The software that helps in the management of company PECs

Since – on October 1st 2020, it became mandatory for companies, freelancers and sole proprietorships to have a PEC box (certified email) by law, its implementation and management has brought about various problems. Certified e-mail, being endowed with legal value and certain data, in fact requires much more careful management than traditional e-mail, and this is not always done. The typical case is that in which several people from the same organization or office manage a single certified e-mail box, leading to a series of non-trivial problems.

The first, classic, problem is when there are several people working on the same pec mailbox, it gets confusing to understand who did what. We don't know who opened the email, who replied to it and so on. Not the best when it comes to documents of legal value. Another typical problem, which derives from the first, is that situations may occur in which several people reply to the same email, creating discussions in parallel with the same person, or on the contrary it may also happen that precisely because someone has opened the certified email, but he replied, that no one then takes the trouble to reply to the sender.

Software to manage company PEC

Fortunately, the market offers management applications designed precisely to solve these problems related to certified e-mail: PEC management software. A PEC management software is in fact built, unlike normal mail management software, with the principle of accountability in mind: since these are documents with legal value, it is essential to know who did what and when. The PEC management system tends to solve this problem in two ways: by assigning very specific roles to the individual users connected to the PEC and by tracing every action linked to the email.

The software has a well-defined authorization system which allows – depending on the roles – only certain users to view, forward and/or reply to the PEC received. In this way, the potential proliferation of answers is limited: only some people are endowed with the ability to answer certain PECs.

The other element that allows orderly management of processes is the presence of a log of the actions performed on each email. Each user connected to that PEC box will therefore always be able to verify who and when has viewed, forwarded or replied to a PEC, avoiding unpleasant misunderstandings and rebounds. With a few precautions and certified e-mail management software equipped with the functions we have seen, all the problems associated with the use of corporate and professional e-mail can be solved.

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