The realistic squid game is here! With a prize of 456,000 US dollars, why are the UP owners making their own variety shows?

The real version of "Squid Game" will not die if you are out. If you lose, there will be a $2,000 consolation prize. The final winner will have an exclusive $456,000. Will you participate?

A YouTuber really organized 456 players to reproduce the deadly "Squid Game" in a "harmless human and animal" manner, and upload it as a video, with nearly 130 million views.

In addition to being life-threatening, it is very restorative from the inside out

First of all, it needs to be stated that this game is not life-threatening. Every player has a device tied to his body. When they are eliminated, it will make a noise and emit white smoke.

How restored is it? The scenery, costumes, props, game settings, etc. are all close to the original drama, and there are traces of spending money everywhere.

The first level is the wooden man. The host (the YouTuber himself) announces that the red light stops and the green light goes. The game is out when the red light is not still. Fortunately, the horror doll is just a decoration, but only 232 people "survived" in this level. 2000 dollars left.

The second level is to pull the sugar, the four patterns are consistent with the original drama, one of the players cos the original drama actor, wearing the same number of costumes. If you don't mind the spoilers, he ended up losing at the last level.

The third level is a tug of war with a group of 10 people. The host announced the hidden rules before the tug-of-war: "If you leave in the next 5 minutes, I will give you $4,000 and let us weed out some weak people." In the end, there were only 120 people left, so it happened to be divided into 12 groups. Pairwise confrontation.

The fourth level is to play marbles. I privately think that this is the most restored place. The host calmly said that they have been monitoring who has the closest relationship with whom, and let them match up. Of course, only one person can move on. Although this made the contestants feel more or less embarrassed, it maintained the friendly atmosphere of friendship first from beginning to end, and did not reproduce the game of death or death.

The fifth level is to play ddakji (similar to Chinese "Taking Foreign Paintings"); the sixth level is the "stepping stone" glass bridge. The only difference from the original drama is that there is a huge bubble pit underneath, so you don't have to pay the price of your life if you step on the air.

The last level has been changed, because the contestants will not play the last level of the original drama "Squid Game". They chose to play the "musical chair" on the pattern of the squid game, that is, one chair less than the participants was placed on the ground. The music stopped to grab a seat, and no one who sat down was out.

It’s worth mentioning that, besides often urging how much time is left, the host is also very good at guiding the situation, operating it as a real squid game, such as "Suddenly a traffic light switch, I know it will work." "No one Stand up, I will keep the money" "must move, without stopping and circling."

At the same time, the editing will also highlight many conflicting points and points of interest, which shows that cameras are scattered all over the corners. During the tug-of-war grouping, a male player said "we don't allow girls"; a female player failed to pick up sugar , She sat on the ground and ate the broken biscuit, and smiled indifferently, "I hate my life."

This realistic version of "Squid Game" can be said to restore the original drama from the inside to the outside.

This YouTuber and host is called Mr. Beast, and his channel subscriptions can be ranked in the top ten on YouTube. Up to now, there are 82.3 million subscribers, making him the number one high-cost YouTube video.

His videos are known for their "attractive gimmicks" and "high bonuses and production costs." He often gives away large amounts of cash in the videos, such as handing a one million dollar card to a stranger, allowing him to limit the time in 1 minute. If you buy things inside, you count as much as you buy.

Most of the videos are sponsored by companies. Mr. Beast exchanges high investment for high returns, and then invests more in the next video. For this issue of "Game of Squid" reality show, "Brawl Stars" (Brawl Stars) sponsored 3.5 million US dollars.

Similar to the squid game, in March 2019, Mr. Beast organized and filmed a live-action battle royale competition in Los Angeles based on the "Apex Hero" game. The prize was 200,000 US dollars. Both the event and the prize pool Sponsored by Apex hero developer Electronic Arts.

Sometimes, Mr. Beast will make some kind donations to help the homeless, veterans, children's hospitals and animal shelters; in order to let fans gain a sense of identity and belonging, he has made a lot of activities and donations for fans.

YouTubers like Mr. Beast have natural advantages in producing reality shows. In addition to the remaining popularity of the squid game, he himself and his past videos are sufficiently dramatic, with a huge fan base and a fairly stable reputation, and the number of views is naturally rising.

UP masters are starting to join hands to shoot variety shows and play games

The live-action version of "Squid Game" directly raises the level of UP's main self-made variety show, which is far beyond the reach of everyone.

There are also a lot of UP master's homemade variety shows in China. Not everyone has the "money ability" like Mr. Beast. They follow another "high input and high output" format: the so-called firewood collection is high and the joint self-made variety show is not enough.

In April 2019, the six UP masters of station B jointly produced a reality show that is biased towards running accounts-"UP Master Metamorphosis". This program is based on the setting of Hunan Satellite TV's "Deformation Meter". Six UP masters went to a certain village to experience a different life. They challenged each person to survive for 50 yuan for five days. There is no script. It focuses on daily team building, and then joins. Randomly created program effects, some people disappeared pretendingly, and some ran to the villagers’ homes to eat and drink.

▲ The main metamorphosis of UP.

But the most interesting thing is that each program has six different personal perspective videos, each about 20 minutes, breaking through the perspective of God to interpret the story, and you can see the editing style and focus of each UP master.

These six UP masters are Ah Ma Zong, Li Yuanjun, Lao Tan Nonsense, Fule Brother, Xu Da Xia, Zai Xia Zhe Bie. Most of them have been selected as one of the top 100 UP owners of the year, and their fans are millions, spanning the living quarters, gaming areas, food areas, and so on.

In July 2019, the original team released the second season of "Let's Go!" "Transformed Brothers", compared to the "simple life" in the first season, the second season has added the gameplay such as the "cocky game", also has a clear goal, and the visibility is improved. First, it adopts multiple perspectives and then co-edits and broadcasts. , Won the Best Original Column of the Year at Station B, and was awarded by Yan Min, the former chief director of "Extreme Challenge".

The "Transformed Brothers" series has made an effect comparable to domestic variety shows. The advantages of joint shooting of small and medium variety shows are obvious.

On the one hand, a creative UP master can hold multiple roles, acting as actors, directors, editors, etc., plus the photogenic sense accumulated over a long period of time, there will be more sparks and collisions when combined, and the variety effects are naturally natural, all of them are Barrage of walking.

On the other hand, they have their own fan groups, and joint contributions can attract each other. After all, as the top stream in each district, their growth has reached a certain ceiling, and they need to get rid of the zero-sum game and find new growth points.

More importantly, the UP masters jointly do variety shows, which contains the possibility of more themes. But it is a pity that the current self-made variety show production is far from so sophisticated. It usually adds a certain degree of gameplay to the grounded daily life. Therefore, some people feel that this is "a low-creation variety show with no nutrition at all." Some self-made variety shows this year are indeed difficult to reproduce the quality of the "Transformed Brothers" series.

In August of this year, six UP masters joined forces to launch a self-made variety show "Who Is Next" , based on the setting of "Alice in the Dead Country". When night falls, the game is forced to start. The loser is immediately eliminated and returned home. "one day.

It seems that the setting is quite new, but its reputation is different. The audience's dissatisfaction is that the editing rhythm is too fast, the team building routine is not enough, and the game setting is too simple. Even they themselves were frank in the first issue, "fighting for the material" and "wanting the joint contribution of five issues."

In addition, although this kind of joint self-made method is in line with the tastes of the original audience and improves user stickiness, many stalks and jokes cannot be effectively output to a wider audience. Even if it breaks through the personal circle, it is still in the larger Enclosures in the circle are spontaneous, and they still share the same bowl of porridge.

Judging from the comments of netizens, they prefer the chemical reactions and team building routines when the UP main body is combined, and see how everyone with their own characteristics can make the comedy effect full. But when this "dream linkage" variety show model reaches the upper limit, it may be an inevitable aesthetic fatigue.

Either extremely boring or extremely dramatic

Going back to Mr. Beast, when the UP owners suffer from the material daily, and even the fit is for the material, his sense of variety seems to never lack.

Looking back at Mr. Beast's road to success, he has been trying to make videos on YouTube since he was 13 years old, but the number of views was very few, with an average of only 1,000 views.

The turnaround came unexpectedly-he made a video of himself counting from 1 to 10,000, and the whole video was 3 hours long.

Sounds silly and boring, right? But this 3-hour video attracted 6 million people around the world to watch him count. Although there is nothing but curiosity, perhaps watching this kind of boring is a kind of fun.

After that, Mr. Beast released another 100,000 video. It took him 40 hours to shoot the film, but some parts of it were processed by fast-broadcasting, so that the length of the short film was kept at about 24 hours. It has been viewed thousands of times in just a few days.

In addition, Mr. Beast tried to break the glass with a hundred loudspeakers, watched the paint dry for an hour, and rotated the fingertip top all day, but failed.

It is these boring videos that give Mr. Beast initial traffic, income and sponsorship. Everything that follows seems to be logical. The video that gave out $10,000 to the street homeless man in one issue opened the way for him to "spend huge sums of money". Since then, the money spent on each video is in units of 10,000, which grows like a snowball. .

Mr. Beast has also gone from extreme boredom to extreme drama. What remains unchanged is the low threshold, high attraction and short realization period of his videos. It seems difficult to make a self-made variety show with unabated popularity, but it's not that difficult.

When Mr. Beast hosted the reality version of the Squid game, his always smiling and comfortable expression seemed to have something inherent in common with "Squid Game". It turns out that some people are willing to make a squid game, and so many people are willing to participate and watch it. At least, "Squid Game" and Mr. Beast won again.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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