The new company of Apple’s former chief design officer released the most “Apple” new product today

It is a ball.

Mistake, not this ball.

Putting on a gown and white gloves is like a handover at a jewelry auction.

Gently pick up a clean white box, take it out, and open it.

Yes, it's the ball.

This is the latest masterpiece of Apple's former chief design officer Jony Ive – Red Nose (Red Nose).

It is also the first product that the public can buy after Jony Ive left Apple in 2019 to create a new company, LoveFrom.

Oh, and it's the cheapest product ever designed by Jony Ive—just $3.

But I would like to ask Jony Ive first: Isn't the inspiration really derived from the traditional Chinese craft "paper lantern"?

The most "apple" work ever

The new product is actually designed for the national public welfare festival "Red Nose Day" in the UK.

The annual "Red Nose Day", organized by the well-known British charity Comic Relief (Comedy Relief Foundation), will also be broadcast on British TV on March 17 this year, and many stars, comedians, and supporters will participate.

100% of the funds raised will be donated to the poor and disadvantaged who are struggling due to rising cost of living, homelessness, food shortage, mental health and other issues.

I hope to be able to support their work with my power and also bring a little joy to everyone who wears it.

Jony Ive said that for this new red nose, the entire LoveFrom team is committed to it.

It looks simple, but it is actually a small object that is very complicated to design and make.

The main part of the red nose is made of plant materials, which is much more sustainable than previous plastic materials.

It is carefully folded and packaged in a thin semi-circular container. When it is not opened, it reminds me of the AirPods box – take it out when you want to use it, put it in the box if you don't want to use it, and put it in your pocket.

After taking it out, open the flat meniscus, and it can become a honeycomb paper sphere, and the process is natural and smooth.

Close to the protruding part of the nose, it can just catch the nose wing.

Wearing it on, it can satisfy everyone's noses of different sizes.

By the way, the criss-cross grid on the surface of this red nose looks a bit like a homepod?

In addition, the red nose itself looks like a red apple, how can it not be the "most apple ever" work?

Comedian Diane Morgan also compared its design to Earth, describing how LoveFrom paid attention to detail to create a perfect "circle".

This is what I think is the most perfect red nose in history.

The BBC Newsround program also praised it as "the most dramatic makeover since the red nose debuted in 1988".

Of course, we didn't actually get it, we don't know how "round" it is, and we don't know how it feels to wear it.

But at least Jony Ive's designs at Apple rarely disappoint.

Not to mention, it also has Apple's long-standing "public welfare gene".

Many celebrities from singers, actors, writers and other fields have tried on this red nose, and it has caused a "viral spread" on the Internet. Although each person is limited to 8 pieces, Amazon's official website is still sold out.

This has made more and more people pay attention to "Red Nose Day".

Children's author and Radio 1 DJ Greg James says:

This is a good reminder to look out into the world and help others if we can.

Charity bash behind a red nose

Since its inception in 1988, "Red Nose Day" has been held 33 times and is the oldest charity festival in the UK.

It began as a fundraising aid for the Ethiopian famine in the 1980s, which killed an estimated 400,000 people .

▲ Picture from: Associated Press, cover of "Daily Mail" in 1984

But how do you get everyone involved?

The founders, Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry, thought of a way to call all the famous British comedians and screenwriters, use wonderful programs to attract everyone's attention, and then raise money for charity.

Tell a joke, asking you to generously pay for the suffering in the distance.

▲ Picture from: Associated Press

Later, not only comedians, but also popular singers, actors, and pop culture leaders will participate, such as Bill Gates, David Beckham, Adele, Mr. Bean and so on.

People also take to the streets with funny red noses on this day, making the festival even more famous.

It can be said that the annual "Red Nose Day" is like a large-scale national carnival in the UK.

This allows people not to arouse sympathy in suffering and heaviness, but to be attracted to participate in good humor, to help those who are in difficulty to be happy.

The classic "red nose" in the festival is the best spiritual symbol.

Its design has also undergone a fantastic and long journey of transformation.

In the beginning, it was a hard piece of plastic that was painful to wear.
​Later, it was transformed into a soft sponge. The year before last, the plastic process was removed for environmental protection and replaced with sustainable materials. The image of the red nose was also made into animals in nature.

In 2015, the official also made "Red Nose" into a blind box design , and released about 10 styles every year, including Transformers, Frankenstein, mummy and so on.

The rare red nose can only be picked out of nearly 10,000 noses.

The original red noses of Volkswagen are even more colorful.

It encourages people rich or poor, young or old, young or old, to contribute as long as they use their imagination and a little courage without fear of embarrassment.

Richard Curtis says:

It proves that the smallest things can have a huge impact.

Last year, "Red Nose Day" helped raise more than 42 million pounds (about 350 million yuan), which once again set a record high in history.

▲ Picture from: Comic Relief Official Website

60% of these funds will be used to improve the lives of poor people in Africa, and 40% will be used for disadvantaged groups in the UK. More and more countries are also participating and learning from it.

Lin Junjie also served as the image ambassador of the 6.1 Red Nose Festival in 2018, calling on the whole society to use happiness to do charity and pay attention to children in need.

The British themselves have such a summary of "Red Nose Day":

Looks silly, feels great.

The red nose made by Jony Ive this year can be said to be the best design in history that combines aesthetics, functionality, environmental protection, and communication.

LoveFrom: More than a red nose, continue to convey humanistic care and love

It is not surprising that Red Nose and Jony Ive have a linkage. Their ideas and goals coincide with each other—about humanistic care, friendship and love.

Jony Ive, who has made great contributions to the design of iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and other products, can be said to be the "Godfather of Apple Design".

▲ The picture above is from Architectural Digest, and the picture below is from Yanko Design

After leaving Apple, he teamed up with well-known industrial designer Marc Newson to found the creative company LoveFrom.

▲The picture is from Forbes

LoveFrom conveys the most "spiritual power" side of Apple's genes.

They have only shown the official website to the public for a long time, and the webpage has the simplicity and atmosphere we are familiar with.

There is no introduction, product, or contact information, only one line:

LoveFrom is a creative collective. We are designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, writers, engineers and artists.

You may know us from our past work.

We are obsessed with a tradition of creating and crafting, a fanatical drive for excellence, and an insatiable curiosity.

We work with leaders and founders. We work to be happy. We develop our own ideas.

In our previous article, we mentioned the source of LoveFrom’s name, which is actually based on the inspiration of Jobs.

Jony Ive talked about a staff meeting with Jobs in the past, and Jobs made a touching description of "design motivation":

One of the fundamental motivations (of design) is that when you do something with love and heart, even though you may never meet the people you work for, or even shake their hands, but through careful creation By posting something, you are expressing your gratitude to all of humanity.

Although we can find that LoveFrom has cooperated with Airbnb, Ferrari and other big companies after its establishment, but in the past few years, most of the products displayed in front of us are public welfare products.

The first public work is a badge designed for Terra Carta.

Terra Carta is an environmental initiative launched by Prince Charles, and the badge is awarded to companies that demonstrate excellence in sustainability.

It looks like just a badge, but the design is extremely detailed and rich.

Not only did they design a new font specifically for the badge, but in the seven interconnected rings, you can see ferns, acorns, ladybugs, monarch butterflies, birds and bees blending gently and powerfully.

In July of the same year, Jony Ive also teamed up with Charles to create the "Terra Carta Design Lab", which is an action for students to design low-cost small designs for a sustainable future.

▲ Picture from:

The winners of the inaugural Terra Carta Design Lab were announced last April, with four entries selected from 125 original designs.

"Aerseeds" that turns food waste into seed pods:

▲ Picture from: Aerseeds

100% recyclable high-performance waterproof material "Amphitex":

▲ Picture from: amphibio

"Innovative tires" that capture plastic particles from tire wear:

▲ Picture from: Sustainable Markets Initiative

A wearable device "ZELP" that can achieve zero emissions from livestock projects:

▲ Picture from: ZELP

These masterpieces allow us to see some of the world's most talented design students designing high-impact, low-cost solutions for nature, people and the planet.

The red nose this time is the first time that LoveFrom has made a product that can be purchased by the public.

It also continues Jony Ive's long-standing design traits: while pursuing perfectionism, it makes a large number of things after technological changes dignified and humanized.

More and more LoveFrom's new products should be released soon, but they will not be released at a regular and fast pace.

After all, the reality is that many public welfare products are more difficult to achieve commercial success.

But Jony Ive said, " Success is the enemy of curiosity".

Fortunately, this fiery red nose just proves that, in reverse, curiosity can also make people successful.

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