The Sandbox: metaverse or reality?

The SandBox is a 3D virtual world in Voxel Art , reminiscent of other similar more established competitors, in which a gamer can build, own and monetize his gaming experience using a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain: sand . The goal of the development team is to create a completely immersive gaming experience using the now well-known NFTs, or I Non-Fungible tokens.

The Sandbox: how does it work?

The creator, through the proprietary VoxEdit software, will give life to his own ideas, which once exported can be uploaded to the marketplace allowing anyone to buy them by creating an asset . The assets are limited and indivisible tokens based on the Ethereum ERC1155 standard.

The Sandbox, the platform where you can monetize your personal gaming experience. Source: The Sandbox
The Sandbox, the platform where you can monetize your personal gaming experience. Source: The Sandbox

The asset will be uploaded to an IPFS network, which is a decentralized P2P network that anyone can access and retrieve the files that are on it. At this point the asset will actually be exported to the Ethereum blockchain where it will be registered in the name of the buyer . The creation of assets is not the only goal of the game. Game creators can create their own game modes, through the GameMaker, which can also be monetized by requesting a fee to participate in the game mode. The assets and game modes are located within a virtual terrain of specific dimensions called Lands. There are currently 166464 lands .

What can be done in the Lands?

Once in possession of a Land (also as NFT), users can play it and create game modes. The creator can limit access to the lands and require the user who wants to access them a fee in sand or simply rent it in case the creator does not use it. Owning a parcel of Land gives you the right to have decision-making power within The Sandbox, contributing to novelties and updates to the game.

It is also possible to create your own activities such as events and competitions within your Lands. Lands can be combined into estates . More estates composed of at least two distinct owners can be combined in the district . Owners will have the ability to specify their own governance rules.

What is SAND actually?

Sand is the currency used in the game for any transaction and is transferable indefinitely. It is used for the purchase of assets, game modes and lands. The peculiarity of sand is that it is limited to three billion and this will inevitably lead to an increase in its value. Each transaction in sand has a 5% fee; of this, half is due to the foundation for the support of the game while the other half to the stacking pull, that is a fund necessary for the payment of the users' stacking interests. Purchase of sand is required to start playing; subsequently the user can sign up as a platform Ambassador in order to support The Sandbox.

Within the game there is a referral mechanism through which a user can earn 10% from the purchase of tokens through his invitations within the limit of 30 days from registration.
Within the platform there are other tokens: gems and catalysts .
There are 4 Catalysts and are used to attribute a rarity to the item in question, they are: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. This mechanism is used to establish the number of copies, gems and attributes of an item.
The GEMS instead are only 5 and serve to give specific characteristics to the article.

The Sandbox developers have a firm idea of ​​putting a limit on the game's economy. As already seen, in fact, sand and land are limited. The lands have been divided into partitions: 74% to game users, 10% are Land owned by the SandBox and finally 16% to partners or content creators as a reward. Investors include: Atari, The Smurfs, Opera Browser, Square Enix and even Snoop Dogg. The partnership with Polygon has allowed the migration to new NFT solutions with high energy savings, making the game more and more Eco-Friendly.

The SandBox metaverse is still in the expansion phase, but we can immediately deduce that it will have a significant impact in the gaming world and beyond: it will create new jobs thanks to the remarkable community that is developing and to the investors who have believed right away. in the project.

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