The rendering of Google Pixel 6 has been exposed. Is it going to have a new look from the outside to the core?

On May 14, the famous whistleblower Jon Prosser released a rendering of Pixel 6 in his personal YouTube channel . In the news, the Pixel 6 XL (or Pro) , which is one size larger and more configured, appeared alongside the Pixel 6. The Pixel 6 in the picture overturns the previous design.

If the rendering is true, then the Pixel series will usher in a rare appearance in recent generations .

Innovative photography, subverting camera array design

The Pixel 6 in the rendering has erased most of the design language of the Pixel series. The left front camera, rear fingerprint and Yuba camera will not exist.

It seems that the black frame of the Pixel 6 candybar screen is narrowed a lot, and the screen-to-body ratio should become the largest in Pixel. The front camera is moved from the left to the center. The movement of the camera also indicates that the user interface of Google Pixel 6 will also be changed from the previous one, as shown in the rendering: date, clock and other small components will be concentrated on the upper left of the screen. side.

In combination with 9to5Google's revelations in late April, the code of the Google Camera application of Pixel phones shows that the front camera will support 4K video recording. The front camera of the previous generation Pixel 5 has 8 million pixels and supports up to high-definition video recording. Of course, this upgrade is not limited to the front, the biggest change is the new design " horizontal array" of the camera array on the back .

It can be seen from the rendering from the side view that the horizontal array of cameras is convex but not obtrusive on the back panel. The camera is hidden in a black polished camera module, with a flash on the far right.

Pixel series has always been to "computational photography" living "photography forefront" role in the Android phone, the first release from 2016 onwards, in today's standard camera mobile phone brand three or four flagship camera market strategy, Google's flagship Pixel 6 still adhere to the two-camera configuration, and the higher-end Pixel 6 XL (or Pro) uses three-camera, but the specific parameters of these cameras did not reveal any information.

Looking back on the performance of the Pixel series in the mobile photography ranks in the past: Pixel scores the first in shooting ; Pixel 2 single camera is comparable to the same period dual camera, Pixel 3 night shooting mode, Pixel 4 astrophotography, Pixel 5 portrait light effect, this completely innovative horizontal arrangement What "new technology" the camera array will bring to Pixel 6 is still worth looking forward to.

Polished and bright surface, re-engraving + innovative colors

This year's Pixel 6 three-stage color collision design, the most eye-catching is the touch of orange on the top, which looks a bit like a re-enactment of the Pixel 4 limited edition " So Orange". However, there are two types of Pixel 6 oranges in the rendering , one is like " So Orange" with high saturation ; the other is orange with lower saturation and is biased towards red.

The larger area of ​​the fuselage is pure white polished and bright surface. As far as the texture of the rendering is concerned, the sense of high-level is improved.

Like “ So Orange'' color scheme

Orange and red color

The high-end Pixel 6 XL is different. The upper orange and the black of the camera module have not changed, and the main color of the body is light orange. This kind of color strategy can't help being connected with the color strategy of today's iPhone. The standard series use more youthful colors, and the high-match Plus series use more stable colors.

In addition to the main orange, Pixel 6 XL (or Pro) also has a champagne rendering. The side is a bright metal similar to stainless steel, and the champagne color on the top is a bit close to the champagne gold of the iPhone. The whistleblower Jon Prosser said that after seeing this rendering, the first impression is reminiscent of the design of the iPhone X.

Whether there are other colors for the Pixel 6 series is currently unknown. According to Google's release routine, it is estimated that there will be a regular black version.

Some new features, Android 12 has been foreshadowed

There is no definite news about the release time of Pixel 6. Many fans of the Pixel series hope that the Google I/O conference will be held on May 18 . Although it seems that there is little hope for the release of Pixel 6, but the Android 12 that will be released at the Google I/O conference is expected to bring a lot of Pixel 6 feature update information.

In the current news about Android 12 speculation, its code implies two functions related to Pixel 6 information:

  • One-handed mode
  • Fingerprint under the screen

Because Pixel 5 has not released an XL version, there are constant speculations about whether Pixel 6 will release a higher configuration XL. The one-handed mode of Android 12 has always been a feature of Google's large-screen phones. In view of the fact that Pixel 6 will be a mobile phone equipped with Android 12, it indicates that the information about the launch of Pixel 6 XL (or Pro) should not be too different.

However, the naming of the high-end version of Pixel 6 has caused a new round of speculation. According to the naming rules of Google Pixel, the high-end version is called Pixel 6 XL. There are also rumors that this year's Pixel 6 series has changed more from appearance to chip. It is possible that Google will change its name to Pixel 6 Pro this time in order to differentiate the mobile phone series.

In terms of unlocking, the design of the Pixel series has been changing. Pixel 3 previously insisted on unlocking the rear fingerprint. In Pixel 4, face recognition was replaced. Pixel 5 also canceled the face recognition and used the rear fingerprint in the Renaissance. It is not quick and convenient for users to post fingerprints after complaining. It is the turn of the Pixel 6 , which is expected to be released with Android 12 , and will likely have the natively supported under-screen fingerprint function.

The rendering on May 14 revealed that the Pixel 6 series also cancelled the rear fingerprint and used the fingerprint under the screen to unlock.

For the expectation of this new machine, there has been constant speculation. Especially on the eve of the 2021 Developers Conference, a lot of information was revealed. The most discussed one is what chip Pixel 6 will use. As early as April, in the article "Pixel 6 may be the biggest ambition of Google's self-developed chip" reported by Ai Faner, it was mentioned that after Pixel 5 switched to mid-range chips, many performance shortcomings were revealed and the experience was worse than expected. Under the influence of Pixel 6 , many users are looking forward to using this chip for the new generation of Pixel 6.

Judging from the comprehensive information of all parties, the big changes in the Pixel 6 series may really be what you want, ushering in the first big changes from the outside to the core.

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