The Nvidia graphics card is cracked, the miners are ecstatic, and the party is crying

As if agreed, the two mining software platforms NiceHash and NBMiner released 100% of the computing power limit for unlocking NVIDIA LHR graphics cards one after the other.

▲ NiceHash mining platform announced to unlock LHR graphics card computing power. Image from: NiceHash

One piece of news, two worlds of ice and fire.

▲ The price of a graphics card is still at a "low point". Image from: Jingdong

The "waiting parties" who are bathing in the price reduction of graphics cards have begun to complain, while the graphics card merchants who are "hoarding strange things" have begun to raise prices secretly. However, the price of graphics cards on does not fluctuate much, and the price fluctuations are more in the secondary market.

So, has this wave of waiting for the party been pinched again?

100% computing power, is it really cracked or officially condoned?

LHR is the abbreviation of Lite Hash Rate, which is simply a low hash value. NVIDIA's original intention is to limit the mining performance of GPU encrypted currency, which is only 50% of the non-LHR version, aiming to persuade miners.

At the same time as the LHR version of the graphics card was released, NVIDIA also launched the corresponding mining card, and the high computing power price also doubled.

According to a report by WCCFTech, in October last year, the price of the flagship mining card CMP 170HX released by Nvidia came to $4,435, which can almost buy two RTX 3090s.

▲ A professional mining card with a high price. Image from: techpowerup

At the same time, many mining platforms have also launched so-called mining machines, which are similar to mining cards and have the characteristics of high cost and high income.

However, in view of the hot cryptocurrency market, neither mining cards nor ordinary graphics cards on the market have been able to satisfy the upsurge of miners to build mining farms. Even gaming notebooks equipped with mobile graphics cards have not been able to avoid becoming mining tools.

▲ Private small mine. Image from: reddit-u/miner69niner

Originally had high hopes, the LHR version of the graphics card, which brought the graphics card market back to normal, played little role. This is not because the behavior of locking computing power is wrong, but in this deformed market, Nvidia, the most profitable, acts as both a referee and an athlete.

After the first-generation LHR graphics card was launched, NVIDIA accidentally leaked the unlocking driver of the limiter, and the lock computing power existed in name only, but this was limited to the RTX 3060.

▲ Picture from: moeara

Subsequently, NVIDIA upgraded the algorithm and launched the second-generation LHR graphics card. However, mining platforms such as NiceHash have been cracking the computing power of these graphics cards.

At present, NiceHash and NBMiner have been able to unlock about 70% of the computing power of most LHR graphics cards. If you use T-Rex to open the dual mining mode and mine two different cryptocurrencies at the same time, you can even fully utilize 100% of the LHR graphics card computing power.

NiceHash QuickMiner and NBMiner V41.0, which were just released a few days ago, claim to be able to unlock 100% of the computing power of LHR graphics cards and support Windows and Linux platforms.

▲ The computing power of the LHR graphics card after cracking. Image from: github

Once the two platforms were released, both YouTube bloggers and professional testing institutions said that they were almost perfectly cracked, which was almost the same as that of ordinary graphics cards.

HotHardware even summed up the crack results at one time, including almost all the graphics cards of the second-generation LHR. The graphics card model and unlocking power are as follows:

  • RTX 3060 LHR: 50 MH/s
  • RTX 3060 Ti LHR: 60 MH/s
  • RTX 3070 LHR: 60 MH/s
  • RTX 3070Ti LHR: 81 MH/s
  • RTX 3080 10GB LHR: 98 MH/s
  • RTX 3080 Ti LHR: 120 MH/s

It stands to reason that this result should actually be the result of the mining platform and NVIDIA's "fight of wits and courage", but when the graphics card market became cold and the eve of the release of the 40 series graphics cards, the two institutions released almost simultaneously, and there was quite a feeling of "thief shouting to catch a thief" .

▲ Big mine owner. Image from: wired

It also made many gamers and graphics card parties think that NVIDIA has done some minor work.

However, what was unlocked this time is actually LHRv2, which is all the graphics cards with the second-generation locked computing power. The latest LHRv3 is still under 50% of the computing power.

In addition, what is more interesting is that after the RTX 3080 Ti LHR is unlocked, the computing power is stable at 120MH/s, which is almost the same as the RTX 3090.

But the price of RTX 3090 is almost twice that of RTX 3080 Ti. This wave of unlocking, from a certain dimension, the ultimate loser may be RTX 3090.

▲ Picture from: GIFer

From this point of view, the liberation of the computing power of the LHRv2 graphics cards is not so related to NVIDIA. After all, from the perspective of maximizing profits, NVIDIA will not dismount the 3090 in order to clear the goods, and it is more inclined to the behavior of the mining platform. .

Gone are the high-priced graphics cards and high-yield mining

Whether it is a graphics card or a cryptocurrency, its value is actually directly related to market demand.

When ETH started to soar from $1,000 in early 2021 to $4,800 in November 2021, many new miners were spawned, and demand for graphics cards soared.

▲ ETH price. Image from: Yahoo

More miners poured in, and the network computing power of ETH also soared over the same period, from 292TH/s to 924TH/s, and the mining difficulty more than doubled.

While ETH continues to be crazy, the daily income per unit of computing power is no longer good. Also for the whole year of 2021, it will be $0.047 at the beginning of the year and $0.057 at the end of the year.

▲ The average daily income of ETH unit computing power is no longer good, and it is returning to $0.04. Image from: bitinfocharts

In the chart, there is a lot of volatility during the whole year of 2021, and the miners who have entered the market have almost always faced a shrinking daily income.

After NiceHash and NBMiner released the software for cracking LHR graphics cards, many cryptocurrencies including ETH continued to decline, but the computing power and mining difficulty of the entire network continued to increase steadily, and the daily income per unit computing power also hit a new low today. $0.03 (about two cents).

▲ Picture from: minerbbs

Now, a RTX 3080 Ti mining machine is set up at a reasonable price. Based on the current computing power, income, and difficulty, it will take about 400 days to recover the cost.

Similarly, as the cryptocurrency market begins to decline, the old miners are not very willing to add cards, and the growing party has also forced the graphics card market to cool down.

▲ The graphics card is returning to its normal price. Image from: WCCFtech

In the GPU market pricing tracking report just released by WCCFtech, the good news that "graphics cards are everywhere" is said.

Popular Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards are gradually returning to their regular MSRP (official listing price), which is only about 10% higher.

The price curve of graphics cards is almost in line with the value curve of ETH. The recent sharp drop in cryptocurrencies has also prompted the price of graphics cards to fall.

▲ 80! 80! 80! . Image via: Tenor

Whether it is the low investment and high income of cryptocurrencies in the past, or the market price of graphics cards that is several times MSRP, it will be gone forever.

Unless the ETH or cryptocurrency market soars again and captures $5,000 or even $6,000 in one fell swoop, will there be a chance to once again cause the daily revenue per unit of computing power to soar, attracting more graphics cards to the mines, increasing demand, and forcing the price of graphics cards to rise.

▲ ETH epic mining difficulty. Image from: 2miners

However, with the current high computing power of the entire network, especially the release of a part of the computing power of LHR graphics cards, and the difficulty of obtaining ETH has reached a historical extreme value of 14P (about 6P in 2021), the above assumptions are difficult to come true. .

The unlocking of the computing power of the LHRv2 graphics card this time has not prevented the cryptocurrency market from cooling down, and it is difficult to raise the price of the 30-series graphics card after the demand is reduced.

▲ Enter the 1 GH/s Hash Club. Image from: reddit

In the EtherMining topic on the Reddit forum, after unlocking the LHR graphics card, most miners reported a positive attitude, saying that their mining equipment had higher computing power.

And in this peaceful discussion atmosphere, there is also a "sober" miner who sent a meme meme and asked "why are my profits down? (Why are my profits reduced?)".

▲"The clown is actually myself". Image from: reddit

This also positively reflects the current situation of the cryptocurrency market. Even if the trump card of unlocking is played, it still cannot prevent the trend of mining becoming more and more difficult and the income getting lower and lower.

And these unlocked mine cards are very likely to be the first wave of cannon fodder in the current state. For ordinary DIY and game players, as long as they don't take over the "graphics card" of unknown origin, they will not be the second wave of cannon fodder.

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