The new tea Yanyue color that is not available in Changsha stores, can it be popular?

Finally, there is a new tea Yan Yue color that is not available in Changsha stores.

When the tea-flavored little lotus pot was launched, new tea lovers all over the country had the joy of standing on the same starting line—because the little lotus pot can only be bought online. Of course, this joy is not lasting, because it was robbed as soon as it went on sale.

The small lotus jar is a new attempt for Cha Yan Yue Se to enter the "instant tea".

After instant coffee, instant tea has also begun to seize the young people's market. Instant tea is simply tea powder in layman's terms. Tea Yanyue also hopes to bring a new way of drinking tea.

But the tea behind this tea is not all praise, many people said that the tea powder is very "difficult to drink", so that the tea Yan Yue color can not help but ask the soul :

Why is this tea bad?

In order to see if the small lotus jar is really bad, we also bought it in the first wave and tried it.

Is the tea-flavored little lotus jar "bad"?

When you get the small lotus pot, it is easy to be attracted by its appearance at first glance.

The green net-like outer packaging immediately reminds people of childhood friends rowing flat boats in the lotus pond, using bamboo poles to hook the distant lotus into the fishing net tremblingly. The tea powder in the small box is directly made into small lotus plants of different colors. The dark green is the osmanthus oolong flavor, the light green is the peach oolong, and the light green is the gardenia green tea. You can grab it with one hand. A handful.

Back to the tea itself, instant tea has already existed, but the tea Yanyue said that the small lotus jar is a new product independently developed by them, called "the original leaf frozen tea."

They use low-temperature freeze-drying technology to turn the raw leaf tea into tea powder, while avoiding damage to the tea flavor and volatilization of the tea fragrance.

Frozen extract is also its biggest innovation. In layman's terms, it can be soaked in cold water.

But controlling the temperature has also become one of the reasons why people think it is "difficult to drink."

Tea Yanyue Se stated in the accompanying instructions that Xiaolian cans are not recommended to be drunk at room temperature and can be drunk with hot water, but after numerous taste tests by them, the best way to drink it is to drink with a bottle of ice mineral water, claiming that it is In order to "reduce the impact of the tea's astringency, but also make the sweetness and aftertaste longer."

In other words, in order to taste its most beautiful taste, we have to buy a bottle of iced mineral water first.

After tasting it, the editor-in-chief of Ai Faner Liu thought that the tea had a taste of oriental leaves, but at the same time he also said doubtfully:

I have already bought mineral water in the store, why not just buy a bottle of Oriental leaves?

But in order to taste the unique taste of the tea color, I bought a bottle of iced Nongfu Spring.

Sitting in the shade of the continuous sound of cicadas, we slowly and carefully poured the tea powder into the bottle in an elegant posture from the East, and then gently shook it.

Soon the tea merged with the water, and the color of the water in the bottle gradually changed to the dusk before sunset.

A colleague passing by saw the bottle of yellow liquid and snickered and asked me how the mineral water was that color. I explained that this was the color of tea.

But it is much more convenient than making tea leaves or tea bags. Not only can you make hot and cold water, but you don’t have to wait for the tea making process. You can drink it by shaking it. But whether you want to buy a bottle of ice water on purpose, it's up to you to think it's worth it.

Another "difficult to drink" place is to control the "concentration."

When Cha Yan Yue Se first introduced tea powder, many people complained that the tea taste was strong, astringent, and bitter. Milk was needed to dilute the bitter taste.

Therefore, they also made some upgrades on the Xiaolian pot, such as adjusting the ratio of the original leaf tea, adding the sugar substitute "erythritol" to make the tea powder more soluble and more palatable, and they also specifically indicated how to mix it. Different volumes of water are used to formulate different concentrations of taste.

I first made a cup with an ordinary disposable cup, and watched that only a small amount of powder was poured in, and the tea flavor would still be strong and thick. This bitterness reduced my feelings about the tea flavor itself. However, after pouring the water back into a 550ml mineral water bottle and diluting it, the taste is much more refreshing, the taste of tea is very pure, and the light tea fragrance begins to linger on the lips and teeth.

I have to say that it is correct to launch this new product in summer. In this oven-like weather, a sip of iced tea is indeed more attractive than hot tea.

Moreover, the tea Yanyue color has grasped the focus of the young people's attention-"low calorie". In addition to adding the sugar substitute "erythritol", the Xiaolian can also contains water-soluble dietary fiber "resistant dextrin". The calories of a small lotus pot is only equivalent to eating one strawberry or ten cherries.

In addition, the tea bag also comes with a pendant and a key ring, and people can use the small lotus pot as an ornament after drinking the tea. In Changsha dialect, it is really playful and brilliant.

In general, the temperature and concentration of the small lotus pots are "difficult to drink", but in fact they are not enough to make them really "difficult to drink". After all, you can choose hot or cold shades by yourself, and having more free choices is one of its advantages.

However, when the consumer’s freshness has passed, whether the tea itself is really delicious and the corresponding price value is not worth it, is the key to whether it can continue to be hot.

After all, instant tea has changed people’s habits of drinking tea in the past, and the average member price of a small lotus pot is 4 yuan, which is almost twice as expensive as a tea bag.

Will people still pay for the small lotus pot in the future? It's worth watching.

New tea brands are eyeing "Instant Tea"

Young people running at a fast pace don’t have much time to quietly brew, taste, and drink a cup of tea. They wait for a cup of fruit tea to be ordered, buy a bottle of cold brewed tea at hand, and take a tea bag to make a cup and drink it. throw.

But young people still need tea.

Because tea is healthier than milk tea, it can refresh the mind, clear the heart, and clear the stomach; it is refreshing than coffee, and it will not be greasy after drinking more cups; it is full of color, fragrance, and after five thousand years of history, it is still memorable.

Therefore, "instant tea" that can maintain the flavor of tea and adapt to the rhythm of young people has become a new wave of consumption.

When you feel that "Instant Tea" Xiaohe is only showing its sharp corners, it has already been targeted by major brands.

Tea Yanyue Se wants to favor the small lotus jar, but also faces the competition of many old and new brands, and it is not only in the tea field.

Coffee has long been popular in the field of instant coffee. In recent years, the three and a half meals in the market for young people have also solved the problem of hot brewing of traditional instant coffee. It uses cold extraction and freeze-drying technology to allow people to quickly use cold water. Make a cup of coffee.

However, Sandton Ban and Cha Yan Yue Se did not intend to compete. They also came up with a cross-border joint model, which made a gift box of super instant coffee and original leaf frozen tea. These two brands from Changsha are also offline. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A co-branded concept store was opened, which aroused a lot of onlookers and heated discussions.

But Yongpu, another online coffee brand, started experimenting with instant tea powder last year.

By filling in the "blank area" of instant coffee -coffee liquid, Yongpu got two rounds of tens of millions of financing in just six months last year. That is, last fall, they launched instant oolong coffee.

Also in a small saucer version of the box, Yongpu blended the tea powders of rose oolong tea, peach oolong tea, and osmanthus oolong tea into coffee, creating a new experience of intertwining the three flavors of flower and fruit, coffee and tea. .

Just like the eight-treasure porridge of the past, it has become a modern new tea drink. Yongpu has also grasped that young people now love more and more diverse tastes and rich content, and created this new product on specialty coffee.

Back to the new tea brands, they have made more new attempts on instant tea.

The Capsule Tea Language , established last year, captured the demand of young people, especially women, for tea, and launched the "capsule tea" with a light nourishment formula. People bring great visual impact.

Their special feature lies in the addition of natural makeup ingredients. The product ingredients also include collagen, wild cherry berry, aloe vera, etc., trying to become the number one brand of women's tea.

The effectiveness of "makeup and food are the same" has yet to be examined, but in terms of the appearance of instant tea, the capsule tea language is very prominent.

At a time when the value of appearance is becoming more and more important, how to make the appearance of the product fashionable and attractive is the first barrier for new tea brands to break.

TNO, founded in 2020, also started with instant freeze-dried tea powder. They are also very insightful to the psychology of Generation Z consumers. That is, freeze-dried tea powder is called "water drop tea", which is also similar to its appearance. Echoing-small and fresh, with color, it looks like a beauty egg at first glance, but still looks like a beauty egg when you look closely.

And TNO has shown its own characteristics in the fun of instant tea.

They have compiled a "all-match" guide for water drop tea. The beginners add milk and oat milk to make milk tea, the advanced ones add peaches and cheese to make cheese peach oolong tea, and the high-end pairing transforms into sweet orange oolong cake rolls, attracting consumers. Also "play" together.

With this upsurge of instant tea, even the traditional tea brand Ba Ma tea industry is not far behind, and has begun to sell various instant tea powders such as peach oolong and sweet-scented osmanthus black tea.

But the new tea brands that make instant tea this time have similar routines.

Most of them have the same 3-second flash melt, the same 0 fat 0 sucrose 0 burden, and the same self-proclaimed "cold extraction freeze-dried black technology". They are also good at creating topics, listening to the voices of young people, and interacting with young people.

However , the instant tea powder market report released by Limu Information Consulting also pointed out that in the international market, China's instant tea powder is actually not very competitive, mainly because the tea leaves are not good enough to retain the fragrance and flavor, the color technology is not mature enough, and the cold solubility is poor. , The tea soup is easy to become muddy and so on.

Under the research of new tea brands such as Cha Yan Yue Se, instant tea is constantly innovating. This is a small branch in the evolution of new tea drinks, and will also bring more possibilities for subsequent ice tea and liquid tea.

More and more new tea drinking attempts with different concepts have also built a contemporary "tea art renaissance" in front of young people.

In the revival of tea art, what kind of tea do young people love?

In the minds of young people, the old tea was once a big bowl of tea made by grandfather, a tea ceremony for uncles to treat guests, and a master’s profound tea meditation.

But now, tea can be instant, can be added with milk, can coexist harmoniously with cheese, fruits, pearls, tea has become more and more fashionable, modern, and leisure.

The "2020 White Paper on New Tea Drinks" shows that the total size of my country's tea drink market reached 442 billion yuan last year, while the new tea drink market was around 102 billion yuan. This market is still expanding.

▲ Hi Tea GO

Hey Tea and Naixue’s teas have seized the head of new tea drinks, with valuations reaching tens of billions. Michelle Ice City also sits on the second place among tea brands due to its absolute price-performance ratio, while tea beauty and beauty have always taken root. Own positioning of "New Chinese Flower, Fruit and Tea" focuses on its own proprietary market.

China has a history of 5,000 years of tea drinking, and it is also the world's largest producer and consumer of tea . However, there is an old saying that "China's 70,000 tea companies are not as good as a Lipton."

In fact, many traditional tea companies are still facing the dilemma of stagnation. New tea brands such as Heytea, Naxue's tea, and Chayan Yuese also bring new possibilities for Chinese tea.

▲ Naxue's new tea product-domineering jade oil orange

Zhang Chi , vice president of government affairs at HiTea, once said that they have been thinking about how to make the long-standing tea culture younger. They believe that the pursuit of inspiration and the ultimate is the best key to creating new tea drinks.

These leading brands use fresh raw materials and diversified combinations to create high-quality and rich tea drinking experience for young people. At the same time, through continuous topic marketing and unique co-branding, online tea drinking has become a kind of trend. The release of new products of the season in the Moments of Friends for the first time is a small thing worth showing off for young people nowadays.

Offline, they are also very good at creating a "third space" that young people love, and while exporting their brand culture, they also meet the needs of young consumers for more life, emotions, and entertainment.

▲ Guangzhou "Shanwaishan" Hi Tea DP Store

Although the homogeneity of new tea drinks is very serious now, the tea Yanyue color has followers everywhere. Brands such as Hey Tea, Nai Xue's tea, and new teas often have various similar products, which makes it difficult to tell who Who to imitate, but they still integrate into the lives of contemporary young people together. Drinking new tea has become a habit of people's life and an indispensable necessity in work.

In the face of consumer demand for more tea, whether it is a big brand that has the upper hand, or a late show in the past two years, they are trying different new tea drinking methods, such as instant tea, concentrated tea, milk tea, Bubble tea, etc., to satisfy the young people’s preference for drinks.

They pursue the supremacy of beauty, the trendy style, the rich taste, the health, and the speed and quality go hand in hand…

▲ Picture from: Cha Xiaokong

And these new attempts will make young people love tea more and more, and also give tea culture a new lease of life.

The food information community Foodaily believes that the following changes in tea drinks, tea bags, and new tea drinks will attract more and more young people to drink tea:

  • One is to dig deeper into sugar-free pure tea through unique tea technology, such as raw tea, roasted tea, iced tea, and fermented tea.
  • The second is to expand the boundaries and categories of tea through natural raw materials such as functional herbs, flowers and fruits, grains, and spices.
  • The third is to create targeted teas such as wolfberry tea, sleep aid tea, and refreshing tea through different scenarios such as staying up late, going to work, and health preservation.
  • The fourth is to develop tea with new ingredients that reduce fat, relieve fatigue, and relax emotions through the different functions of tea.
  • Fifth, through the combination of juice, milk, cheese, coffee, bubbles and other elements, more diversified brewing forms are introduced.
  • Sixth, through the integration of coffee, baked desserts, catering, bars and other categories, the pursuit of pure tea culture and Chinese aesthetics, to create a new format of tea drinking.

We are constantly trying new things, and tea will also create more and more modern new contexts, new spaces and new cultures in the present.

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