The price of NIO’s new EC6 has been announced, and the beautiful lines of Lingjing Purple make Li Bin no longer regret

Just now, NIO announced the price of the new generation EC6:

  • 75 kWh battery: vehicle purchase plan is 358,000 yuan, battery rental plan is 288,000 yuan, monthly battery fee is 980 yuan
  • 100kWh  Battery: The vehicle purchase plan is 416,000 yuan, the battery rental plan is 288,000 yuan, and the monthly battery fee is 1,680 yuan

This price seems to be 20,000 yuan more expensive than the ES6 that was launched at the end of May, but in fact, it originally cost 8,500 yuan to choose the queen's passenger car and the comfort package worth 9,500 yuan (including steering wheel heating, front seat ventilation/ Massage, rear seat heating, smart fragrance, pedal welcome lights) have all become standard equipment.

Therefore, today's ES6 and EC6, just like ET5 and its brother ET5T, are the same size of mooncake. It depends on whether you like the softness of egg yolk and lotus paste, or the rich and crispy five-nut kernel. (Sorry, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and all I can think about is moon cakes)

Let’s not go too far, close the pancake box, and let’s take a look at this new EC6 first.

New appearance, more sporty

Just looking at the front face, you may not be able to tell which one is the ES6 and which one is the EC6 from 20 meters away. The only difference between the two cars' front faces is the headlights.

Perhaps in order to give this fastback SUV a more sporty feel, NIO divided the original daytime running lights into two sections, and the sharper corners also make the eyes sharper.

The biggest difference in appearance is of course the rear of the car. The smooth lines all the way to the bottom, combined with the horizontal penetrating light group that is different from the previous generation of taillights, greatly eliminates the heavy feeling at the rear of the old EC6.

However, in terms of data, there is almost no difference between EC6 and ES6. The difference in vehicle length and height is about 5 mm, and the vehicle width is exactly the same, both close to 2 meters (1995mm). There is a new choice for car paint color – Juejue Purple (actually called Spiritual Realm Purple).

Inside the car, the new EC6 still uses the same interior as the NT2.0 platform model, and the configuration is exactly the same as the ES6, with the same queen co-driver and the same PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit.

Let’s look at something different:

1. Brand new Morning Lake Blue interior.

2. Integrated seat consistent with EC7.

3. The one-piece canopy with an area of ​​1.77 square meters supports flexible electrochromic technology and uses black and gray neutral colors. It will not turn the entire cockpit into a dark blue nightclub style like some models.

However, its discoloration still takes a certain amount of time like EC7, and the whole process takes about one and a half minutes.

4. The rear space in the rear seat is limited by the shape. If you are 1.8 meters tall, the distance from the top glass is only a little more than a punch. But fortunately, the EC6's rear seat backrest still supports 8° of electric adjustment, which improves the comfort of long-distance rides.

Unlike the previous generation EC6, which only supports 4/6 folding, the new EC6 supports 4/2/4 folding. The more flexible rear cabin layout makes up for the loss of trunk space due to the fastback shape to a certain extent.

Before the release of the new EC6, the public's perception of this product was usually limited to "ES6 with a coupe shape." Now, NIO has decided to bring the sporty feel that remains at the appearance level into driving.

Let’s briefly explain the motivation first.

The new EC6 also uses a dual-motor layout at the front and rear, with a front motor of 150kW and a rear motor of 210kW. The combined maximum torque is 700Nm, which can bring about 0-100km/h acceleration in 4.23 seconds. Considering NIO's usual reverse false standard, the 000km/h acceleration may be possible. Run to 4 seconds.

Not only that, after you step on the accelerator pedal, another thing will happen – the rear wing behind you will slowly rise when the vehicle speed reaches 80km/h, entering the deceleration; when the vehicle speed exceeds 170km/h, then It will be adjusted to the top speed gear to bring greater downforce.

In terms of battery life, the 75 kWh battery can bring a CLTC cruising range of 495km, and the 100 kWh battery can bring 630km. The actual battery life should be around 450km.

NIO has added a unique Sport+ mode to the new EC6. In this mode, the steering wheel will provide a heavier feel and the shock absorbers will become tougher.

Overall, today's EC6 has a clearer positioning and is unwilling to be mediocre? Buy it.

Li Bin no longer regrets

On December 28, 2019, Weilai held the second NIO Day, and the old EC6 was the protagonist of the night.

The EC6 launched that year was NIO's first and the world's first pure electric Coupe SUV. At that time, NIO attached great importance to this groundbreaking product, which was reflected in the configuration of the first-generation EC6.

NIO gave the EC6 all the most luxurious configurations it had at the time. Unfortunately, NIO was eager to put the EC6 into the market. In a hurry, Li Bin did not eat the hot tofu.

First of all, the seats of the old EC6 are a big problem.

▲The seats of the old EC6

Although Weilai brought many customized upgrades to the EC6's seats at the time, it was still widely criticized. Not only was the C-point in the front row too high, but the passenger's leg rest could easily hurt the calf when it was retracted.

Its rear row is even more of a disaster. The seats are hard and almost completely flat, unable to fit the occupants' body shape at all. The steep backrest and short seat cushions also prevent people from achieving a comfortable sitting posture.

▲The back row of the old EC6

It’s different now. Weilai has brought a brand new self-developed seat to the new EC6, which has all the functions of the ES6 seat, including leg rest heating, and the rear seats have been upgraded to a new level.

In addition to the seats, the more serious problem on the old EC6 was the suspension.

The EC6 released today adopts a front and rear five-link suspension layout, matched with CDC dynamic damping control. On the old EC6, Weilai even used air springs for high-end models, but soon everyone discovered that it would be better not to add air springs.

The reason is that the air suspension and CDC of the old EC6 come from two different suppliers, and the two are not well compatible. This leads to the problem of "should it be hard or not, and should it be soft or not" when the vehicle faces a bounce? "Case.

Not to mention the high-end feel of the suspension, it's not even comfortable, especially in the bench-like rear row.

Although I haven't test-drove the new EC6, I can get some reference from the ES6's performance – except for the slight wind noise in the A-pillar when the speed is 110km/h, I can't find any other faults.

NIO's old EC6 is not a model with a long life cycle, only just over 3 years. But during this period, NIO sold a total of 53,000 EC6 units. For a Coupe SUV built on the NT1.0 platform, this result is not bad.

More importantly, the problems exposed on the old EC6 have now been solved one by one by NIO .

What does NIO EC6 represent?

On the homepage of Weilai’s official website, we can see this sentence:

We are a car brand from the future, hoping to create a pleasant lifestyle for users.

There is no doubt that both Ideal and NIO are brands that understand users very well, but at the product level, the two brands care about users in completely different ways. The core of Li Auto is: meeting user needs and exceeding user needs.

Obviously, the key here is functional "requirements."

Generally speaking, demand is divided according to groups, divided into "mass demand" and "niche demand", but Li Auto's approach is to divide demand according to frequency of use. As long as there is a high-frequency demand, we have to work hard. Relatively speaking, it is easier to bring perceptible experience upgrades to users.

NIO, on the other hand, gives users more emotional value.

NIO users have three labels, namely youth, gender balance, and artistic pursuits. Expand it:

  1. More than 50% of Weilai users come from young families aged 28-38;
  2. Female users account for 40%;
  3. The proportion of white-collar workers and art professionals exceeds 70%.

Summarized into three words: personality, quality, and aesthetics.

Isn't this the new EC6 released today?

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