The new Model 3 improves detail exposure! Headlights, bumpers, and interiors have changed, and the new Model Y is on the way

Four months ago, Reuters first exposed a new Tesla project called "Highland," a facelift of the Tesla Model 3.

At that time, people familiar with the matter said that the main improvement direction of the new Model 3 is to reduce the number of internal components and reduce the complexity of the body, and the appearance and interior have also changed to a certain extent, but the specific changes are unknown.

But just today, not a tesla app revealed the specific changes of the "Highland" project, which is very detailed and highly credible.

Let's take a look below.

redesigned headlights

The shape of the headlights of the new Model 3 will be different from the current model, which may be the most obvious external change of the new car. At the same time, Tesla will also use this facelift to add matrix LED headlights to the Model 3.

Front bumper

Tesla has brought a smoother front bumper to the new Model 3 for better aerodynamics. A new camera has been added to the air intake in the middle of the new bumper. After removing the ultrasonic radar, Tesla will use this camera to solve the blind spot problem in the front of the car.

▲The front bumper of Cybertruck also has a camera

rear bumper

The rear bumper of the vehicle has also been redesigned, but Tesla did not include a new camera in the rear of the body. The rear bumper change may only be to reduce production costs.

rearview mirror

The shape of the rearview mirror has changed, but not much.

new camera

Tesla recently brought HW4.0 to Model S and Model X, and this set of things, Model 3 is also indispensable.

Tesla added a total of 3 new cameras to the Tesla Model 3, one is the front bumper camera just mentioned, and the other two are located on the side of the vehicle, pointing to unknown. But these two cameras will complement the B-pillar camera for a better view. The two cameras on the front fenders will also change.

In addition, the camera on the new Model 3 is estimated to be upgraded from the 1.2-megapixel camera on HW3.0 to the 5-megapixel camera with anti-glare coating on HW4.0.


The interior has also changed, but again not many, mainly in the following two aspects:

Tesla swapped the wood trim in the black interior for fabric, possibly the Alcantara already used in the Model S and Model X.

The central control screen of the new Model 3 may change, but again, the changes here may be to simplify the production process, rather than to improve the function and experience.

In general, visually, the changes that Tesla has brought to the new Model 3 may be relatively limited, but as the cost drops further, the Model 3 may bring a more competitive price in the future.

At the Tesla Investor Conference held earlier this month, Tesla not only brought the "third chapter of the secret grand plan", but also revealed the key information of the new platform-the assembly cost of the new platform models will be reduced by 50%.

If there is no accident, the new Model 3 code-named Highland should be the first to use the new platform. It is expected that the production of the new car will start in the third quarter of this year.

As for Model Y, the project code-named "Juniper" is also underway, and it is estimated that it will not appear until next year.

Wait and see.

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