The starting point is nineteen years old, where has online literature changed and where hasn’t it changed?

Seven o'clock to nine o'clock and seventeen to nineteen o'clock are the times when the traffic is the most congested. On the subway like canned sardines, countless people are standing next to each other, trying to make room for their phones, staring at the full screen of text on the bright screen, and quickly sliding their fingers across page after page. They are all here and now, and they are also in different rivers and lakes. Although the heat and sweat are annoying, they all maintain a kind of intent silence. Slow down and pass the billboards of games, comics, and movies, and broadcast announcing the arrival of the station. People put away their selfless expressions and hurried to the next place.

This kind of scene can be seen everywhere at various times and places. Internet literature has already appeared in all aspects of our lives. And this vast world was slowly created in the late 1990s. Just like the common civilian counter-attack routines in online literature, online literature was once regarded as influential, and has now become mainstream mass entertainment and a major cultural resource.

There are not many online literary websites that have fully witnessed this process, and starting point Chinese website is one of them.

In November 2001, the "Fantasy Literature Association" was founded and was involved in the silver age of online literature. In February 2002, the "Fantasy Literary Association" was renamed "Starting Point Chinese Network", and the starting point was the beginning of the journey to become the overlord of male frequency online literature. At that time, there were also online novel websites or forums under the Banyan Tree, Huanjianshu League, Boku, Jinjiang, Tianying Literature City, but now most of them have been buried in the long river of time.

Now, starting point Chinese website has gone through 19 years. The starting point is no longer just the starting point itself, as one of the peaks of network literature, it is out of the context of the development of network literature. Perhaps, looking at the nineteen years of the starting point of the Chinese website, we can roughly understand where online literature has changed and where has not changed in the past ten years.

Two flowers on each table and one branch

Around 2000, online literature was still pursuing a free strategy, and many people had prejudices against online literature. Except for a few authors who were lucky enough to sell their copyrights, most of the authors relied on their passion to generate power for love, but it is impractical to rely solely on feelings. , There are many phenomena of breaking the change as you write.

Similarly, if the online literature platform is not profitable, it will only continue to be consumed until the interest is exhausted.

Starting Point Chinese Network realized this, and pioneered the VIP charging system, attracting readers with free public chapters, and then charging through VIP chapters. The initial charging standard was 2 cents per thousand words.

▲ Starting point VIP privileges. Picture from: Starting Point Chinese Network

It can be said with certainty that this is an important thing for the starting point to establish the status of the arena.

The author "Blood Red" is the author of the first batch of works on the VIP bookshelf. The first manuscript fee is 50 yuan, and it will be counted in 10,000 after half a year. This fee system was gradually followed by the industry.

Since then, the business cooperation model between online literature platforms and authors, as well as the operating system and copyright development mechanism of online literature have been continuously established and improved on this basis. This set of models has been in operation for nearly two decades, and the social status of network authors has gradually improved, and the network literature IP market has also matured.

However, everything is flowing, and everything is also changing.

In recent years, the iterative and popularization of Internet technology has made Internet-based content such as Internet literature have new developments in response to changes in the media.

Free reading and new media articles have become emerging business models, mainly through providing readers with free content to obtain corresponding traffic, and then through information flow advertising, display advertising and other forms of commercial realization.

In 2020, the Chinese website of Qidian began to have authors try to open both paid channels and free channels at the same time, looking for ways to increase the popularity of works and enrich the income. For example, "My Apprentices are Big Villains" created by "Making a Living, Ren Zhuanpeng" has occupied the top 10 best-selling list at the starting point for a long time during the serialization period. The monthly revenue of advertising channels exceeded 200,000, which became a bilateral explosion.

Paid reading and free reading were born in different eras, backed by different Internet development conditions, and there are two different business models, but it seems that there is also the possibility of two lines advancing or even intersecting.

It is worth mentioning that the "2020 China Internet Literature Development Report" shows that the proportion of payment for virtual products in the Z era is significantly higher than the overall average. "Lord of Mysteries", which ended in May 2020, has received millions of subscriptions, millions of recommendations, and millions of rewards, breaking the 20-year record of online writing. The starting point user "Meng Meng Da Tu" will spend 100-300 yuan to subscribe to works every month, and has two favorite authors who follow up.

Therefore, young readers are willing to pay real money for their beloved works, and paid reading will always be an important part of the starting point.

Singing on the same stage

Although the starting point was established in 2002, it should be around 2005 to become the overlord of the male-frequency online literature.

At the beginning, the Magic Sword and Book League was dying, and the number of online readers increased rapidly. The starting point is based on the early commercial reputation, financial support and author reserve, which has established its status in the arena.

In 2006, the starting point ushered in a hundred schools of thought in online literature. The themes of fantasy, city, history, fairy tales, online games, science fiction, and supernatural have gradually matured. For example, "Tomb Raiders Notes" by "Southern School Sanshu" continues the tomb robbery trend created by "Ghost Blowing Lantern".

In 2007, Starting Point opened a starting point female channel exclusively for female readers. "ZHTTTY"'s "Infinite Horror" was also serialized this year. The infinite stream type is still very popular today.

In 2009, the library of the starting point had more than one million novels, and many classic works were born this year. This year, "Wangyu" was still laying "Mortal Cultivation Biography"; in February, "Mao Gai" finished "Celebrating More Than Years", and started writing "Jian Ke" two months later; in April, "Tiancan Tudou" uploaded " "Fights Break the Sphere"; in December, "Douluo Dalu" of "Three Young Masters of the Tang Family" came to an end.

The predecessors planted trees and the descendants took advantage of the shade. These novels have epoch-making significance. Since then, countless online novels of the same type have emerged.

In 2020, according to the "2020 China Internet Literature Development Report" , Internet literature has formed more than 20 major types such as urban, history, and games, and more than 200 sub-categories. The theme types such as light novels and two-dimensional elements are in Z Under the dominance of generations of creators and consumers, the rise of grand narratives and humorous complaints coexist. The flow of reality and fantasy, urban style and historical style, dimensional system and life system are compatible, and various themes and fields continue to "break the circle".

Has the style of the starting point changed in nineteen years? This is not a simple question of right and wrong.

For example, civilian counter-attack and monster-killing upgrades have always been one of the important setting methods of various novels in the starting point literature. However, there will be changes in style and setting. In the past, there was continuous competition and alchemy. In the past two years, "invincible flow" With the rise of "check-in flow", the content of the original 80 chapters can be compressed into 20 chapters. Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, the return of the heavenly soldiers, and the arrival of the dragon king, there have been many books of this kind, depending on the specific themes, writing, setting, and the author's ability to tell stories.

Light comedy is a genre that has become popular in recent years. The starting point user "Moe Meng Da Tu" has spent 1824 days in the starting point, and his favorite has always been light comedies. "Basically it will not change. Light comedies are more beneficial to their own emotional regulation and can maintain a good mood every day." .

The magnificent and profound works are still sought after, the most typical one is "The Lord of Mysteries" by "Squid Who Loves Diving". Realistic themes are becoming more and more abundant. For example, "Qicheng"'s "Da Guo Heavy Industry" is an industrial cool article, and "Zhiniao Village"'s "Great Doctor Lingran" is a medical theme of "realism + technology flow".

The user "Xinjiangcaoxia" from the starting point of ten years especially appreciates "The Master of Earth" by "Xu Gongzi Shengzhi". The stories he likes need to have a certain degree of innovation and freshness. "It can't be said to be the founder of the mountain. For a certain type to make a sufficiently rich and novel setting, or multiple verticals can be combined to create, the author is comfortable with his own creation."

The change in the style of the work is of course closely related to the changes in the author over the past ten years.

The great god at the top of the pyramid has continuously improved his writing skills and the ability to choose words and sentences, his control of the plot and worldview has become more mature, and the professionalism and rationality of the story has been continuously improved.

Generation Z writers injected fresh blood into the author team. In 2020, China Reading Group will add nearly 80% of the online writers to generation Z. The post-90s author "My Brother Is Too Steady" is a phenomenal work starting in 2020. It breaks the record of all categories of Xianxia in 2020 and creates a precedent for a "stable stream".

Literary works are a reflection of the times. Today, the starting point of the web has undergone a long accumulation, and is constantly innovating and transforming, showing a trend of professionalism and youthfulness. Senior and cutting-edge, profound and relaxed singing on the same stage, it can be seen that the group is thriving.

Make the best use of everything

Over the past nineteen years, Starting Point Chinese Network has had a wealth of IP libraries and IP adaptation cases. The opening up of the entire chain of IP in animation, games, film and television, peripherals, etc., will be the main direction of China Reading Group and Starting Point Chinese Network in the future.

For example, the starting point has carried out all-round matrix development with "Douluo Dalu" as the core, and launched games such as "New Douluo Dalu" and "Douluo Dalu H5". According to gamma data calculation, "Douluo Dalu" H5 has entered the TOP10 list of new travels in 2019, and its annual income ranks 8th in the new travel list. The three episodes of the animation "Fights Break Sphere Special Chapter 2" exceeded 300 million hits in three episodes, and the Douban score was 8.5.

▲The first season of "Full-time Master". Picture from: Douban

In 2017, the animated version of "Full-time Master" was launched, with nearly 1.5 billion views in the first season, with a Douban score of 8.2. The film and television series "Full-time Master" has exceeded 300 million views in the four days of its launch on Tencent Video. The production team respects the original work and adapts it to a more pure professional drama with no love line, which has made the word of mouth all the way up.

At present, IPs such as "Zuo Son", "Jiang Ye", "Celebrating Yu Nian" and "Ye Tian Zi" have all been adapted, and there are also potential stock IPs such as "Lord of Mysteries", "First Sequence", "A Great Way to the Sky" and "Da Guo Heavy Industry".

High-quality IP is the source of water, and IP fan culture is the decisive factor in enabling IP. Both are indispensable. The starting point is a high-viscosity, high-paying fan aggregation platform.

"Lord of Mysteries" has accumulated more than 12 million comments, and fans have posted their carefully crafted peripherals in the comment area; "The First Sequence" and "Da Feng Da Gengren" and other works "This Chapter" have more than one million comments On the birthday of Ye Xiu, the protagonist of "Full Time Master", fans organized into a very cohesive community, pushing the topic to the top of Weibo's hot search. Social co-reading, fan community, fan co-creation, these can be said to be the key source of IP energy.

▲ "Lord of Mysteries". Picture from: Official Weibo of "Lord of Mysteries"

In fact, the interactive tradition of the book review area has long existed. Under the dominance of the wave of IP adaptations and Gen Z readers, there are newer forms and larger scales.

"Celebrating More Than Years" is the hottest film and television drama in 2019, with a cumulative total of 16 billion views on the dual platforms of iQiyi and Tencent Video. During the play period, the number of online readers of "Celebrating More Than Years" on the starting point reading APP increased by 50 times, the recommended votes reached 3.52 million, and more than 2 million fans were gathered, forming a cross-platform cross-platform and different scenes of users interacting and discussing at the starting point. It promoted "Celebrating More Than Years" to re-enter the top three best-selling lists after more than a decade.

▲ Stills of "Celebrating More Than Years". Picture from: Douban

During the 2020 epidemic, the initial user "Meng Meng Da Tu", who was isolated at home, was very active in the book review section of "This Chapter", narrating his favorite novels one by one. Because of the high popularity, he also gained "Chapter Talkers". Title. Now she can control Lolita, Yujie, and Zhengtaiyin.

Starting point user "Xinjiangcaoxia" enjoys posting "duan comment", he is willing to interact with other sand sculpture netizens to predict the author's specific direction. As a writer, he will also correct some common sense errors of the author, "this is actually idle."

The blue sea blossoms everywhere

Legend has it that the Tower of Babel is a tower built by humans in the hope of reaching heaven. However, in order to prevent humans’ plans, God told humans to speak different languages, and humans could not communicate with each other. Since then, the plan has collapsed and scattered things. . But the difference in language does not dispel the desire for communication, but a barrier that can be overcome. Creating and reading stories has always been the spiritual and cultural pursuit of all mankind. Good online literary works are inherently appealing.

As early as 2004, Qidianzhongwang began to sell the copyright of online novels overseas, and many famous domestic online works were translated and sold overseas. Around 2014, specialized translation websites appeared in many overseas countries, and some enthusiasts translated domestic online works and exported them abroad. Since then, online publications have attracted attention as a phenomenon.

In 2017, the starting point Chinese website under Reading News officially launched starting point international, mainly in English, and gradually covering Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., and domestic Internet companies began to formally deploy overseas. According to the "White Paper on the Development of Online Literature Going to the Sea in 2020" , the proportion of translation going to sea is 72%, the proportion of direct going to sea is 15.5%, the proportion of adaptation going to sea is 5.6%, and the proportion of others is 6.9%.

▲"Starting Point International" interface

Starting Point International will also encourage domestic creators to create works in Chinese, play down elements with overly strong local attributes such as oriental martial arts and fairy tales, reduce the reading threshold of international readers by building science fiction and an overhead world view, and select the best translations to export overseas.

However, overseas readers have their own preferences. Some are "hardcore fantasy fans" who have a strong interest in the Chinese fairy tale genre; some are "fresh element chasers" who like the fresh elements in various new genres, such as different ones. Character setting, era background and storyline; some are "integrators of Western elements" and like works with Western fantasy themes.

Simon of Italy likes "Lord of Mysteries" very much. "Magic and other western fantasy elements are my natural preferences, so the master of mysteries is a work that integrates Western cultural background and Eastern literary thinking. I can't stop it." Ryan in the United States has read Chinese online articles for 4 years, and he reads more than 1.5 hours a day. He is a big fan of Chinese online articles. He feels the charm of Eastern culture and the growth of the protagonist in works such as "The World of Zhenwu". Empathy.

At the same time, there are also more and more overseas authors choosing to write at the starting point internationally, with the most authors in Southeast Asia and North America. Starting Point International has so far attracted more than 100,000 overseas creators and created more than 160,000 online literary works. Fantasy, romance, and magical reality are the types that authors create the most, which of course has a lot to do with the types of works that go to sea.

Like many domestic authors, overseas authors drive their initial creative desires with interest and look forward to becoming a full-time writer. The representative work "The Villain's Wife" by the Philippine writer the Blips was well received after being on the starting point international. The Blips also won the spring competition of the "Starting Point International" creation competition held in the Philippines, turning from a full-time housewife to the breadwinner of the family .

▲ Picture from:

According to a report released by iResearch , in 2019, the overseas market scale of Chinese online literature was 460 million yuan, which is still small. Although the scale of online literature going to the sea is not large, it also means that overseas competition is not as fierce as domestic, and overseas markets have a strong sense of copyright protection and user payment, and overseas markets have huge potential visible to the naked eye.

Chinese online literature not only has the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, but also adds cross-cultural charm in the process of going abroad. It is listed as the "Four Cultural Wonders of the World" alongside American Hollywood blockbusters, Japanese animation and Korean idol dramas. With the gradual maturity of business models and the development of IP derivative services, it is entirely possible that Chinese online literature will have a greater voice overseas in the future.

▲ Picture from: Starting Point Chinese Website's official Weibo

Internet literature may have become a habit of many people. Among them, there are senior readers with ten years of book age, as well as foreigners and new audiences such as post-05; there are both veteran masters who work hard, and generation Z writers full of enthusiasm.

As a reader, online literature uses content to reflect our true spiritual aspirations and cultural needs. What we like most is the story, and the happiest thing is to see a good story. I hope that all authors can write what they want. come out. The starting point is for us, it may be a vast haven, a warm fantasy depository.

For the starting point itself, Internet literature was born in the Internet era and popular in the consumer era. It uses the Internet as a medium to connect millions of audiences. It needs to grasp the trend of the times, continue to develop, change and innovate, and form a more scientific profit model. Give authors more support and work together to promote better content creation, so that we can have more 19 years and continue the myth of the peak of online literature.

Not afraid of fate

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