The operator ho Mobile confirms the data theft of December 28th

The end of 2020 brought with it a not very comforting news for ho Mobile users. In fact, on December 28 last, news was given of a data theft of 2.5 million users. The information obtained would then be put up for sale on the dark web. Initially, the operator did not confirm or deny by announcing the opening of an investigation. Well, today January 4th I Mobile has released a statement confirming the actual theft.

Ho Mobile data theft: what customers risk and what they should do

In particular, the press release refers that the data offered for sale on the dark web does not concern information relating to the payment method or traffic. All information regarding text messages, phone calls and web activities would therefore be safe. Customers who are victims of data theft will be contacted by ho Mobile.

The detail of the data theft

The information put up for sale therefore concerns personal data:

  • first name.
  • surname,
  • telephone number,
  • fiscal Code,
  • e-mail,
  • date and place of birth,
  • Nationality,
  • residential address.

In addition to the telephone numbers, the related ICCID serial numbers were also taken. The ICCID serial corresponds to the 19 unique digits that identify that specific sim. This is an important sequence as it can be used to allow the change of telephone operator. Leaving control of this information to others is dangerous as it could result in the loss of your phone number.

Data relating to payment methods, which in many cases refer to bank data, would not have been affected. All customers who have activated the automatic recharge for their sim can breathe a sigh of relief.

In the press release, I Mobile also states that all customers affected by the theft of information will be informed with a dedicated communication. We also report communication of further actions to protect stolen data in the course of implementation.

What customers who are victims of theft can do

All customers, both those involved in the incident and those unrelated, will be able to request the replacement of their sim for free at the ho Mobile retailers. This is an operation to be carried out directly at the point of sale since it is necessary to guarantee the customer's live recognition. In fact, the operator specifies that it will not be possible to deliver the replacement of the sim card through the courier.

The replacement of the sim will have no cost and will allow you to keep your phone number, your credit and all active options unchanged.

Best practice

ho Mobile in the official press release is not limited only to describing what the scenarios for its customers who are victims of data theft may be. In fact, the operator is keen to specify that new solutions will be implemented to secure user data but is keen to underline the best practices to use for their information.

Recommendations include the good practice of regularly updating the passwords of the various accounts, choosing them differently for the different sites. It also invites its customers to always report any abnormal operations to the account provider and to be careful not to access unsafe websites and not to share your credentials or other personal data via SMS or email.

It is advisable not to enter passwords that are too simple and always the same

In recent months there has been an increase in online scams, even the ISTAT data confirm this trend. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to make users aware of how to protect their information.

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