as you think, it looks like a notebook, unremarkable.

Then there is the entertainment mode. In this state, the notebook screen can be half-turned to cover the keyboard area, which is suitable for scenes such as handle games, customer display and screen expansion. Then, if you interact, you can use the stylus, touch screen and touchpad to lighten it. Degree of interactive operation.

The third mode is the studio mode. After turning the screen completely over and covering the C surface, we get a large tablet or a small Surface Studio. In this mode, the Surface Laptop Studio is most useful for creativity. For painting and design work, the stylus is the best interactive tool.

▲ Surface Laptop Studio

It seems that Surface Laptop Studio attracts the original Surface Book and Surface Studio users, who either have a little requirement for performance or creative creation. So Microsoft also said that the target audience of this device is developers, creative professionals, light gamers and designers.

I just talked about the stylus several times. This time Microsoft has also updated an ultra-thin stylus 2nd generation. The shape is similar to that of the previous Surface Pro X, which is more convenient to store. This time, the Surface Laptop Studio is in front of the keyboard. There is also a special storage pen slot, which is much safer and more reliable than the previous external magnetic suction.

A bigger advancement is that the Surface Ultra Slim Stylus 2 can take advantage of the new features of Windows 11 and the custom Microsoft G6 processor built in Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio to provide tactile signals to create a pen writing on paper. feel. This is because the built-in tactile engine in the Surface Ultrathin Stylus 2 can be activated when writing and drawing, simulating a real and natural touch.

Surface Laptop Studio screen size is 14.4 inches, resolution 2400×1600, supports Dolby Vision, refresh rate 120Hz; equipped with 11th generation Intel Core H35 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti laptop graphics card (optional configuration). The memory can be 16GB and 32GB, and the hard disk capacity is 256GB-2TB. Depending on the configuration, its weight is slightly different, the lightest is 1743 grams, the heaviest is 1820 grams, and the theoretical battery life can reach 19 hours.

Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8 finally changed the design style it had always been, and then turned to use the design language of the previous generation Surface Pro X, and then the Surface Pro X changed little, so at a glance, there is not much difference between the two.

But at any rate, the narrow border is used, which is gratifying.

▲ Surface Pro 8

This time Microsoft finally cancelled the USB Type-A interface on the Surface Pro 8, and replaced it with two Thunderbolt 4 interfaces, and also equipped with an 11-generation Core processor. Microsoft said that Surface Pro 8 has passed the Intel EVO platform certification, the processing speed is twice the previous generation, and then the battery life is still maintained at 16 hours.

Because of the larger size, the Surface Pro 8 is also heavier than the previous generation, reaching 891 grams (without keyboard).

In order to cope with this era of video conferencing, Microsoft has greatly upgraded the audio and video experience of Surface Pro 8. The screen size has been slightly increased to 13 inches. The more important improvement is that the screen refresh rate has come to 120Hz, supports Dolby Vision, and cooperates with the new touch. The pen experience is better. At the same time support Dolby Atmos speakers, and matrix-type far-field dual microphones can ensure better remote conference effects.

In general, the update rate of this generation of Surface Pro 8 is quite large. In addition to the conventional processor upgrade, the appearance and screen have also been upgraded. Surface Pro 5 nail users can consider it.

Surface Go 3

As an introductory representative of Surface, although the performance is not good, but it is lightweight, or full-featured Windows, which is an artifact for the light office crowd. Of course, the target users of Surface Laptop Studio may not appreciate it.

▲ Surface Go 3

Surface Go 3 is equipped with up to the Intel Core i3 processor, and also provides an optional 4G LTE enhanced version that supports stylus.

A very rare and conscientious update is that the camera of Surface Go 3 supports Windows Hello face recognition to unlock.

Surface Duo 2

Compared to the folding screen phones of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 is strictly a folding phone because its screen is not integrated. But this phone has no plans to go to the mass market. Now that Windows 11 supports the installation of Android applications, it is not news that Microsoft continues to make Android phones.

▲ Surface Duo 2

In terms of configuration, Surface Duo 2 finally reached the current mainstream level, with two 5.8-inch screens (expanded to 8.3 inches), Snapdragon 888 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a weight of 284 grams.

The three-camera configuration is as follows: the main camera is 12 million pixels and the aperture is f/1.7; the telephoto is 12 million pixels and the aperture is f/2.4, both of which support optical image stabilization, and the other ultra-wide-angle is 16 million pixels and the aperture is f/2.2.

other devices

▲ Surface Pro X facelift

Surface Pro X received a small update at this conference. Teams, Office, Photoshop and Lightroom have been optimized for the ARM platform version of Windows 11, and Microsoft has also launched a lower threshold WiFi version of the facelift Surface Pro X.

In order to support the public welfare, Microsoft has also done two things. The first is to launch an environmentally friendly mouse. The body is made of high-quality resin made of 20% recyclable marine plastic.

The second is the introduction of kits designed for the disabled. These kits include keycap labels, bump labels, port indicators, and device openers. With these small accessories, it will be more convenient to find, open and use devices.

Compared with the low-key Microsoft Surface product launches in recent years, the new Microsoft Surface products this year are obviously more interesting. The new Surface Laptop Studio is a device worth playing with. The upgrade of Surface Pro 8 is also sincere. The ultra-thin stylus 2 crosses. With Microsoft's equipment, it provides better storage and interaction. It is not difficult to guess that at the time when Windows 11 is about to be officially launched, Microsoft will also have to take out some hardware to tell partners how to make Windows hardware.

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