The New Year’s Eve party at station B, which knows young people best, can this time ignite feelings?

If you want to use one word to evaluate the most beautiful night at station B in 2019, the word "understand" is destined to not be bypassed.

As of today, this party, which was rated as the "most understanding young man", had 120 million views on station B. After 90,000 people rated it, it got an incredible score of 9.9 points.

Even after leaving his "home", on the more neutral Douban platform, 30,000 viewers gave it an average of 9.1 points.

The debut of the New Year’s Eve party at Station B is the pinnacle. As the first party held in the largest ACG community in China, the most beautiful night of 2019 really comes from the courage to go out of the circle to attract more young people from different circles. Note that this also makes people extremely expect that the most beautiful night in 2020 will continue last year's high reputation.

Take “the most beautiful night'' as the end of 2020

When Yang Liang, the chief planner of "The Most Beautiful Night" last year, was asked about his views on the super-high ratings of the show, he gave his own understanding: the content production of the party can only give 6 points, 2 points are derived from freshness, 1 Points come from word of mouth.

He confessed that before the broadcast, he did not expect "The Most Beautiful Night of 2019" to achieve such high results. Since he has never done a similar show, there is no pressure to produce it.

Before deciding to produce this New Year's Eve concert, Station B actually wanted to seek the naming cooperation of various David TVs, but because the asking price was too expensive, "I might as well do it myself," Yang Liang said half-jokingly.

After the "Most Beautiful Night of 2019" was well received, it immediately came to bear the tremendous pressure of making the "Most Beautiful Night of 2020". When the audience's 2 points of freshness pass, the high expectations generated will be transformed into stricter requirements. Station B users are tolerant, they tolerate all popular or niche cultures, and at the same time, they are strict. They can tell what is a good work.

As a New Year's Eve concert for station B users, the production team must produce with higher scores to fill the audience's high expectations. "The Most Beautiful Night of 2020" continues last year's highly acclaimed 3+X music theme route-animation, film and television, and games plus new expressions, to draw an end to this difficult year with music that young people understand.

"Sunset" "Moonrise" "Starry"

This year's "Most Beautiful Night" still divides tonight's show into three chapters: "Sunset", "Moon Rising" and "Stars". With the virtual singer Luo Tianyi sang the three-body theme song "Night Flight" in the form of holographic projection "Star", three hosts Sa Beining, Chen Chao and "Qianlang" He Bing appear in sequence.

Although lacking last year’s host Zhu Guangquan’s playful string of words, Sa Bening, who is full of affinity for the younger generation, still provokes the burden of the "atmosphere group." After teasing He Bing’s post-wave speech, the performance officially began.

Games are always the most resonant. Liu Boxin’s LOL 2020 season propaganda song "Warriors" became the first emotional burst tonight. When dancers in armor walked onto the stage, they awakened every summoner. Memory of the canyon.

When the phrase "Run Forward" across the stage, the already considered old band's GALA "Dream Pursuing Heart" filled the screen with "Ye Qinghui", and the lyrics representing youth and passion are still encouraging people to run into the new year. For a better life, the new generation of dream chasers are full of enthusiasm, but the older generation of dream chasers are full of tears.

It's a pity that the tears I just squeezed were forced back by the cheerful rhythm of "Young For You". When the lead singer finally sang the sound, the full screen of "right taste" made people laugh out loud.

If the popularity of the program is to be ranked by the cheers of the live audience, the Legend of Sword and Fairy Suite should be the best program in the second chapter "Yue Sheng".

The combination of pipa, erhu, guzheng and flute, "Butterfly Love" from Xianjianyi can still touch the softest string in the hearts of the audience more than a decade later.

When the music of "Legend of Sword and Fairy" sounded, the slightly rough pixel style game screen appeared, once again dragging us back to the chivalrous arena of the year. The "Brother Xiaoyao" and "Sedum's view, Sedum's sky" on the screen are secret signs for fans of the fairy sword and youth.

At that moment, the chivalrous man and the love had an outline, fifteen years, it is difficult to wake up from a dream. Becoming a legend is not because of perfection without defects, but because of the power that resonates forever under the affection and righteousness.

"Shock Hong" by the artist Qiu Jirong will be the most daring and amazing show tonight. The reason is that it is a Chinese opera performance. The young people, Chinese opera, and the New Year's Eve party, these few seemingly irrelevant words are cleverly Together, they created a magnificent visual feast and won the applause of the audience and the barrage.

Young people’s love for the stunning mix of Peking Opera, Sichuan Opera, Qin Opera, and Kunqu Opera will surprise you.

The two sides of the strait and the four places are hosting the most beautiful night this time. The biggest difference between this time and last year. TVB’s classic drama is a classic in the memory of the post-90s generation. When Zhou Baihao and other special guests sang classic soundtracks such as "The Storm of Hearts" on the stage, It's as happy as going back to watching TVB celebrations when I was young.

Wujoren is not necessarily the most favorite band of young people, but it is definitely the most popular band for young people. In the summer of 2020, this "plastic" band has contracted for a whole summer of fun.

The lyrics of "A Zhen fell in love with A Qiang" sang the true meaning of love. After seeing too many heavy make-ups, this year young people prefer the love after the sweet filter is removed.

The closer the New Year's Eve party is to 0 o'clock, the more exciting the program will be. The last chapter "Stars" used symphony to push the atmosphere of tonight to the climax.

This year still retains the highly acclaimed "Symphony Rehabilitation" session. The main musician changed from "Weapon Master" Fang Jinlong to Sheng Le master Wu Tong, combining the Sheng and the symphony to burn the JOJO theme song "il vento d' Oro", "News Broadcast", Rick and Morty episode "For the Damaged Coda", "Butter Cup" and other famous scenes BGM full of stigma.

And the wonderful combination of Suona, Sheng, and "Cat and Mouse" can be said to be the biggest surprise tonight.

"Marvel Heroes Never End" with piano master Lang Lang's participation should be regarded as the most popular program before the beginning of the party. In 2020, when there are no Marvel movies for a whole year, the feelings of Marvel fans need a concentrated explosion.

Marvel’s magnificent theme song and the symphony couldn’t fit better, but the short 4-minute show was not enjoyable enough. As a Spider-Man fan, not being able to hear the exclusive soundtrack belonging to Little Spider is the biggest regret tonight .

After 0 o’clock, Mayday, known as "Li Guyi at Station B" (who has been responsible for the closing song for two consecutive years), once again became the background of the "Happy New Year" screen. In the singing of "Cheers", millions of B Fans used barrage to raise their glasses to usher in a new year. Seeing so many people sharing their joys, angers, sorrows and joys with themselves throughout the night, the moment of "cheers" is really warm.

The regret of 2020 is a good foreshadowing of 2021

It is worth mentioning that the "Most Beautiful Night of 2020" has made many technological breakthroughs compared to last year. The technical standards of 4K and Dolby Atmos make it the audio-visual ceiling of the New Year's Eve party.

In terms of video technology upgrades, Station B has always been at the forefront. For example, in June this year, Station B took the lead in upgrading the upload quality of videos to 4K/120 frames, catering to the increasingly mainstream consumer-level 4K content needs.

Under this wave of technological upgrades, we might as well guess boldly that on the most beautiful night of 2021, maybe we will see the top live broadcast in 4K/120 frames/HDR.

What do you see in the higher-definition picture? What I saw was more moving—appreciating the beautiful "The Heavenly Girl Scattering Flowers" with a clearer picture, and the theme song of Journey to the West played by a three-dimensional symphony orchestra. This kind of moving comes not only from these wonderful shows that can bring back my good memories, but also from the netizens of station B who shared this beautiful night with me.

The New Year’s Eve party has never been a simple show. Hunan Satellite TV, the creator of the New Year’s Eve party, is also facing the dilemma of "spending money and not applauding."

Before the concept of the New Year's Eve concert appeared, people did not feel much about the New Year's Eve. In addition to the three-day holiday, New Year's Day and New Year's Day is to remind us that it is time for a new calendar.

When the celebrities walked on the big screen for the first time and counted down with us, the audience fell in love with this feeling of company. The New Year's Eve party became the new "custom" of the New Year's Day just like the Spring Festival Gala.

For many years, New Year's Eve concerts have been carried out in the form of live broadcast. The real-time transmission of the picture is like an invisible network that connects the TV audience together, which creates a warm sense of companionship.

In the "Most Beautiful Night" at Station B, it accompanies the audience in another form. Different from the New Year’s Eve by David, "The Most Beautiful Night" is a pre-recorded "live" evening. The stars on the screen actually did not dance on stage at this moment. It is this video that really accompanies you. Barrage in the past.

The unique community attribute of station B gave this party a unique sense of companionship. The audience explored the ingenuity of the party together, and each barrage itself constitutes a part of the party.

People who have common memories of cats and mice, fairy swords, Marvel and other IPs will launch their emotions, spreading from the "most beautiful night" to more netizens' hearts, arousing ripples, when the emotions of this group come together When it resonates, it is the most beautiful moment in "The Most Beautiful Night."

Just as Yang Liang, the chief planner of the party, said when talking about the meaning of the show, games, movies and animations play an indispensable role in the lives of young people, but they are rarely seen on stage. These content that has been ignored by the mainstream can finally become a real protagonist on the platform of station B.

After the party, netizens gave their attitudes to the "best-knowing young people" party on various platforms: Station B still had a high score of 9.4, but it fell to 6.6 on Douban. It needs to be pointed out that due to the limited number of ratings, these two ratings are still subject to change, but we can still read some young people’s thoughts based on these divergent comments:

Compared with the New Year’s Eve party of various satellite TVs, this is still the first echelon’s New Year’s Eve party, and it can even be said with confidence that it is still the best New Year’s Eve party this year, but compared with last year’s emotional bombing, this year’s show The infectious power seems a bit scratchy.

There are still many highlights in "The Most Beautiful Night of 2020", such as the Jingani anime theme song skewer nicknamed "Skip the OP Collection", the unprecedented interpretation of "Cat and Mouse" with Suona, Cui Jian and the audience Chorus "Fake Monk", the new rap power burst from "Rap New Era", and so on, these programs that "only young people understand" can still, and can only be seen on "The Most Beautiful Night in 2020."

The reason why young people complain about this year’s party may be the programming of the show. These wonderful shows are like a drop of strong ink and are being compromised by various shows (distressed by Grandpa Ge Ping) After dilution, the color also becomes a bit dull.

The high driving low of "The Most Beautiful Night" also confirmed the production team's initial understanding of the young people at station B: they tolerate all cultures, but their eyes cannot accommodate a grain of sand.

It is the most pertinent evaluation of "The Most Beautiful Night of 2020". On the road of embracing commercialization and gradually entering the mainstream line of sight, this year’s station B has made a lot of careful exploration. Such exploration will inevitably make many young people who adhere to subculture feel uncomfortable. How to grasp the way out of the circle The balance of strength, commerce and content will be the issue to be reconsidered when Station B holds the next "Most Beautiful Night".

"The most beautiful night" is not to make the best party, but to give us a chance to meet a group of people who "know you" in this past night.

And this "understanding" makes people extraordinarily warm on the cold last night of 2020.

Higher and higher

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