The strongest Spring Festival file is here! This super-comprehensive movie guide helps you clear mines in advance

When the "little blue man" on Pandora couldn't save the market, theater managers could only focus on the festive and lively Spring Festival stalls with tears in their eyes.

After all, that is an important box office-oriented schedule for the whole year, and the Spring Festival in 2022 even accounts for 20.1% of the box office. Whether this year's film market can make a lot of money and get a double harvest at the word-of-mouth box office, the Spring Festival stalls in the first year can often "make a sample".

In the past, the Spring Festival file was a good time for "bad movies" who wanted to make a lot of money. Although the Internet era can quickly collapse word of mouth in less than a day, every penny "cheat" went to the pocket.

▲ Some films from this year’s Spring Festival file

This year's movies to be screened seem to be more sincere, perhaps because of the difficult environment before, the film studios have learned to cherish, this year's Spring Festival sports, comedy, science fiction, drama, animation drama movies are all caught up, and the genre distribution is balanced. At the same time, the quality of the production team and released materials is not low, and it can be called the "strongest Spring Festival file" in the past three years.

But not everyone will live in a movie theater during the Spring Festival. If you just want to watch 1-2 movies, then this Spring Festival preview is very suitable for you.


Among the 7 movies in the Spring Festival file, "No Name" is the movie that Douban wants to watch the most.

From the perspective of traffic alone, the existence of Wang Yibo may make people question the quality of the film, wondering if it is a fan-made film, but the existence of Tony Leung, Zhou Xun, and Cheng Er gives people a little more confidence.

The first two actors do not need to be introduced, but once the "Romantic Disappearance History" directed by Cheng Er is reported, the cast and crew can get a lot of basic box office. Therefore, "No Name" also has a place in Douban's most anticipated film and television in 2023.

The content of the trailer is not bad. The combination of the traditional spy war theme and the anti-Japanese war story is relatively unsuitable for the Spring Festival, but the language of the camera and the eye scenes of the old actors make people feel "right". In the pre-sale box office, "No Name" has been leading for a long time, and it was surpassed by "Man Jianghong" in the later period.

It's just that audiences have watched a lot of bad movies made by the combination of young traffic + veteran movie stars, and the phenomenon that only one actor is doing the promotion during the promotion period also makes many people skeptical about this movie. The box office of this lineup is guaranteed, but whether it can get good reviews and whether it can explode at the box office is a question that has to wait for the release to answer.

  • Uncertainty:
  • Recommended audience: Literary film lovers, drama lovers, actor fans
  • Movie ticket selling points: Cheng Er’s new work after six years, you can watch Tony Leung and Wang Yibo fight each other
  • Potential points of dissuasion: The subject matter is relatively unsuitable for the Chinese New Year atmosphere, and the acting skills of popular actors are displayed

deep sea

As a cartoon, the deep sea is very special. It also has the foundation of the previous work, the production team of "Journey to the West: The Great Sage Returns", and the trailer in "Jiang Ziya", all of which have laid the foundation for "Deep Sea" to become the second most wanted to watch Spring Festival movie on Douban. In the window of the rise of Guoman, this is the rarest domestic animation, and some people even joked:

The best part of "Jiang Ziya": Deep Sea Trailer

This is the only Spring Festival movie that was screened in advance, and to some extent it also shows the film's confidence in the quality of the film.

And the overwhelming reputation of Dianying has pushed up everyone's expectations. Some fans are already calling for not to exaggerate too much and to raise expectations. Some industry sources even said that the producer decided to let director Tian Xiaopeng direct "Three-Body Problem" (not the art version) after watching "Deep Sea".

At present, only a small number of viewers have given negative reviews to "Deep Sea", and some have praised the core of the story-this is generally the place where domestic animation films are more criticized.

The one-sided praise and the trending search of #看哭李雪琴# also made the editorial department a little flustered, so we also sent two people at a high price to watch the screening. Although the two people had different views on the ending of the film, they both gave "made in China." The light of animation is more shocking than "Avatar 2". One of the viewers thought that the rating of this movie would be two levels, and the other gave a suggestion:

Before watching the movie, you should adjust your expectations appropriately. This is not a cool movie or a pure comedy, but it is a domestic animation movie that will bring surprises in the picture and plot.

  • Uncertainty:
  • Recommended crowd: Adult animation viewers, fans who have requirements for the plot
  • Movie ticket selling point: Word of mouth is overwhelming, the only adult-oriented animation movie that can be selected
  • Potential dissuasion point: The story is more depressing and not suitable for family reunion, children are likely to watch it (the viewing environment is unstable)


Zhang Yimou's works in recent years have been well-received. The only thing that makes people complain is his dedication to some actors.

Fortunately, Man Jianghong did not have this problem. The combination of Zhang Yi and Lei Jiayin reassured many audiences. The young actor Yi Yangqianxi also received mostly positive comments. The only thing that makes people question is whether comedians acting in real dramas (some people doubt that this is a comedy) will make people appear in the drama. The joining of Shen Teng and Yue Yunpeng made many people frown.

This is also a film with a strong cast. The comedy in the trailer and the suspenseful elements of this film give this film an advantage that other films do not have. At least in terms of themes, costumes, comedies, and suspense have already included most of the moviegoers. The nationality of the cast is also very promising. The only question is whether the movie can tell a good story.

Just the longest film length of 159 minutes may also affect the theater schedule. Fortunately, fans of Yi Yang Qianxi will make a move. As of press time, "Manjianghong" is already the number one movie in the Spring Festival pre-sale.

  • Uncertainty:
  • Recommended audience: Suspense movie lovers, comedy lovers, costume movie lovers, drama lovers, actors and directors fans
  • Movie ticket selling points: the fusion of different types of dramas, the cast lineup is exciting
  • Potential Discouragement Point: The length of the film is too long

Wandering Earth 2

The box office of the second movie in the series is generally not too bad, but the word of mouth may not be too good.

When "The Wandering Earth" was first released, it hit the 5 billion box office as a dark horse. At that time, people didn't have much expectations for science fiction themes, but today "The Wandering Earth 2" is facing a different situation.

Everyone's requirements for sci-fi have increased, but in recent years there have been no high-quality sci-fi works. In other words, "The Wandering Earth 2" by the original cast may be the best sci-fi movie currently produced in China.

With the blessing of the previous work, coupled with the combination of Andy Lau and Wu Jing, "The Wandering Earth 2" is hard to beat at the box office. Although "The Wandering Earth 2" on Douban only ranks fourth in the number of people who want to watch it, it is well-deserved first in Maoyan and Taopiaopiao, which have a wider audience. Without the blessing of traffic stars, it can still sit firmly on the third place in the pre-sale of the Spring Festival stalls. Everything proves the basic disk of the movie.

"The Wandering Earth 2" will not lose money, but if the quality cannot surpass the previous work, it will be difficult to continue the box office miracle of the year. The visuals and cast are better, but it still depends on whether it can improve a little bit from the first one and tell a better story.

  • Uncertainty:
  • Recommended audience: blockbuster movie lovers, sci-fi fans, fans of previous works
  • Movie ticket selling points: the blessing of the previous film, the cast lineup, the only sci-fi seedling, and many big scenes
  • Potential Discouragement Point: The Law of Sequel Bad Movies

exchange life

The most "dark horse" movie in the Spring Festival of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The combination of comedy, love, and family is very suitable for the family carnival audience during the Spring Festival, and comedy is also a movie that can always break through the siege during the Spring Festival. Among the many sci-fi and suspenseful plots, the joy of exchanging life is very obvious. Throughout the year, there must be many viewers who just want to have fun and don't want to find new things.

Director Su Lun has made the blockbuster "Cohabitation in Time and Space", and the cast of Lei Jiayin and Zhang Xiaofei is at least difficult to hold back. Although the theme of "Exchanging Lives" has been filmed a lot, there are not many domestic ones. Comedies with both novelty and humor are indeed prone to surprises.

  • Uncertainty:
  • Recommended crowd: Romance movie lovers, comedy movie lovers, family carnival viewers
  • Movie Ticket Selling Points: Comedy, Family, Family Fun
  • Potential Discouragement Point: This may not be a high-level comedy

bear haunt

Even if all the movies in the Spring Festival file are overturned, "Bear Infested" will not overturn.

Who doesn't have a child? Even a determined DINK may need to take his nephew and nephew to the cinema to complete the annual check-in.

  • Uncertainty: ✨
  • Recommended crowd: elders with children at home
  • Movie ticket selling point: Children like it very much
  • Potential persuasion points: adults may not like it

The Jedi counterattack of Chinese table tennis

Among all the Spring Festival movies, this is the most street-like movie.

The title of the film seems to have no other confidence; Deng Chao and Yu Baimei's Nth cooperation also makes people feel guilty; and when the Spring Festival files are all released on the 22nd, only "Chinese Ping Pong: The Jedi Counterattack" was selected on the 24th. , it's hard not to make people suspect that they want to make a time difference and avoid the edge.

  • Uncertainty:
  • Recommended crowd: Deng Chao fans, sports movie lovers
  • Movie ticket selling point: the only sports movie in the Spring Festival
  • Potential persuasion point: the shadow of the previous cast combination

Compared with the previous three years, the colors of this year's Spring Festival stalls are obviously richer and more attentive, at least it won't make people lose interest in going to the cinema. No matter which genre you like, you might as well walk into the cinema with your family and friends during the Spring Festival and enjoy a long-lost audio-visual feast (hopefully).

Finally, I wish the movies you see in the new year are exciting enough, happy new year!

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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