The National Bank version of PS5 starts at 3099 yuan, the scalper’s business may be “cool”

On April 29th, the PlayStation China conference finally came.

Since its global launch on November 19, 2020, affected by the high epidemic and insufficient production capacity, the price of PS5 has remained high, and even the first batch of prices reached nearly 9,000 yuan. The National Bank version of PS5 released today is undoubtedly the hope of many players "whether they can get out of the sea of ​​premium prices."

The official price of the PS5 of the Bank of China version will be announced at the press conference. The CD-ROM version is priced at 3,899 yuan and the digital version is priced at 3099 yuan. The launch date will be May 15. Starting at 12:00 after today’s press conference, pre-sales will be available on, Tmall, Sony China, Bilibili member shopping, Sam’s Club, Sundian, etc., online and offline official authorized channels.

Compare the selling price of the foreign PS5 console: the digital version is 399 US dollars (approximately RMB 2580), and the CD-ROM version is 499 US dollars (approximately RMB 3229). The price of the Bank of China version is expected. As of March 31, 2021, the sales of Sony PS5 game consoles have exceeded 7.8 million units, and the release of the price of the Bank of China has provided another layer of guarantee for PS5 shipments this year.

Earlier news said that as early as December 2020, the national 3C certification passed the National Bank’s PS5 host certification. The host manufacturer is the Hongfujin Yantai factory under Foxconn. If the production capacity keeps up, the price of the Bank of China within 4,000 yuan is undoubtedly a victory for waiting for the party to stick to it.

In terms of accessories, the retail prices of DualSense wireless controllers, wireless headsets, HD cameras, and charging cradles have been released as follows:

  • DualSense wireless controller 529 yuan
  • PULSE 3D wireless headset set 749 yuan
  • HD camera 449 yuan
  • DualSense charging stand 229 yuan

Since its release, the DualSense wireless controller has strengthened haptic feedback interaction and the adaptive trigger button for the upgrade of the gaming experience is indeed well received by players. In the 30-minute press conference of PlayStation China, the DualSense wireless controller has been repeatedly mentioned.

In terms of game software, "Azabuzai Adventure", "Ricky and Doraemon" and "Original God" have confirmed landing in the country.

Sony also stated that PS currently has 114 million monthly active users and 47 million PS+ service members. In addition to a series of consoles and accessories, the National Bank’s release lineup also includes a PlayStation Plus collection. Members can play 12 games for free. Including "Hardcore Mecha", "RocoRoco Remake", "Anti-Gravity Racing Ultimate Collector's Edition", "Horizon Zero Dawn: Ice Dust and Snow", "The End of Gravity Fantasy World", "The Last Guardian", and "Jedi Diving" "Bing", "Ricky and Doraemon", "Tear the Little Postman: Unpacking", "Wind Journeyman", "Little Big Planet 3" and "Final Fantasy 15".

The price of the National Bank PS5 is indeed attractive, but for another point that everyone is concerned about: whether to lock the zone, the press conference did not give a clear answer.

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