The old L7 owner who was “stabbed in the back” by Ideal decided to forgive Ideal after seeing the new L7/8/9

When I started receiving auto insurance renewal quote invitations from various insurance companies, I realized that it had been almost a year since I picked up the car.

For a long time, my ideal L7 Max has been hard-working. Before I knew it, its mileage had reached 18,000 kilometers. Its condition is still stable and the experience is in line with my expectations. With the OTA upgrade, it is indeed "always new". ” An unexpected surprise.

However, against the backdrop of a large number of advantages, several shortcomings of the ideal L7 have become very obvious:

There is no sunken storage compartment in the center control that is available in L8/9, there is no refrigerator configuration option in the whole series, the position of the rear license plate holder is not as good as that of L9, and the audio performance is unsatisfactory (barely satisfactory).

But overall it is still a good thing. After the test drive, I still feel that its overall performance is indeed ahead of its competitors at the same price in the same period. So after some ideological struggle, I changed my original intention of buying a Mercedes-Benz GLC300L and ordered it instead. This ideal L7 Max is equipped with 21-inch wheels & Michelin PS4 SUV tires, and dual 50W wireless charging panels.

Although I am still satisfied after driving 18,000 kilometers, it is too late and the L7 has received its first major facelift and upgrade after a year.

So, taking the L7 car key to the scene to watch the entire press conference, I couldn’t help but sigh with my friends:

Rather than saying this is an annual facelift, it would be better to say that Ideal has re-released L7/8/9.

24 model facelifts still make old ideal L7 owners "break their guard"

When it comes to facelifts and upgrades, the Ideal L series focuses on "listening to advice" – the four obvious shortcomings of the 23rd model of the Ideal L7 have been completely corrected by the 24th model.

The first is the sunken central storage compartment that I am obsessed with, which has returned on the 24-model Ideal L7.

The new L7 eliminates the blower that was originally placed under the center console and specifically serves the second-row air conditioners. It not only restores the sunken storage compartment that both L8 and L9 have, but also has enough space in the rear to place a refrigerator.

Owners of the old L7 car can only be envious. Who wouldn’t want to trade this blower for a refrigerator and storage compartment?

However, after canceling the blower, the space of the sunken storage compartment in L7 is only half that of L8/9, and the rear air-conditioning duct is still buried under it.

Compared with the appearance of the L9 and L8 that remain unchanged after the facelift, the rear tailgate style of the 24 Ideal L7 has changed. The design of the L9 is directly copied, and the license plate holder is moved from the rear bumper to the middle of the tailgate. Location.

Not only can you tell the difference between the old and new models at a glance from the rear of the car, but the overall look has become more harmonious and attractive – this made me comfort myself over and over again, and after looking at it for a year, I finally found the appearance of the old model that I like. , and was instantly defeated by the new optimization changes.

▲ Comparison of the rear styling of the 2024 Lili L7 and Lili L9

More importantly, the change in the license plate position further confirms the status of the Ideal L7 as the "little L9". After all, the Ideal L9 is defined as a "six-seat flagship SUV", while the Ideal L7 is a "five-seat flagship SUV."

▲ Comparison of the rear styling of the soon-to-be-released Ideal L6 and Ideal L8

Obviously, the upcoming Ideal L6 will be like the "six-seater luxury SUV" Ideal L8, with the rear license plate placed on the bumper, and may be officially defined as a "five-seater luxury SUV."

▲Comparison of the rear styling of the 2024 Lili L7, Lili L8 and Lili L9

Whether it is a flagship model or a sub-flagship luxury model, you can now tell it by looking at the rear of the car, and the strict classification of grades is becoming more and more clear.

Looking at the changes in the configuration of the three L series models, it can basically be summarized as "increasing volume without increasing price". With the starting price almost unchanged, the upgrades focus on the core elements of refrigerators, color TVs and large sofas. The comfortable atmosphere of "mobile home".

The first is the seats. The ideal L9 is in line with MEGA. It comes standard with SPA-level 16-point massage seats in the first and second rows. The right side of the second row has been upgraded with a queen seat. The leg rest can be raised, providing a lying position close to a "zero gravity" seat. .

The first and second rows of the new Ideal L7/8 are equipped with the SPA-level ten-point massage used on the old L9, and the body feel has been significantly improved. Compared with the waist massage on the old L7, which is better than nothing, the new ten-point massage gives you the feeling of relaxing at home.

In addition, the more obvious features include the standard small table on the right side of the second row of the ideal L8, and the L7/8 Pro and Max models (originally named, now renamed Max and Ultra) have added dual-purpose refrigerators.

In addition, all facelifted models are equipped with a 50W mobile phone wireless charging panel as standard. Compared with the 15W wireless charging panel that is standard on the old model, the new model does not require car owners to go to the mall to pay for an upgrade.

Out of sight, there are also changes to the new model's suspension and battery.

In the commuting scene between cities, I have become accustomed to "pure electric first" travel. In fact, Ideal officially stated that the proportion of pure electric driving for L series users has reached 65%, which means that most Ideal L series owners also like pure electric driving. According to my personal use, after driving purely electric for about 100 to 140 kilometers, I will consider charging, so extended-range electric vehicles are also eager for larger batteries.

Therefore, after the facelift, all L series Max models are equipped with an extended-range electric system with a 52.3kWh battery. The pure electric range is CLTC 280KM, while WLTC is about 230KM.

At the same time, I also noticed a detailed change in the battery. The charging power of the new battery has been upgraded from the maximum 75kw to 90kw. The large 52.3kWh battery also gained a relatively slightly faster speed advantage during DC fast charging (official data: 20% -80% takes 25 minutes).

After popularizing air suspension, the new Ideal L9 is equipped with the "Magic Carpet Max" with dual-chamber air spring + CDC shock absorber, continuing to maintain its top flagship status; and the (originally named) Ideal L7/8 Air is also similar to Pro, The Max version also uses the "Magic Carpet Pro" of single-chamber air spring + CDC shock absorber.

At the press conference, Ideal announced that the entire L series has air suspension… ah no, "magic carpet".

But in the new product announcement catalog of the 379th batch of "Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Product Announcements" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in January, the 2024 Ideal L7 and L8 actually have 4 models. So where is this "hidden model"?

It was not until March 12 that Ideal announced that it had changed the serial numbers of 24 L series products, and officially announced this hidden model – providing a "no air suspension" version of the Air configuration.

The names of the Air, Pro, and Max models unveiled at the conference were "upgraded" to Pro, Max, and Ultra. For specific changes, please refer to the article "After the MEGA crisis, how did ideals let old car owners break their defenses again" .

Turning our attention back to the changes in the 2024 L series, the ideal facelift strategy is actually quite clear.

After solving the obvious shortcomings of the old model and adding a bunch of configurations, it can be seen how uncomfortable the reaction of old car owners is, which also shows that the sincerity of the change is quite good.

Modification means backstab? But old car owners don’t seem to have too many complaints.

Before the official spring launch of Ideal, Ideal first released its 2023 full-year financial report, prepping the launch with a report card of more than 370,000 vehicles delivered throughout the year, revenue of 100 billion and profit of 10 billion. Obviously, the three models of Ideal L7/8/9 have actually used the average monthly delivery volume of more than 10,000 to support Li Auto's cash reserves of 100 billion.

Therefore, compared to the MEGA that Li Xiang talked about for 1 hour and 10 minutes at the press conference, many potential buyers who are holding coins to buy will actually pay more attention to the 2024 ideal L series.

As an old car owner who was one of the first to take delivery of the 2023 L7 Max, I feel that the product strength of the 24 new cars is a bit ridiculous. The large changes and upgrades will indeed make old car owners feel sad, especially the old owners of the ideal L7. , as if gritting his teeth and watching the entire press conference.

But in the end, the old car owners didn't seem to have as much resentment as they imagined, and there didn't seem to be any "collective rights protection" or "want to report a total loss."

▲ Li Auto’s official Weibo officially announced the facelift of the L series on January 11, 2024, with price reductions for older models.

The reason may be based on the experience of the Ideal One period. As early as January this year, Ideal officially announced that it would release a model change on March 1. At the same time, it also updated the "Spring Festival limited-time car purchase discount" policy, which will be released on March 23. Model price reduction promotion.

This is equivalent to informing consumers: new cars are about to be launched, old models are on sale now, it’s up to you to wait until you buy the new model or buy the old model now, leaving the choice to consumers in a decent manner.

For owners of 23 L series cars, although the new model is stronger, they still feel that the old model is ahead of the competition. This can be seen from the fact that many consumers still pick up old models and new cars during the Chinese New Year.

On the other hand, thanks to the fact that the L-series used car market has stabilized at this stage, the depreciation rate is basically in line with the expectations of old car owners. In addition, the manufacturer also announced that the Snapdragon 8295P chip can be upgraded for a fee in the second quarter. One more thing mentioned The "Smart U-Turn Assist" of the brand will also be available for OTA upgrades in the third quarter to all Ideal L series and Ideal MEGA users, so the overall mood of old car owners is quite stable.

Moreover, Li Xiang had already taken another "precautionary shot" at the right time before the press conference. He stated on Weibo that 95% of the upgraded configurations of the 24 models came from the blogger @大D有ATTITUDE, and then Big D would also change models. The responsibility for backstabbing was cleverly transferred to the L7/8/9 group of riders.

Indeed, on the first day I joined the L7 group chat, I started complaining about the lack of sunken storage compartments…

When this "blame-shifting" link becomes clear, the meaning can also be interpreted as: the only one who can stab the old car owners in the back is the old car owners themselves – so the old car owners' resentment towards the facelift and additional equipment also dissipated. Went a lot.

Of course I choose to forgive him.

The last step to consolidate product strength is pricing.

Compared with the model of "increasing volume and reducing price" by rival manufacturers when they facelift models, in the end the pricing of the L series facelift was still in line with the starting price of the old model a year ago. On the surface, there was no direct price reduction in exchange for product strength.

At the same time, with the pricing unchanged, the new model has changed the configurations that originally required paid upgrades to free standard configurations, and has gradually decentralized the configurations that originally exceeded the level, once again refreshing the overall product strength.

In short, it is to make price reduction invisible and optional equipment become standard equipment, so as to keep hot products alive forever.

The ideal "hit strategy" is still being implemented

Compared with the recent dilemma of Ideal MEGA due to public opinion, the increasingly mature Ideal L series seems to be in good times.

In an all-staff letter issued in December 2022, Li Xiang announced a comprehensive upgrade of the non-matrix organization. He also set an expected sales volume of more than 10,000 monthly sales for each L series model in 2023, as well as the company's future plans. Target of reaching RMB 100 billion:

If the success of Ideal ONE is an accident, IPD (Integrated Product Development) helped our second, third, and fourth products become popular products. Ideal L9, L8, and L7 made Ideal ONE’s success from What happened by chance became inevitable, and four consecutive products will become hit products with monthly sales of over 10,000 people. In 2023, they will gain an absolute leading market share in the SUV market worth 300,000 to 500,000 yuan.

It can be seen that since the official delivery of the Ideal L series, the rapidly rising sales of the three models have driven the growth of the company's revenue, thereby accelerating the release of economies of scale. While the average cost of a single model has been continuously reduced, the gross profit has also increased. rise. Now, Ideal has become the only three profitable new energy vehicle companies in the world after Tesla and BYD.

The promise made a year ago, although the process has been questioned, can still be fulfilled in the end.

The L series, which has withstood the test of the market, gives investors and users full confidence in Li Auto's profitability and sustainable development. Among the new power car companies, the current ideal hematopoietic ability is indeed far ahead.

To explore the reasons, China International Finance Securities’ evaluation of Li Auto in the research report is: “Precise positioning creates the cornerstone of success.”

Whether it is product positioning or product pricing, the L series can cater to the comprehensive needs of most Chinese home users. Although the three models seem to be a bit like "matryoshka dolls", precise differentiation control means that the actual audience of the three models has no obvious overlap. L7/8/9 each correspond to different needs of home users.

In fact, while answering the question "What kind of SUV does a family need?", the L series also makes it clear that it wants to compete for the SUV market share of luxury brands such as BBA, so it needs to be ahead of competing luxury brands in terms of comprehensive experience. And it solves all the worries of home users when traveling. In the handling of many details, it shows maturity and thoughtfulness that is beyond the capabilities of new car companies.

Nowadays, the L series has shortened the update cycle and even redefined the product name, allowing the new Pro to be priced at the same price as the old Air. The Max succeeds the original Pro, and the Max, which should have been called a full range of equipment, has become a brand new one. Ultra, to a certain extent, can indeed give all home users who hold coins to buy, enough novel reasons to buy.

In the situation of stock competition, Ideal directly used the method of "increasing quantity without increasing price" to cleverly break into the open and clear price war. It tried to use the attitude of "increasing quantity without increasing price" to escape the whirlpool of public opinion on price cuts, and We plan to continue to enjoy the long-established advantage of explosive products.

The upcoming Ideal L6 should continue the "hot product strategy". While inheriting the L series' overall design and extended-range electric architecture, its price is relatively lower and its size is relatively smaller.

As a medium-to-large SUV model with a length of less than 5 meters, the Ideal L6 is expected to use precise skills to set the starting price at more than 200,000 yuan, and differentiate it from the Ideal L7, further cannibalizing the five-seat SUV market.

Li Auto, which intends to make a high-profile effort in the high-voltage pure electric field, has already established its most solid foundation with the extended-range electric L series.

As for whether the high-voltage pure electric MPV Lideal MEGA can become the next hot product of Li Auto, there are also variables such as the coverage of the self-operated ultra-fast recharging network; but there is no doubt that the extended-range electric L series is still driving the current trend. As Li Auto moves towards sustained profitability, more and more Li Auto will appear around us.

This means that when the car market begins to enter the knockout round of stock competition, Li Auto is still one of the players with the largest chips on the poker table.

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