The most popular thing in “Cyberpunk 2077” turned out to be cats. Why do players like to play cats in the game?

"Cyberpunk 2077" (hereafter abbreviated as 2077) is on fire. In various senses, whether it is a bad review or a good review, it has brought it a high degree of discussion and traffic, and the game plot and content are not Out of the circle unexpectedly.

On major social media, you can see a series of snarky content, such as "2077" players swiping the cow and going to the big bird to go to the bar. These vigorous and direct content has attracted a large number of players.

The most surprising thing is that playing cats in the game has also become a hot topic among players. Some players used AI to analyze the comment content on the Steam platform after the release of "2077", and found that the most frequently praised content It turned out to be "Looking Up the Cat."

Yes, in the cyberpunk era, even people have begun to modify prosthetic limbs, but there are still kittens that have not been modified by technology. You can even use them. Maybe this is what pet lovers say, "The end of the universe is Cat".

To get back to the topic, in recent years, more and more game manufacturers have added small animal interaction systems such as "Loo Cat" to their game masterpieces. This is not only the ardent expectation of players, but also the pursuit of game manufacturers to create a real game world. .

More and more games have added "Looking up the cat" content

Playing cats in a future-setting game like "2077" is enough to reverse. However, it is clear that CDPR, the game developer called the Polish dumb donkey by the players, does not want to end with this, and the process of playing cats is also "very reversed."

The Johnny Silver Hand that the player encounters in the game is a character created by Keanu Reeves as the face model. In the game, Johnny is a character who talks non-stop, just like a strong man, but obviously this The macho can't refuse the temptation of the kitten, and will play the cat with the player.

I don't know if it is because the fur design is too complicated. In "2077", a cat without hair appears. Players can choose to pet it, and the cat's tail will sway slightly.

Compared with "2077", "Assassin's Creed: Hall of Valor" is obviously better. In this game, players can even recruit them as partners. Of course, kittens do not help players fight. It can All I did was catch mice at home.

Judging from the game screen released by Ubisoft, the interaction between the kitten and the protagonist of the game is obviously richer. It can be touched or picked up. The kitten will also make a "meow" sound. From the perspective of the kitten's actions, Obviously, Ubisoft has dealt with it in a targeted manner, with fine motion feedback and good hair effects.

In addition, "Spider-Man: Miles Morales", "Like the Dragon" and other large games have added cat interactive content.

However, if you think that the way to play with cats ends here, I am afraid that you still underestimate the degree of enthusiasm of game manufacturers for this, except for the more obvious feedback of cats, more detailed screen effects, and more interactive methods, even the plain game " "Katana Zero" has also added a "cat" system, although it is not easy for players to identify cats.

▲ Even in the pixel style game "Samurai Zero", you still have to play cats.

This shows how enthusiastic players and game makers are for playing cats.

I have to mention a Twitter account @CanYouPetTheCat here? , It often releases news about new additions to the cat game system, and recommends it to players, cat lovers will often retweet or even Aite’s favorite games.

In the account profile, there is a description that it is controlled by another account @CanYouPetTheDog? Inspired and operated, the Twitter content of the two accounts is indeed very similar, except that the former recommends games with cat interaction, and the latter recommends games with dog interaction.

But obviously @CanYouPetTheDog? More strict, it will even point out that some popular games do not have dog dog content. It is said that "Into the Dungeon" is said to have no dog dog game content. After the official DLC expansion game content, the dog dog game content was added.

It is becoming more and more common to play small animals such as cats and puppies in the game. Some time ago, the masterpiece of the host circle "Soul of Tsushima" officially announced an interesting data. The little fox in the game has been slapped. 8.8 million times, you can also play dogs in this game.

Players' enthusiasm for pet cats and other small animals has prompted game manufacturers to keep updating. Compared with the fun of pet cats in reality, the game is a little different.

The happiness of "cloud sucking cat" in the game is really different

The popularity of "Cloud Cat" in the game is obviously related to a large number of pet lovers such as cats and puppies. Of course, the exquisite cat shapes in the game also make them look cute. Who can refuse a cute cat to trot around you and make "meow" sounds from time to time.

Pet content such as cats is considered one of the most popular content on all major short video platforms. Users can often see a lot of content that is "spontaneous". For example, parents say that cats are not allowed, but kittens After taking it home, the children fell out of favor, and the kittens gained most of their parents' favor.

Such plots repeatedly appear on short video platforms. It is difficult for people to reject cats, such cute animals. Compared with raising cats by themselves, Cloud Cats also has some special advantages, that is, you don’t need to be a "poop shoveler."

A friend of mine once told me: I am afraid that it is only because she raised a rabbit to make a young girl a skilled manure worker.

You only need to run a cat without being responsible. This is the favorite of many lazy people. After all, it is a good time to run a cat. It is exhausted to raise a cat with a broken leg, feed it, play with it, and shovel shit. When you encounter an active kitten, you have to worry about not being damaged.

These are all options that require pet owners to spend energy. This year, home-feeding cats has become Taobao’s top ten products of the year. There are reasons why people keep pets but there are always inconveniences. The cat shop physical stores that have emerged in recent years are also in line with this. It is a trend that you can suck cats as much as you want without raising cats.

Of course, raising cats is also one of the fun, but this does not prevent some people from worrying about raising cats and choosing to "cloud cats" in the game.

At the same time, the addition of cute animals as a supplement to the game content actually plays a similar role as the "built-in mini-games". In large games such as "2077", fighting or encountering some difficult game content with a higher sense of accomplishment At times, players obviously need to concentrate, which consumes a lot of mental and physical energy.

▲ The adversarial nature of the game, such as a gun battle, can certainly provide players with a sense of pleasure, but also consume a lot of physical energy.

But afterwards, I was always tired.

At this time, the kittens that appear at the right time are one of the best comforts. The kittens around the player can relax people quickly. After all, the tense battle has just ended, and the player needs to rest. Whether it is licking the cat or feeding it, it is all the same. A good way to decompress.

At this time, as the content of the game, the cat is actually playing a role in controlling the rhythm of the game. After all, no matter how fun games and cool battles are, it will inevitably make players tired. Mini games can make players relax quickly. CDPR is the last one. The small game Gwent in the game "The Witcher 3" also plays a similar role.

▲ Gwent card has become an extended game of "The Witcher 3"

In addition, the cat has become a popular cultural symbol in recent years. With the rise of the solitary economy, cats have become the life companions of many people, both domestically and globally, thanks to its cute appearance and difficulty. The familiar character has attracted more and more people to use it as a pet.

Raising cats and licking cats have become a way of expression in modern life. Before, people would say "both the human and the room", but now they are interpreted as "the two are both human and cat". People are in the circle of friends, short video platforms, social media, etc. Catching cats on online platforms is also expressing that he is caring and financially capable.

All these have promoted people's yearning for cats, especially among young people with a high rate of living alone. This has further promoted the activity of cats in games. After all, the users of video games are mainly young people.

The game is a dream-making world, and of course there is no shortage of cats

Players’ enthusiasm for licking cats has prompted game companies to continue to add relevant game content to the game. The data of 8.8 million licking of little foxes in "Soul of Tsushima" can also be used as the basis for decision-making by some game companies. Know the result of interacting with the little fox.

Whether it is from the perspective of industrial or artistic pursuit, gamers have enough reasons to add more small animal content to the game.

From an industrial point of view, game content that interacts with small animals such as cats is also beneficial to sales.

Games are a typical industrial consumer product. A game company spends a lot of money and manpower to make stand-alone games. After all, it still relies on sales to recoup costs and obtain income. This is the reason why the game industry can continue to develop healthily.

There are many reasons for players to buy a game. Some will pay for a certain type of game, some will pay for a high-quality plot or ultra-fine graphics, and even more affordable prices.

In addition to these standard options, some players will also be attracted to small content, such as the Gwent card of "The Witcher 3". Adding specific small animals to the game will also help attract players who love animals. Twitter account @CanYouPetTheDog? The high level of activity is the best proof.

In terms of cost comparison, most manufacturers are willing to add corresponding content.

From the perspective of artistic pursuit, game producers also hope to use cats and other small animals to further improve the game world they create.

Video games are often called the ninth art, and creating a game world that is similar to the real world has become the pursuit of countless gamers, especially now that "open world" is a common type of console game, gamers create for players A fantasy world after another, and players are immersed in it.

But limited by the screen and handle, this immersion is ultimately limited at present. In order to further enhance the game player can only start with finer picture quality, light and shadow effects, and even build an environment similar to the real world.

▲The handle actually limits the way we interact with the game

Kittens, which are part of the real world, are definitely needed. The interactive mode of "撸" is also due to the characteristics of the game. Kittens are an important part of the open world of the game.

Just ask, who can refuse a cute kitten that keeps "meowing" around its feet.

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