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  • Jony Ive's LoveFrom designed a "green" badge
  • The world's first solar power steelmaking plant has been officially put into use
  • Female founders received much more investment this year than before
  • These old sneakers can grow an apple tree
  • Frank And Oak: Use recycled materials to create more comfortable and durable clothing

Jony Ive's LoveFrom designed a "green" badge

Announced for several years, LoveFrom, co-founded by Apple's former chief design officer Jony Ive and famous industrial designer Marc Newson, finally showed its first design work to the public.

Jony Ive led the team to design a badge for Terra Carta, awarded to companies with outstanding performance in sustainable development.

Terra Carta is an environmental protection initiative initiated by Prince Charles. In July of this year, Ive also teamed up with Charles to create the "Terra Carta Design Lab", aiming to collaborate with students to create low-cost "small designs" that can help the world move towards a sustainable future.

This time the Terra Carta badge uses an extremely rich and detailed design. Ive explained in an interview with "Fastcompany":

There are many logos…all very dualistic, either black or white. In one aspect, I think they can convey a considerable sense of luxury. I hope we will create a more gentle work.

As soon as you see it, you will feel it is full of vitality and vitality. You will have a feeling of optimism… and it will really grow.

If you look closely, you will find that the design is based on seven interconnected rings and incorporates natural elements such as ferns, acorns, ladybugs, monarch butterflies, birds and bees.

Among the vines, the words "Terra Carta" are presented in LoveFrom Serif, a new font designed by LoveFrom.

In fact, Ive believes that this set of fonts is LoveFrom’s first public design work, not the badge itself, because “it really penetrates the real world and the digital world… This reflects our respect for the work of the past, but also for us Provide guidance for future work.”

Badges with this font will also exist in the real world and in the digital world-we will see a dynamic version of the digital badge, and now the badge is also presented in a refined physical state with the assistance of the British paper mill James Cropper. (Fastcompany & Wallpaper)

The world's first solar power steelmaking plant has been officially put into use

This month, the world's first steelmaking plant that mainly relies on solar power will be fully operational.

The EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel Plant is located in Colorado, USA, and was transformed into an old steel plant with a history of 150 years.

This project is the result of tripartite cooperation.

Lightsource BP (a photovoltaic company holding a share of British Petroleum) invested and built a 300 MW on-site solar power plant called Bighorn Solar Project, equipped with 750,000 solar panels.

Bighorn will sell the electricity to Xcel Energy, which will provide electricity to the EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel Plant at an agreed price.

Heavy industry accounts for 40% of the global total of greenhouse gases, and it is notoriously difficult to decarbonize. The head of Lightsource BP stated in a press release that this project represents an important progress in carbon reduction in the steel industry.

Steven Davis, an earth system scientist at the University of California, Irvine, explained that the EVRAZ project only reduces the carbon emissions of steel mills in terms of energy supply, but the process is still "dirty"-it still relies on coal to reduce iron ore into steel.

However, Davis also said that this project is meaningful because it "demonstrates the feasibility of low-carbon/zero-carbon steelmaking."

According to the press release, EVRAZ can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 430,000 metric tons a year, which is equivalent to reducing 92,000 fuel vehicles from the road.

Female founders received much more investment this year than before

▲ Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, became the youngest female founder of a US listed company

Faced with the epidemic, women are more likely to lose their jobs, and in the capital market, female company founders in the United States have also been hit hard.

The data points out that in 2020, the investment received by companies with at least one female founder in the founding team fell by nearly 30%. In contrast, the company investment of the male founding team fell by 5.4% in June 2020 and then recovered. increase.

This year, female entrepreneurs are beginning to welcome some good news.

According to statistics from PitchBook, in the first nine months of 2021, startups with women in the founding team have received a total of more than 40 billion U.S. dollars in investment, which is 70% higher than in 2019 and more than 3.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2011. It is a direct ten-fold increase.

However, compared with the overall, the total investment of RMB 40 billion accounts for only 18% of the total investment of RMB 240 billion.

The PitchBook report shows that the number of female angel investors and fund partners who are actively looking for female founders is increasing.

As of the end of 2019, women accounted for 12% of the general partners of venture capital companies, and there were about 740 female angel investors; by this year, the percentage of female general partners has increased to 15%, and that of female angel investors has 1,000. People around.

▲ Figures became the first listed company founded by two women

This year , Whitney Wolfe Herd, who founded the female-led dating software Bumble, became the youngest female founder of a US listed company; DTC medical apparel company FIGS became the first listed company founded by two women. (New York Times)

These old sneakers can grow an apple tree

Johnny Footwear's shoes can not only degrade in the soil buried in the yard after use, but it can also grow an apple tree.

The brand's name and product concept can be traced back to "Johnny Appleseed", a person who introduced apple tree cultivation to many regions in North America.

Specifically, the designer Luc Houle selected 100% biodegradable and fair-trade product materials for the shoes, which are lightweight and waterproof.

In the natural rubber sole, the designer incorporates apple seeds. Therefore, when the shoes are worn out, users can buy the shoes in the soil. After the raw materials are degraded, the apple seeds can be incorporated into the soil to grow and germinate.

Currently, the project is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and if the target is reached, it will be delivered around August 2022.

Frank And Oak: Use recycled materials to create more comfortable and durable clothing

Canadian brand Frank And Oak focuses on using sustainable materials to create modern and durable clothing.

The brand includes winter boots made from coffee grounds and recycled rubber.

The jeans also use natural dyes derived from plants and minerals, which consume 79% less energy, 50% chemicals and 95% water compared with traditional denim.

About 50% of Frank And Oak's products use processes and materials with a low carbon footprint as much as possible, and the product distribution boxes are also made of 100% recycled materials.

On the basis of maintaining sustainability, Frank And Oak also takes into account the functionality and comfort of the product.

Take his jeans as an example. In order to adapt to the climate needs of Canada, his jeans use special heat lining technology to keep warm. In addition, its anti-fading technology also allows dark jeans to be worn for long periods of time.

At the same time, the company has been using lean production to avoid oversupply. Under this model, almost all series have become limited editions.

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