The next generation of iPhone may have a 1TB version / Apple’s folding screen patent exposure / Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s difficulty today is that “designed chips cannot be made in China.”

Morning report

  • Next-generation iPhone may have a 1TB storage capacity version
  • iPhone 12 may support reverse charging to Apple accessories
  • Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s difficulty today is that "the designed chips cannot be made in China."
  • DJI Mavic Mini 2 UAV goes on sale overseas
  • Webcast high rewards will be restricted
  • Apple's folding screen patent exposure
  • Apple App can instantly shoot multiple new features
  • Sentenced in Didi Daqiu Trademark Infringement Case
  • Apple develops its own search technology
  • iPhone active users exceed 1 billion
  • Ant employees responded to rumors worth tens of millions
  • 2021 Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins Released
  • The first 100 products list at station B
  • Hangzhou intends to legislate clearly: Property owners shall not be forced to enter the community by face recognition
  • Netizens hotly discuss: blue-collar monthly salary is higher than college students
  • drop! Cloud check-in: Circle of Wisdom @ Chengdu·China

Apple next year or push 1TB storage capacity version of the iPhone

Well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser said that Apple will launch the iPhone 13 with a 1TB storage version for the first time. The message that flowed out earlier indicated that the iPhone 13 may record 8K video at 45FPS through an anamorphic lens. But when using a 512GB storage model iPhone, users can only record 170 5 minute 8K 30FPS videos. If the information is true, the 1TB storage capacity version of the iPhone will allow the phone to store more high-quality videos.

iPhone 12 may support reverse charging of future Apple accessories

According to a MagSafe FCC document discovered by Jeremy Horwitz of VentureBeat, the iPhone 12 model may have the function of reverse wireless charging for accessories. Apple stated in the document that the iPhone will support wireless charging in 2020, and at least one Apple accessory will be enabled in the future. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman speculated that one of these accessories may be the new AirPods that support MagSafe, which allows the AirPods case to be magnetically attached to the back of the iPhone 12 model and charged.

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s difficulty today is that "the designed chips cannot be made in China."

On October 27, Huawei’s internal website "Xinsheng Community" published a speech by Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei in Beijing’s higher education trip in September this year, titled "Poke the sky up and take root down." Ren Zhengfei said that peace requires considerable strength to obtain, and Xianglin’s wife-like peace does not exist. "The difficulty that Huawei encounters today is not relying on a globalized platform to press hard on the strategic direction to produce breakthroughs, but what mistakes are there, but the advanced chips we have designed, which the domestic basic industry cannot produce. Make products and then make chips."

Latest epidemic figures

Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan): On October 28, 47 new cases were confirmed, including 24 imported cases (8 in Inner Mongolia, 6 in Shanghai, 3 in Guangdong, 2 in Tianjin, 2 in Jiangsu, and 1 in Beijing , 1 case in Fujian, 1 case in Shaanxi), 23 local cases (all in Xinjiang); no new deaths; no new suspected cases.

Hong Kong: As of 0:00 on October 28, 2 new confirmed cases were imported from abroad. At present, Hong Kong has reported a total of 5,310 confirmed cases, 5,063 discharged cases, and 105 deaths.

Overseas: As of 8:00 on October 28, a total of 44,635,962 confirmed cases overseas, a total of 1,173,637 deaths, and a total of 32,327,901 cured cases.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone is on sale overseas: 249g weight, supports 4K recording

According to DroneDJ, the DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone is already on sale in overseas Best Buy stores. The packaging shows that this drone weighs about 249g, has a maximum flight time of 31 minutes, and supports 10 kilometers of HD image transmission. In terms of cameras, DJI Mavic Mini 2 has been upgraded to 4K video recording and supports 3-axis mechanical stabilization. The overseas retail price of the DJI Mavic Mini 2 stand-alone version is US$449, and the retail price of the Changfei package is US$599. The DJI Mavic Mini 2 may be released on October 30.

Webcasting of high-value rewards will be restricted, and guidelines will be issued as soon as December

▲ A high school girl who is broadcasting live. Picture from: Parent-child world

According to the 21st Century Business News, the China Performance Industry Association Network Performance (Live Broadcast) Branch will issue guidelines on the behavior of online live broadcasts during the year, which will be released in December at the earliest. In addition, the association will also launch a classification and grading management standard for network anchors to rate non-e-commerce anchors. The main goal of the promulgation of the Code of Conduct for Webcasting Reward is to solve the three major problems of passionate rewarding, high-value rewarding and minor rewarding in current webcasting.

Apple researches protective coating to avoid cracking of folding screen

According to Patently Apple, a patent document officially released by the US Patent and Trademark Office recently shows that Apple is developing a protective hard layer to solve the problems of cracking, fragility, and durability of the foldable screen. The patent outlines how curved, flexible or foldable screens can avoid all kinds of derivative problems under the protection of hard coating.

Clips 3.0 (Clips 3.0) releases many new features

Apple brings a number of updates to Clips-Clips is an app developed by Apple that aims to bring an interesting and easy-to-use video creation experience to the iPhone and iPad. ClickClip 3.0 is now on the App Store. The new version brings many new features, including a new streamlined interface, support for vertical and horizontal video, HDR video shooting on the iPhone 12 series, and new special effects.

Didi playing ball trademark infringement case sentenced: Didi awarded 700,000 yuan

According to Titanium Media, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court recently concluded a dispute over infringement and unfair competition of the "Didi Daqiu Guanjia" trademark (the trademark involved in the case), and ordered the defendant Didi Daqiu to stop the trademark infringement involved and stop using the trademark "Didi Daqiu". The name of the company with the words ", and an order for compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 700,000 yuan. Neither party filed an appeal, and the judgment has taken effect.

The relationship with Google has been censored, and Apple has stepped up development of its own search technology

According to the Financial Times, as the US antitrust agency investigated Google and asked it to pay billions of dollars in default search fees, Apple is stepping up its development of its own search technology.

In the latest version of the iOS 14 system, a change that less people noticed is that when users search on the home screen, Apple has begun to display its own search results and link directly to the website. Several industry insiders said that this web search capability marks an important advancement in Apple's independent search technology development.

iPhone has over 1 billion active users, less than 5,000 days after the first iPhone was launched

On October 26, analysis company Above Avalon estimated that less than 5,000 days before the launch of the first-generation iPhone, and before the launch of the iPhone 12 series, the number of active users of Apple mobile phones in September 2020 exceeded 1 billion. Apple attracts about 20 to 30 million new iPhone users every year, who eventually become iPhone users by purchasing other Apple devices and services.

Ant employees responded to rumors worth tens of millions: I will come on!

On October 26, the initial inquiry of Ant Group's IPO was completed, and the final price per share was determined to be 68.8 yuan. Some media estimates that according to Lianjia data, each Ant employee can buy a large house of 283 square meters in Hangzhou. In response, Alipay officially responded: I have no net worth of tens of millions, and I cannot afford a large house of 283 square meters. But if there is no now does not mean that there will be no in the future, there are still dreams, and I will come on!

The People's Bank of China Issues 2021 Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins

The People’s Bank of China is scheduled to issue a set of 12 panda gold and silver commemorative coins of the 2021 version on October 30, 2020, including 6 panda universal gold and silver commemorative coins and 6 panda refined gold and silver commemorative coins. currency.

The first 100 products list of “CHINA- Z 100'' at station B

On October 28, Station B announced the launch of the "CHINA-Z 100", a top 100 product list created for Chinese young people, aiming to select Chinese products that will improve the quality of life and care for Chinese young people. On November 6, Station B will hold the first domestic product awards ceremony, awarding the top ten products of the year.

On the "CHINA-Z 100" list, living and household categories such as bear hot pot and grilling pot, Jissbon 0.01 zero-sensing condom, music and song standing lift desk, etc. are selected, and the digital 3C category is Huawei P40 and Xiaomi 10Pro. And so on, the perfect diary anti-gravity lip glaze for beauty and personal care, Mao Geping light moisturizing and non-marking powder cream are all on the list.

Hangzhou intends to legislate clearly: Property owners shall not be forced to enter the community by face recognition

▲ Picture from: CSDN

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the "Hangzhou City Property Management Regulations (Revised Draft)" was recently submitted to the Standing Committee of the 13th Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress for deliberation. The draft stipulates that property service providers shall not force owners to use shared facilities and equipment through biometric methods such as fingerprints and face recognition. If the revised draft is passed, the "Hangzhou City Property Management Regulations" will become the first formal legislation in China that regulates residential face recognition.

Since the beginning of this year, many property communities have installed smart access control systems, and some communities have forced residents to use face recognition to enter and exit, causing residents to worry.

Blue-collar monthly salary is higher than college students

He recently hired a general worker with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan for an electronics factory in Jiangsu. As soon as the workers arrived at the scene, they were snatched away by the electronics factory next door with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. In this regard, a person in charge of a human resources company said: "Now there is even a phenomenon of talent inversion. According to our average recruitment data, the monthly salary of undergraduate students is below 4000 yuan, college is 4500 yuan, and vocational high school is 5000-6000 yuan, and many blue-collar jobs The monthly salary is over 10,000."

A netizen said: "Don't compare the end point on one side with the starting point on the other side." "This is a normal phenomenon. Foreign blue-collar wages have always been high!" "What can be compared to the money earned by skills?"

Circle of Wisdom @ Chengdu · China

The "Ring of Wisdom" has two functional areas: a science and technology exhibition hall and a reception center. Its streamlined structure is inspired by the local topography. During the site visit, the architectural firm Powerhouse Company noticed the natural undulations of the surrounding terrain. The location of the building itself is also a soft hill.

In addition to its eye-catching appearance, another special feature of the "Ring of Wisdom" is the red trail on the "Ring" where citizens can walk or run.

In the future, a new school will be built next to the building, and the "Ring of Wisdom" will also be transformed into a gymnasium and Yimei complex. It will have an Olympic-standard runway and maintain its core community attributes in the base area.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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