The new version of WeChat has been tested! The video account and live broadcast can be closed, and you can also know which information has authorized a third party

The WeChat translation function can finally be used in the Android version?

Which third parties are authorized to view WeChat information directly?

Can the video account and live broadcast also be closed directly?

This is the new feature of WeChat 8.0.18 for Android version, let's have a sneak peek.

WeChat 8.0.18 for Android update content:

  • The privacy function is more obvious, and the do not disturb mode is offline
  • Added personal information collection list and third-party information sharing list
  • Write and translate online, can write and translate Japanese, Korean and English languages
  • Image search is more important, voice search takes a back seat
  • "Video account and live push" support is closed
  • Add WeChat customer service number

"Privacy" is more obvious, do not disturb mode offline

In the original WeChat version, there is a privacy function that can set friend permissions, system permissions, and personalized advertising management. Now, the privacy feature has disappeared from WeChat 8.0.18 for Android.

Also offline is the Do Not Disturb mode that "will not ring or vibrate when new messages are received within a set time". Of course, in the iOS version, this mode has been offline for a long time.

But the offline of Do Not Disturb mode is not the same as the offline of privacy, because "Privacy" is offline, but several functions of the original privacy have become more obvious.

Friends permissions and personal information and permissions can be seen by clicking on the settings, and the operation is more convenient.

▲ Left is 8.0.18 for Android version, right is 8.0.16 for Android

Added personal information collection list and third-party information sharing list

In addition to several functions in the original "Permissions" that have become more obvious, the settings page also adds a list of personal information collection and third-party information sharing that was not previously available.

In the personal information collection list, users can view the collection of personal information by WeChat, including basic user information, device attribute information, user usage process information, and contact information.

In the third-party information sharing list, users can check the situation of WeChat sharing your personal information with third parties, including China UnionPay Co., Ltd., Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., Weimin Insurance Agency, Shenzhen Qianhai Weizhong Bank Co., Ltd., Mini Program official account subject, app provider, advertiser and/or entrusted agent, third-party advertisement monitoring service provider.

But it is worth mentioning that this does not show which information is authorized to which third-party services, you can only see which specific personal information is shared, but in general it is better than nothing.

▲ Personal information collection list, third-party information sharing list

Write and translate online, can write and translate Japanese, Korean and English languages

In August last year, the WeChat iOS version already had a translation while writing, and this time it was finally launched in WeChat 8.0.18 for Android.

Press and hold the WeChat chat box to call up the menu bar to translate while writing to enable this function. After enabling, you can choose to translate the input content into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. After entering Chinese content in WeChat, the chat input box will add a translation content selection directly above the input box. Click "Use" to choose to send the translated version of the written content.

For people who often switch between traditional and simplified, this function is more practical. For those who are learning English or who are worried that their English is not good, this function can completely help students review, and provide some English content guidance by the way.

This feature, which was tested in grayscale at the end of the Summer Olympics, finally went live in full before the Winter Olympics.

Image search is more important, voice search takes a back seat

Souyisou also has a small change in this version, showing that image search is becoming more and more important.

Originally found that the search box in the search page is a microphone symbol, which supports users to search after pressing and speaking. In WeChat 8.0.18 for Android, this query box has become a camera symbol, click to take a photo to query.

▲ The right is the 8.0.18 for Android version

"Video account and live push" support is closed

There is also a feature that users have been looking forward to for a long time, but in this update "from time to time" – video account and live push support are closed.

The reason why it is said that it is sometimes absent is because users who initially downloaded WeChat 8.0.18 for Android can indeed see the video number and live broadcast in "Me" – "Settings" – "New Message Notification" – "Notification Switch" Options. Click Close, and the phone will no longer receive video numbers and live broadcasts.

However, users who downloaded the latest official version later can no longer see this function.

However, the short "flash" of this feature also allows us to look forward to the full launch of this feature in the future.

Add WeChat customer service number

There is also a very minor update in this update, that is, you can find the customer service number of WeChat in WeChat.

A customer service phone number has been added at the bottom of "Me" – "Settings" – "New Message Notification" – "About WeChat". Of course, it's one thing to show it, but another thing is whether it can be successfully connected.

▲ Now you also know the WeChat customer service number

However, WeChat has recently added a customer service hotline for elderly users. Perhaps we can also expect ordinary customer service calls to help us find human customer service more easily.

*This article is based on the beta version of WeChat for Android 8.0.18, the official version has not been updated yet, look forward to more features

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