The Samsung Note series, the pioneer of large screens, will also be replaced by larger screen folding screen phones.

Near the end of the year, the flagship products of various mobile phone manufacturers are almost released, and the number of press conferences is gradually decreasing, followed by the annual mobile phone exposure contest, and the information about the flagship products next year will gradually float. Out of the water.

One piece of exposure information about Samsung’s flagship is quite special, not only revealing the product’s characteristics, but also the product’s fate. According to a report by South Korean media Aju News, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series will be discontinued and its iconic S-Pen stylus will be added. To Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Fold 3.

In fact, this is not the fact that the Galaxy Note series has been exposed and will be cancelled. Earlier related information appeared on social media such as Twitter, and some clues can be seen from Samsung's product strategy this year. The Galaxy Note series is about to say goodbye to us. Now, it’s Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series of folding screen phones.

The large-screen pioneer Samsung Note series will also be replaced by the larger-screen Fold series

In 2011, Samsung launched the first Galaxy Note mobile phone. With a 5.3-inch screen, it opened the trend of large-screen smartphones. Consumers’ pursuit of larger screens, more content, and higher battery life pushed the screen forward. One step becomes bigger.

▲ The original Galaxy Note

Even Apple is no exception. The mobile phone screen has been increased to 6.7 inches today. As the pioneer of the big screen era, the Note series is still one of the best and one of the top flagships in the Android camp.

However, the situation has changed.

After the Galaxy Note series, another new character appeared-the Galaxy Fold series, with a larger screen that has reached 7.6 inches, which is close to the size of a tablet. The full-screen form of mobile phones is limited by weight, grip, portability and other reasons, and the screen is already difficult to exceed 6.7 inches.

In addition to the screen size being surpassed by Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung's Galaxy Note also faces competition from the S series, especially in the comparison between this year's S20 series and Note 20, Samsung's one-year dual flagship strategy has been affected.

The reason is that in the second half of the year, the flagship of the Note series and the S20 series, the product strength and positioning of the two products are not as distinct as before.

After Samsung implemented the "Super Big Cup" product strategy on the S20 series, thanks to the abundant body of the S20 Ultra, its imaging capabilities and overall hardware strength have reached a point similar to that of the Note20 Ultra.

However, the price of the S20 Ultra has exceeded that of the Note20 Ultra. The S20 Ultra on Samsung's official website is priced at 9,999 yuan and the Note20 Ultra is priced at 9,199 yuan.

Pricing itself is a manifestation of product positioning. As Samsung’s flagship flagship in the second half of the year, Note 20 Ultra is priced lower than S20 Ultra, and S20 Ultra also shows strong product strength. It seems that it is Samsung’s flagship this year. "Jiwang" products.

This obviously affects which product consumers choose. Although Samsung has added sensors and gesture operation functions to the unique content of the Note series S-Pen since Note 10, it is still not enough to make up for product strength and positioning. On the blur.

The stylus does have corresponding value, but it has not been very good on the mobile phone. There are reasons for the software ecology, and there are also reasons for the hardware limitations of the mobile phone screen. What's more, if the next generation S series new machine S21 Ultra also With a stylus, the difference is even smaller.

All in all, whether the Note series is attractive to consumers or its own product power compared with previous Note flagships, its position in the entire market has been significantly reduced.

And its significance as Samsung's flagship in the second half of the year has also weakened. Since the S20 Ultra has a higher positioning, why don't consumers who pursue high product strength choose the S20 Ultra, the significance of double flagships in one year is further reduced.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold series of folding screen mobile phones is developing rapidly. As we mentioned in this year's Galaxy Z Fold 2 evaluation, it has gradually matured as the second generation of the series.

The position of the Note series is just filled by the Fold series, and the S-Pen, which is the highlight of the Note series, can be better displayed on a larger screen.

S-Pen's new stage

The larger screen brings not only an increase in the amount of display content, but also an increase in display efficiency. Samsung mentioned a typical application scenario-split-screen application at the launch of the Galaxy Fold series of products.

The 7.6-inch Galaxy Z Fold 2 can display three applications on the same screen, and can also drag and drop information between applications. More importantly, it has no bangs.

The stylus can also be better displayed on this tablet-level screen. If you also have daily writing habits, it should be easier to understand. The size of the writing area is very important. The larger the area, the more information will be included on the same screen. , The more information can be compared at the same time.

Especially in some drawing content, such as mind map content, although the 7.6-inch Galaxy Z Fold 2 is only one inch larger than the 6.7-inch common mobile phone, it can display more content under different screen ratios. Not a lot, this is very important for the practical application of the stylus.

Many previous studies have proved that handwriting with a pen can improve memory, and will have a deeper understanding of writing-related content, which can help sort out logic and content. Although the speed of writing input is not as fast as keyboard input, slowness also means Allow more time to think.

This is why S-Pen is more suitable for the Galaxy Fold folding screen series, and the application prospect of S-Pen on folding screen phones is also greater.

Although the current mainstream flagship products on the market, almost only Samsung uses the stylus design, but this does not mean that the mobile phone pen is of no value in mobile products. On a larger screen, the cooperation of Apple Pencil and iPad is the best case.

▲ Notes taken by Fudan Xueba Li Shuqi with iPad. Picture from: CNMO

The stylus is a manifestation of productivity and innovative expression on a tablet, and it can also be used on a folding screen phone. We often mentioned its application in the education field when we evaluated the iPad before, and we can see it on social media such as Zhihu. Share less tutorials on the iPad for taking notes in class.

For example, taking notes after class based on the content of the class. Compared with the traditional paper and pen recording content or filling in the mind map, the digital version of the software is more convenient to modify. Selected part of the content and then adjusted are all traditional operations. As for the software content, it is owned by Microsoft The classic note-taking software OneNote is one of the best choices.

Speaking of OneNote, Samsung has also strengthened its cooperation with Microsoft in recent years. At the Note20 series conference, Samsung and Microsoft announced the strengthening of cooperation. Samsung's mobile phones can be connected to the computer through "Your Phone" on Windows.

The mobile application can be used directly on the computer, and it also supports the replacement of the device. That is, after editing Word on the computer, you can continue on the phone. The connection with office 365 is also deeper. Users can synchronize notes between Samsung Notes, OneNote and Outlook. It is worth mentioning that S-Pen can also annotate PDF files directly.

Whether it is in the field of office or education and learning, the strong support of Microsoft office software is extremely important. With good hardware, good software is needed to match to have good productivity.

In addition to the traditional editing input and output, the support of S-Pen also allows folding screen phones to be the carrier of creative expression. There are many similar creative output software on the iPad, painting and even PS, and even post-production. Clip.

The more well-known mobile editing apps in China have both iOS and iPad. Although the software is on the hardware platform, the operation methods are similar. The desktop is just a larger screen and more display content is more suitable for post-processing.

▲ The upper part is for cutting and showing the iPad, and the lower part is for the mobile phone

Compared with editing with a mobile phone, the stylus is more accurate, and there are similar applications on the Android mobile terminal. I believe that the experience on the larger-screen Galaxy Fold series will be better than that of ordinary large-screen phones.

It is actually a smoother choice to replace the Note series with the Galaxy Fold series. The S series has been on the rise in recent years, especially if the S21 series will also be equipped with S-Pen next year.

Compared with the Note series, a folding screen mobile phone with a larger screen can better explore the potential of the stylus, and its productivity application is also just in line with the business positioning, and it is also very suitable to replace the business positioning of the Note series.

Folding screen mobile phone

Folding screen phones started from the Fold series. It has been two years since they stumbled. From the beginning of frequent rollovers and recycling of all test machines, to the second generation of products, it is regrettable that the outer screen has been enlarged and the inner screen has been removed. A mature mobile phone.

▲ Galaxy Z Fold 2. Picture from: Wordless Tech

According to the exposure of South Korean media Aju News, Fold 3 will be further strengthened. In addition to being equipped with S-Pen, it may also add under-screen cameras, new UTG ultra-thin folding glass technology and so on.

Folding screen phones are far from true maturity, and the software ecosystem is just a step away.

Although the Android mobile phone application ecology is sufficiently complete, when the screen of the unfolded folding screen mobile phone reaches 7.6 inches, it is already the same as the small tablet, and many existing software still need to be adapted to the large screen.

▲ This video viewing angle is not good

In addition to the adaptation of daily applications, various creative and productive applications are also very important. As mentioned above, S-Pen with folding screens needs more software adaptations to give full play to its advantages and tap potential.

In this regard, Android users may be more envious of Apple users. The large shipments of iPad series products ensure a large number of users. Developers can expand according to user needs and develop apps for profit, such as the widely acclaimed note-taking software GoodNotes , Notability, drawing software Procreate, editing software Lumafusion, etc.

In contrast, the software ecology of Android tablets is dwarfed. In recent years, there are not many Android tablets with stable sales and user recognition. Developers cannot profit a lot from the Android software ecology, and naturally there is no incentive to adapt or develop software. .

The emergence of folding screen mobile phones is likely to change this situation. In addition to Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and Huawei are all working hard on folding screen mobile phones, and some have even launched products.

The concept machine OPPO X 2021 recently launched by OPPO at the Future Technology Conference uses a novel retractable design, and the screen can be extended or retracted like the right side. In the unextended state, the screen size is 6.7 inches, and can reach a maximum of 7.4 inches when extended.

Folding screen mobile phones are considered to be the new form of mobile phones in the future. Samsung, as the manufacturer of flexible screens, the most important component of folding screen mobile phones, has its products becoming more and more mature. With the success of other manufacturers, folding screen mobile phones The distance to mass production is getting closer and closer.

When the product is popular enough, third-party developers also have enough motivation to develop software and adapt for it to earn revenue.

Until then, after hardware availability and software ecology are supplemented, folding screen phones can be considered truly mature and can be regarded as high-end, creative, and productivity products.

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